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THOR #614

It’s the poisonous fruit of Loki’s trickery during the Siege, as the God of Thunder battles demons and monsters to cross from one side of the desolate dimension to the other! At stake…his life and the fate of all Asgardians!


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  1. I am loving this Gillen hell stuff and am nervous about Fraction taking over. He has been solid on Iron Man, but not good at all on the X-people. Will wait and see.

  2. I’ll give Fraction at least 2 issues on anything. Haven’t been reading this but am excited to start next month.

  3. Well let’s all hope Gillen’s final issue ends with a bang. It’s been a fun, although bumpy, ride.

  4. He got more issues under his belt than he was supposed to.  Carry the quality over to Generation Hope and I’ll follow.

  5. this has been a very good run, i look at the fraction run with mixed feelings i like iron man a lot but i feel gillen has really hit his stride

  6. I’m surprised to see people are actuall enjoying this. I liked the first couple issue, but now I can’t get into it. Thor is my favorite superhero of all time and I want to love this. Hopefully Fraction is going to get the ball rolling immediately. His Thor one shots and Secret Invasion mini were lots of fun so I’m optimistic.

  7. Was not expecting the reveal towards the end with Loki and Kelda.

    This was a nice end for Gillen, but I was hoping for something bigger. This man put a lot of effort to make this book still be entertaining to read but also make it something is own. I just hoped for more recognition for his hard work is what I’m saying.


  8. This was really weak, but the biggest thing, something that has me kind of mad actually, is a blatant production error. There’s one page with Baldir leaning over a scroll or piece of paper and you can clearly seen the words, in pencil ‘scan of map
    Of asgard’ written in it. For 3.99 is it wrong to expect finished product? If the last two pages of the book were just thumbnails, should I pay full price for this? Maybe Marvel shouldn’t have rushed this out.

  9. Horrible.

  10. Didn’t love this gave it a 3, sad end to really good run, and yeah that map was kind of ridiculous, and from marvels longest running editor as well…

  11. The page that begins with "Asgard, Oklahoma"…

    I love that Balder is looking at a piece of paper with the words ‘Scan of map of Asgard?’ on it

  12. Gillen did a pretty admirable job of picking up JMS’s run and basically writing around his story beats and Siege. He has a really good handle on Asgardian-speak and his Mephisto is one of the best I’ve ever read. Going to hell was a great idea and a good use of the mythical aspects of the Marvel U.

    That said, the first half of this issue was the absolute low point in Gillen’s whole run. The conclusion to the hell story felt incredibly rushed, and the panel-to-panel pacing felt really awkward and disjointed. The ending with Kelda was interesting, but aside from that, I don’t see what else really sets up Fraction’s run. It’s just so sad that such a solid run went out with a whimper. 


  13. I liked the ending a lot. But the art looked very rushed. The whole thing had a very epic, mythic feel which appealed to me.

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