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THOR #11

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    though i’m still waiting on some books from next week..

  2. err, books from last week..

  3. Was it good?

  4. @FACE

    I’m sick of Marvel subscriptions. One week I get all my books on Monday (and it’s great). Another I don’t get anything for several weeks. I actually called Marvel – they don’t re-send unless the book is >4 weeks late. The customer service rep wasn’t sure why that was not really acceptable.

  5. @Guardedmarman – wow, this was out of left field for me. Surreal, in fact. very good issue (a 4 seems justified). Coipel owns this title! continues to be my favorite ongoing Marvel series  

    @cotrane68 – i know all about it. it’s tough weeks when i’ve got to hold off on the discussion because my books don’t show up. sometimes i wonder if they’ll show up at all.

  6. @Face: Good to know that this is a good issue. My friend (ali3nheadhunter) is starting on this series and he just loves Thor…Same with me, but I actually (and foolishly) wait for trade on this.

  7. the only complaint i’ve seen of this series has been it’s slow build. personally, i love it. it’s so much fun watching Loki work his magic. you just know Balder and Thor are gonna scrap, and when they do it ain’t gonna be pretty

  8. thors good


  9. @ali3n: Thor good! Aquaman Bad!

  10. This is my first issue via subscription. Can’t wait.

  11. This was a great issue.  Loved it.

  12. This blew me away. An incredible issue.

  13. This was a good issue, Oliver Coipels art really does Thor justice.The Captain America thing was a little bit corny, not that Captain America doesn’t deserve som sort of dedication but I really didn’t ‘believe’ it. However, Straczynski handeled it well and he fooled me… I was sure that Thor would wind up finding a way to return him to this world, but obviously he didn’t. I gave this issue a 4/5

  14. I can’t even think of the words to describe how amazing this issue was.

  15. Great issue. And you know this new Loki is reminding me more and more of The Scarecrow (Batmans). At least the scarecrow during No Mans land. Not that this is a bad thing.

  16. Wow, i’m speechless. Fantastic issue.

  17. Thor is one of Marvel’s best books, and this issue  is exhibit #1.

    Thor’s conversation with Steve Rogers was  both poignant and powerful.  I am part of a very small minority that, with all due respect to the very talented Mr. Brubaker, have not followed any of the exploits in the Captain America title since Steve Roger’s death.

    I recognize that many fans consider the current run of Captain America as one of the best  in comics right now, and that is fine.  For me, however, there can be only one Captain America and that is Steve Rogers, no one else will do.

    When Thor asks Steve if he wants him to seek vengeance on those responsible for his death, Steve’s answer  just nailed it home for me that he is just as much  a worthy comic icon as Barry Allen, Hal Jordan or Clark Kent. In my heart and mind he is the one, true Captain America.

    Also, the way in which Thor chooses to honor Steve one last time was  simply beautiful.

    Again, what a wonderful issue to an exemplary series so far.




  18. After reading all the glowing comments I’m going to get this issue this weekend.

  19. wow cant believe that cap showed up in this issue…that was so touching and awesome. i agree with @rodfa02 Steve was a good icon and the way Thor honors Cap was awesome

  20. Why do the guys never talk about Thor in the podcast?

  21. Loki as a girl really ticked me off to start with but what a lying, vindictive, deceitful b$#@h she is!! And Balder the Brave (but not so smart) is gonna fall for it!!  


  22. @therodfather:  the guys finallly mentioned Thor in the last podcasts… and we are on our own with this one.

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