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THOR #600

Price: $4.99
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  1. $4.99 how many pages is this

  2. OMG I am so in love with Coipel’s Thor. Superb artist and excellent story telling. This has become of my favourite books, it’s a shame the iFanboys don’t cover it. Ok, so Josh once wrote an article on this latest Thor, but that’s not the same has having the guys bitch and moan about on the podcast.

  3. I think this is the best book out there. 

  4. Stan Lee???

     I really hope the extra money isn’t going to buy me the first appearance of Thor at marvel.

  5. No, that Stan Lee story is an all-new story with art by David Aja I think, though it’s not mentioned in the solicits.

  6. one word for this : epic.

  7. i wish they had left Stan Lee out of this so the book would only be 3.99.  oh well, BRING ON THE LIGHTENING!!!!

  8. Stan Lee FTW!!

  9. I’m waiting until the trade comes out with this, then picking up all of JMS’ run.  Heard nothing but good things about this book

  10. Too long of a wait I gotta drop you .

  11. I’m sick of paying extra for bonus material.  Yet another Marvel book dropped in favor of the trade.

  12. @Drake – You won’t be sorry. This is one of the rare times the hype is right. This whole run has been off the scale.

    @Kory – I’m sick of it too! Marvel loves doing it. I’m OK with it for one issue, but when this book jumps to $3.99 (like most other Marvel books are doing) that’s when I’m switching to trade.

    PS – Issue #600? Did I miss 590 issues or something?? … Kidding.

  13. @Wade- It’s funny, Marvel says they’re trying to keep as many books as they can at 2.99, but they keep putting "director’s cut extras" in the back to bring them up to 3.99.  I think their just bracing everyone for the price jump.

    What’s really gonna suck is when DC’s prices go up.  Now that’s gonna really hurt my wallet as most of my purchases come from that company.

  14. I wish they’d have better back up material if they’re going to up the price. I don’t mind a good back up. Agents of Atlas had a spectacular back up.

  15. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a backup story. I MUCH prefer when I get a few extra pages of story, and maybe part of the script. Much, much, much, much, much.

  16. i will never understand dropping a book becuase of waiting for it.  you save money when a book is late.  how many issues of astonishing x-men did i buy over the course of 4 years? how much did i spend?  waaaay less than i did buying an on time monthly

  17. Thought we had a lot more love for Stan Lee ’round these here parts. Shocking.. INDEED! (sorry, INDEED seems to be my thing this week. roll wit’ me, baby!)

  18. @FACE- I love Stan Lee.  But I’m tired of paying for extra stuff in the back of the book.  If Stan’s back up story is good, I can always find it later at a cheaper price.

    @mikeandzod21: I drop books all the time that are consistantly late. For instance,  I dropped Old Man Logan because I have a zero tolerance policy for delays.  When you’re in the business of doing monthly comics, you need to put them out monthly, or get a new job IMO.  If your stuff is going to be delayed all the time, then I have absolutely no problem waiting until it’s collected.

    That’s one reason why I think comics should go bi-monthly, or go to a every six weeks schedule so they can deal with the delays.

  19. @Kory – fortunately for me, i’m subscribed to Thor. so, hopefully, i’ll be getting this issue for a highly reduced price (sometimes i don’t get particular issues. i.e. annuals). unfortunately, i probably won’t see it until april. marvel’s subscription service sux!

  20. @ kory    i dont think Old Man Logan has really been that late, though.  and i dont mind a late book, its like a christmas present that you didnt expect to get.  a surprise little gift you kinda forgot about.  and thor has definatly been one of those books, especially since weve gottan those great Fraction one shots between issues

  21. @FACE: I feel your pain, I have a subscription to Iron Man through Marvel that sometimes arrives a day before the issue hits the stands, or a month after it has come out.

  22. I don’t mind delays with guys like Coipel or McNiven.  I don’t think the comics have been more than a month late on either title

  23. You guys shouldn’t be complaining about price cause it’s fraking 104 PAGES! Can I jump on with this?

  24. @miyamotofreak   i would say no, since it billed as the end of JMS’s initial story.  i would say 601 is going to be a pretty nice jumping on point.  i would recomend, however, going back and reading JMS’ run, its been pretty kick ass

  25. It’s so exciting that the God of Thunder has made another spectacular issue I just wish Loki, the Grey Gargoyle, the Enchantress, or any of his old villains shall be his opponent in this Anniversary Issue.

