The Exile has Derek Dynamo in his clutches – his master plan is coming together. Is Super Dinosaur too late to stop him?! The Exile plans to take over the world – enslaving mankind. How does Derek factor into that? All this and Doctor Dynamo once and for all confronts his nemesis, Max Maximus!

Story by Robert Kirkman & Nick Spencer
Art by Shawn Martinbrough
Colors by Felix Serrano
Cover by Shawn Martinbrough & Felix Serrano

Price: $2.99
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  1. Here is the thing about Thief of Thieves, Most of the time it is the last book I read out of my stack. Not because I don’t like it or think the story is lacking. It doesn’t have that hook yet for me. The story is about a high 2 low 3 and the art is a solid 3. There is just no pow yet no “damn” moment. The main reason I stick with the book is with a book like this I think you can’t do that you have to build and build and get yours at the end of a long arc.

    • I totally disagree about the art. Martinborough is running a clinic on clear, accessible storytelling, and the colors (I apologize that I don’t know their name, and there’s no solicit info to help me out) are great.

      I can see where you’re coming from with the story, but I’m a sucker for anything crime-related, so this hits all my buttons.

    • The widescreen panels throughout the last issue meant that there felt like very little story. I like this series, but I feel like I need more panels (and therefore storytelling) to justify my $3 every month. I am still picking it up as I really like Spencer/Martinbrough/Kirkman/Serrano combination (particularly Spencer for Morning Glories and Thunder Agents), but I hope it hooks me in more too.

      Just to clarify, I think it’s been all/predominantly widescreen every issue, but in #4 it really felt a bit lightweight compared to the rest and I felt that was a shame.

    • @yeasayer: That’s fair. I see “storytelling” not so much as the number of panels, but the composition of the panel and how each panel relates to the ones before and after. I can see how the layouts might be a bit formulaic (you definitely aren’t imagining the predominance of widescreen), but I think this book has a super clean look, that will make it very new-to-comics reader friendly if/when the television adaptation takes off.

    • I’ve not been reading comics for long, but I’m not saying that it’s a big problem (especially in previous issues, particularly #2 which was great), but having 4 panels per page pretty much all the way through (then the odd splash page) makes it feel slow, as nothing much happened. Seeing as the widescreen panels in other issues didn’t bother me, perhaps it’s Kirkman/Spencer that I have a problem with, as it’s their script that didn’t push it forwards as much.

      I think that the flashbacks and transitions worked well, and the art was as gorgeous as always, but the momentum never picked up, and comics are a medium that need that momentum to get people to buy the next issue. The storytelling method is very clear, and I can get lost on some books with their convoluted panels and dialogue/thought boxes everywhere. I do really enjoy this comic generally, it’s just the last issue sticking in my head a bit.

  2. How is this anyways? I’ve pulled it since issue 1 but (as lame as this sounds) i’m too scared to read them! After this was picked up by AMC to be made into a tv show the value on this stuff is sky rocketing (yes i still collect as an investment as well as a hobby).

    Long story short, is this must read stuff? or should i keep them nicely tucked away in 9.8 and let the money be made?

    • You already bought it. Do whatever you want with it, you know?

    • read em you still will make some money even if you read just the once ive made a lot already selling them on and still got my own personal collection that have been read the once which will still make me a lot more so go for it its a good read and as long as you dont dribble on them you be fine

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