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THOR #613

It’s the poisonous fruit of Loki’s trickery during the Siege, as the God of Thunder battles demons and monsters to cross from one side of the desolate dimension to the other! At stake…his life and the fate of all Asgardians!


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  1. Huh.

    So that’s where my nightmares have gone. 

  2. I wish Matt Fraction wasn’t taking this over.  I could read Gillen’s Thor forever.

  3. Yawn. Is this story over yet? Or did they push Fraction back AGAIN?

  4. @mikeandzod21: As of right now, Gillen has one more issue after this and then Fraction takes over in October.

  5. Last issue was FANTASTIC I will miss gillen, though I do really enjoy fraction,

  6. I’m looking forward to Fraction taking over Thor. I enjoyed Gillen’s run to start with but this arc hasn’t really excited me. I’m ready for something new. 

  7. I think a lot of people don’t realize just how awesome Gillen’s Thor run has been (the siege issues are to blame i believe) I actually think Gillen’s Thor issues (minus the muddled siege issues)are—dare i say it—just as good, or better than JMS’s. Gillen is utilized the whole Thor universe brilliantly. Bombastic, epic stuff.

  8. I felt Gillen’s early stuff smacked of clean-up and editorial mandate (get Thro here, keep him here, don’t let him get near here). But I have loved this evil Valkrie arc and don’t want to see him go. I keep trying to cut Thor and keep failing when I love it. Fraction will be given a short rope.

  9. For what Gillen has done since JMS left, which we all knew was a leaving sooner then anticipated, I think he’s done a pretty good.

    Not everything has been amazing, if I had to rank it I’d say a solid 3.5 (maybe 4) stars for this run. The first arc with Doom was fantastic and the stuff with Seige; while a little slow at places, were handled nicely. These last few issues have been a bit too wordy for my tastes, but still entertaining.

    I’m glad I stayed this long on the title and gave Gillen a chance. He should stay with this title and not be forced to leave to do, yet another, X-book. 

  10. 1 more issue after this?!  Crap, it seems like you peeps say that every issue!  I wish I had dropped it, but too lazy to cancel subscription.  Will wait for Fraction to start.  Almost ripped last issue up out of boredom. 🙁

  11. The evil Valkyrie stuff is awesome.  Gillen has really came into his own with this arc and though I’m excited for Fraction to come in, its sad that its right when Gillen is really hitting his stride.

  12. This was…..good?

    Seriously I had fun with the book, but something felt really off about it. Not rushed or anything….I don’t know maybe it needed more fighting in it. Solid issue all around though.


  13. I have really been enjoying gillen’s run, I love fraction, but I kind of don’t want gillen to go!

  14. I liked the beginning of the arc but now I’m ready for it to be over. Its just a bit boring, the only part of this issue that i cared about was the couple pages with Kelda. I have no problem with Gillen I think hes a good writer and he has some great moments in this series but if Fraction’s run will be anything like the one shots and the secret invasion mini then I say Bring It On!

  15. Wow, I loved this issue.  Fraction should read this and take notes, THIS is how you write an exciting issue without having much action in it, not giving job interviews and going to dinner parties…

  16. I liked this issue and have been loving Gillen’s run. However, I think the story is dragging on and they need to finish it.

  17. Amazing art in this issue. I was pleasantly surprised.

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