  26. damn, that’s a solid 5!  I’ve never read any other JMS, what else has he done that’s worth buying?

  27. Yeah, its only issue 12 of JMS run… get the back issues. One of the greatest runs ever. I  wish the Ifanboys were reading this, I think if they gave it a fair shake they’d love it.

  28. Two words: Holy Cannoli.

  29. @cutty: I really loved his Midnight Nation as well as a lot of his early work on Amazing Spider-Man.  If you want other media, then check out Babylon 5, I’ve only seen the first season, but that was great!

    This was a definite 5 for me and my pick of the week.  It was amazing.  Sure the issue is $4.99 but you get a 40-page main story, another back-up by Stan Lee (which was decent) and a whole lotta reprints.  In my opinion, the main story alone was worth the cover price.  This is, every issue, one of my favourite books. I don’t think it’s a great jumping on point as a lot of what happens was built upon previously, but I think you would be able to understand it and know what’s happening and still get lots of enjoyment out of it.  

  30. Wow……….This was amazing issue. Chock ful of amazing fight chorography, great dialouge, plot twists. When Thor yells Avengers Assemble! I was soooo pumped. Great art. Best issue of the run and best issue ive read all year. Too bad it overshadows another very good ASM issue.

  31. This time Marvel didn’t charge for the bonus content. The new story is 40 pages plus

  32. Fantastic Issue. Pick of the Pick for cetrain.

  33. The main story was AWESOME & the art was even better than that. That Loki sure is one mischievous motherfucker! The back-up material was as I expected it to be — I could have done without it & been happier to pay less. The cover gallery was pretty cool though.

    @cutty — I’d recommend Midnight Nation (self contained story in trade, with art by Gary Frank!) Supreme Power, also with Frank on art. It was kinda like an R rated "real world" take on the JLA & it was REALLY good.

  34. Yeah, I second the recommendation of Supreme Power, completely forgot about that one.  So good.

  35. I definately got my money’s worth with this issue.

  36. I was amazed with the main story. That was Ape-Shit crazy and awesome to the max. The Stan Lee story was alright, better than the Feedback comic he wrote, but then again he probably didn’t care that much for that. And the Mimi Marvel story, I got to say was actually pretty funny. The same usual goofy stuff but I still liked it. And the cover gallery was also pretty cool. And i think the page count for the main story was about 42 pages, so thats awesome in itself. Bottom line, amazing issue.

  37. This was why I read comics.

  38. Sweet Odin- this was amazing.  The main story was worth $4.99 alone.  Holy crap.

  39. This is my piclk of the week.

  40. now all the delays make sense.  theres no way we could have had this book any earlier than two or three weeks ago.  i wonder if that was the plan all along or a midway decision.  either way, awesome status quo change.  im kinda surprised this doesnt have a dark reign tag on it though, cuz it seems pretty important to it.

  41. Three words for this: KRAKA-BA-DOOOOM!!!!


  42. This was amazing.  In a general sense I don’t mind the delays, but when an each issue of this series comes out I enjoy reading it so much that I don’t want to wait for the next part of the story!  And #601 can’t come out soon enough!!  Even the new back-up material was great fun to read despite being completely different in tone and story from the main event.  I have all of the Tales of Asgard stories but I hadn’t read them in a looooong time.  I still don’t care for colletta’s inks on Kirby, but otherwise a nice reminder of old-school Thor…  My POTW for certain.

  43. If it was $4.99 worth of purely new material I would be happy, but it wasn’t and I got old issues of Thor I could care less for.

  44. Great deal for $4.99.  42 new pages from Strazynski / Coipel, a Stan Lee story (meh), a Marvel Minis and about 20 pages of reprints.  Over 80 story pages in all.  I actually enjoyed the reprints.  I like anniversary issues like this.

  45. Value’s in the eye of the beholder.  I thought it was worth the money but understand that others might not have felt the same.  Also, if you bought it in a shop you had a fair opportunity to leaf through it and see what was inside before paying anything.  Curious though if people like Ruo21 thought the story was good regardless of perceived $ value.

  46. Well finally Marvel did a nice reproduction job on a Thor book.

    There is nothing so beautiful in comic-dom as the Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta Thors.

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