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THOR #603

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  1. Well I guess this is goodbye JMS, we’ll miss you.

  2. Isn’t there a ‘Thor Giant Sized’ finale after this? Like how they did with the Old Man Logan finale just last week?

  3. @TNC-Yeah, some sort of grand finale issue like that.

    I’m sad, I’ve loved this book.  I’m giving Keiron’s run a chance because I love his Phonogram work, but still can’t help but be a tad bitter that JMS is leaving.

  4. I wonder how JMS is gonna end his run, but still make sure to mention it’s not like the last issue of Thor ever.

    Cause the solicts for Gillen’s run is already out and it seems to just be a continuation of JMS’s run.

  5. I will miss JMS writing Thor. I will not miss the $3.99 price tag or the 2+ month wait between issues. Excited to see if he’s going to give some kind of ending, or just leave it all open. I’m also curious to find out if this announced ‘Siege’ event is what JMS was not looking forward to tie Thor into.

  6. Should I wait until the beginning of the Keiron run to jump on this book?

  7. @SteenAR: I honestly don’t have a clue. Because JMS introduced the idea of Asgard making a home in Latveria and it seems like Keiron is going to keep playing with that aspect of the story. So maybe get the first two trades of JMS’s run to get a hold of what’s going to happen afterwards.

    In fact getting the trades for this run is the perfect idea. I think people would stop second guessing JMS’s work on this if they read it in one huge sitting then waiting 2-3 months for each issue.

  8. How will Marvel retcon this JMS run? Thor make a deal with the devil? It’s been a clone the whole time? The last twenty years never happened? Hmmm I wonder…

  9. This has been a fantastic run, I’m sad to see it go. Haven’t decided if I’m going to stay around for Keiron or not.

    @TNC WHAT!? Special Giant Size? Razum-frazum. I just want it all in one place!? Is that too hard to ask, Marvel? 

    @Mikeandzod21 No, they’ll just go out of their way to undo everything like they did with Morrison. 😉

  10. @PraxJarvin: Well because of the delays in art and because Marvel wants to rush out Keiron’s run; they have to put his final issue into a seperate one-shot finale. It’s really not JMS’s fault this time around, except that he wanted to get far away from this series once Marvel Editors wanted to force him to do their ideas.

  11. Lets just hope its a epic and big conclusion, not like the whole One More Day fiasco, or how his Fantastic Four run just kinda peetered out in the middle of the Civil War tie in issues

  12. So, we have one more JMS issue after this?

    As much as I have enjoyed this run (it’s been AWESOME), I’m not sad that JMS is leaving the book. He’s one of the 2 or 3 writers that I buy everything he writes, so I’ll be happy to drop a $4 book (I’m not a Thor fan, this run has been the only time I’ve ever read it). JMS in the DCU is wayyyy better for me & if his Brave & the Bold issue is any sign — his DC work will be great!

  13. Is Keiron on art as well? As much as I like his art, I really would hate to lose Coipel and Djurdjevic

  14. Benn reading the trades volumes one and two last week. My first experience with Thor since Ages OF Thunder.  i hope the writing is as got as JMS, because I really want to make Thor a regular.

  15. @Ruo21 Nope, Billy Tan is filling in on art during Kieron’s run.

  16. Sorry to poop on everyone’s JMS Parade BUT…. I for one cannot wait for his run on THOR to end. No character is nearer and dearer to my heart than Thor and no book consistantly disapoints me since it’s relaunch than JMS’s THOR……..

  17. Like almost everyone else I’ve liked this run and I’ll give Keiron a chance before I decide to drop the title.

  18. To me, it would be hilarious if JMS just killed off Thor. Just to piss people off, especially Keiron, since he wanted to leave the book.

    "Oh hi Keiron, oh I know your doing Thor next. Just a little snag, I killed him. Another Raganok so now Asgard and all of their people is gone. Good Luck" 🙂

  19. This was a very good read, but really lacks any sort of punch until the very end. Not a fan of "Hooker Sif." She’s supposed to be a warrior lady, not a bimbo! Still, 5/5 for me. Still annoyed over the (terribly named) one-shot thing. But alas. I like the Loki/Doom plot.

  20. @Prax-I saw that her jeans were unbuttoned and actually groaned.  It was stupid.

    This was an OK issue.  Agree that it lacked the sort of punch that a penultimate issue of a run should have, and focused way too much on Bill.  I literally have no idea how JMS will end his run, but as of right now I’m not really optimistic about it. 

  21. I’d consider continuing with Keiron, but Billy Tan on art is the kicker. I’m not a fan. Too bad they didn’t go with the guys from the Fraction one-shots.

  22. I just want a Thor that comes out, gee I don’t know…on a regularly basis!! If Gillen can keep to a good schedule and the storyline interests me, yeah sure I"ll stick around.

  23. In the back of the issue it says the Giant-Size finale will be out in "30 days"…but according to Marvel’s solicits at the moment it isn’t out until 11/11. That’s, uh, like over 40 days. Hope it’s not delayed further. >:-(

    This was the best comic I read this week, hands down. I only started reading this run about a month and a half ago. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to read it as it was coming out, with the 2-3 month waits in between issues. But, for what it’s worth, I really liked this run a lot. JMS writes the best Loki I’ve ever read.

  24. @JohnnyStooge Djurdjevic was the one who illustrated Ages of Thunder. But yes, I agree on Tan. He will make or break my pull.

  25. What are Coipel and Djurdjevic working on next?

  26. It’s too bad that editoral control screwed over one of my favorite books.

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