THOR #11

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  1. Nicely put. But heck, this was depressing – the spirit of Captain America, stuck in some limbo and dressed as a terribly spooky spectre? He deserved better.

    And in a series that appears as infrequently as this, an issue whose main point is Thor’s friendship with a dead Avenger is an indulgence. Aren’t any of Thor’s old enemies knocking around, waiting to be biffed and bashed? Maybe even boffed? Oh, and the idea the a Norse god should have to ask a a slain hero and friend if he should avenge him . . . what’s the name of that team again?

    I found the intrigue with Loki, er, intriguing, but it does reflect badly upon Baldur? How long has he known this characters exactly? Long enough to tell him to bugger off with his serpent’s tongue (and what does Mrs Loki think to his sex change?).

    And last moan . . . would it kill Marvel to give us a cover that directly relates to the book? Think of the Cap fans this issue could have hooked.

  2. I only wish that I’d been more into the ghost of Cap thing. Then it certainly would have been my pick of the week.   

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