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They call it the “Ghost Rig.” A secret, underwater oil rig filled with roughnecks and scientists on the brink of an incredible discovery. But when things go horribly wrong, this scientific safe haven will turn into a house of horrors at the bottom of the ocean!

Part two of the incredible new series by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy!

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Sean Murphy
Cover by Sean Murphy & Lee Bermejo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Giving this one a shot. Last issue was great. Now, let’s see how this one shakes out!

  2. In Snyder we trust. I took a chance on the last issue and was blown away. This couldn’t have come out any sooner.

  3. I’m hoping this stays on the rails. I wasn’t a fan of his Batman and dropped it (yes I know this makes ME the crazy one). Liked the first issue but the flashbacks/forward make me worry a little.

    • I dropped Batman two issues back. Big Snyder fan but that book just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

    • I still stick with Bats, but mainly for Capullo (he scratches an itch I am having for thsi kind of art)… but the stories are meh.. that said, American Vampires is great and the first issue was good enough to pick up number 2… and Sean Murphy.. I mean… WOW

  4. At least it’s not 4.99 with a pull-out poster.

    I thought the first issue was okay, but I’m not sure if I’m going to continue on this title. I do really like Snyder’s Batman, though.

  5. Just saw a preview for this. Holy shit balls this looks amazing.

    Hey Scott, can you use ‘Holy Shit Balls’ for a quote in the trade?

  6. Of all the Snyder I’ve read in the last month (there’s been quite a bit and I am a fan) this is the one I’m most intrigued by and anxious to continue reading.

    • Yeah, this is the Snyder I like. Hoping the potential pulls through because this has all the makings of an awesome book.

  7. Avatar photo OzChops (@ianosborne1976) says:

    After only 2 issues this is the best book out there at the moment, until Saga returns. It’s reading like a storyboard for a great, great film.

  8. I enjoyed the first issue to the point that I’ll be reading this all the way through. There’s a fine use of the two page spread with Sean Murphy’s art that is not applied in the best way by others, as I see it.

    Something I want to bring up about this book is that it doesn’t feel and/or look like a Vertigo work to me. Doom Patrol and Lucifer had that something to identify the story as Vertigo, I just don’t get that from this. Granted, I haven’t read #2 and the story is yet to go deeper into itself. It’s just my observation and not to be taken as a negative whatsoever.

    • But I think this might be the calling card of what “The New Vertigo” looks like. I liked the “DEFY” ads throughout the book, and the text piece by Shelly Bond at the back really got me excited for the future of the imprint. Seems like there will be a combination of looking back (new Sandman, new 100 Bullets), looking sideways (bringing in Tom Strong and Astro City), and looking to the future (The Wake and Trillium, for starters).

    • I was looking to get to that conclusion by my comment, but you summed it up nicely with the point of Shelly Bond’s missive.

    • The Wake may not have the feel of say Doom Patrol, but, it should be remembered that a lot of the early Vertigo titles, Hellblazer for example, had horror elements. The same is especially true for the first arcs of Sandman. Vertigo always encompassed different tones, and I agree with the above comments that is what Bond’s approach is going forward. You want horror, there’s Wake and American Vampire. You want sci-fi, there’s Trillium and (my impression) Collider. There’s even a superhero book with Astro City. The common thread is that their beats are different from the DCU, and they are allowed to live and breath in their own worlds. More creative freedom, more room to experiment, also more mature content.

      That’s my take on it anyway . . .

  9. Wow, I LOVE THIS. Everything feels so natural. It’s getting creepy. The prologues and epilogues add a great element to the book. This book started showing its hand with this issue, and I’m into it. Oh, and the ART is superb! Had to read it right after I bought it, and am SOOO happy I didn’t trade wait. The suspense factor is worth the extra money to buy it monthly.

  10. I loved this, but I think I’m going to trade wait – only because the advertising was too much for me. Murphy’s art was great (I particularly enjoyed the prehistoric shark scene), but I really felt like all the ads detracted from it a lot – more than any of the 7 comics I pulled this week. Great story and great art – highly recommended – but I’m going to wait for a clean copy basically.

  11. That’s so unfair of you Mr. Snyder and Mr. Murphy. You take away everything and make this easily my POTW. Do you know how unfair that is!?

    Seriously, this issue was just as amazing as the first. Wonderful concepts that are illustrated beautifully! Don’t forget about Matt Hollingsworth colors cause this book is pretty just on the colors alone. I can’t imagine how this book can get better but somehow I have a feeling these three guys will make it so. Amazing stuff here in only two months.

    5/5 (POTW)

  12. spoilers

    AMAZING! Absolutely amazing! What a page turner! And that ending? Freaked me out! This is my POTW hands down, no contest.

  13. I’ll be honest with you, the first issue didn’t grab me. But being a fan of evolutionary theory this was one I could sink my teeth into!

  14. Last month in the comments for wake #1, someone mentioned that fake mermaid documentary from Discovery Channel which I hadn’t heard of but it sounded interesting so I checked it out. By the end of this issue it seemed like the Discovery show almost had to be an influence on this series. Not just the mermaids, but the rebel NOAA scientist protagonist and the stretching of aquatic ape theory (in this case beyond any logical breaking point – no marine mammal has evolved gills).

    • Definitely inspiration, then this issue turned it on its head and incorporated more of the siren’s song aspect to transform it into a beautifully creepy horror story. I was enthralled the whole mythology and “science” in that Discovery program and love what Snyder has done with it (gills and all, that mermaid is freaky)

  15. This was EXTREMELY good! Snyder in top form. Issue 1 was great, this issue was even better. Top Notch.

  16. I went to the comic book store yesterday, for what I thought might be the last time.

    I was just going to pick up Fury: Max #13, and be done with it.

    I was thinking about maybe picking up a new number one of something, maybe starting something new.

    “Maybe I’ll try that new Superman comic, or that other new Superman comic, or maybe that Batman/Superman comic, or maybe I’ll jump into Snyder’s Batman in issues with the launch of Year One.”


    Page posters, pages crammed with words, art that will only look proper in the Absolute version, beautiful art by a guy who didn’t do all of the first issue?


    Nah. Nope. Nay. Not. Nuh-uh…

    But this comic book, this Wake #2, oh bo,y this comic book…

    I haven’t felt this excited by a new comic book since about 1967.

    I bought issue two, even though they were out of issue one.

    I rarely, if ever, jump on a mini after (and without) the first issue.

    Oh, Wake #2, thank you for reminding me of what Scott Snyder is like without excessive exposition.

    Thank you for reminding me that while Sean Murphy lifts a pencil, there will always be reasons to go on Wednesday.

    Thanks for starting a new, fresh chapter, in a lifelong love of this crazy medium and its zany formats.

    Then I drove to the other store and immediately bought issue one.

    Snyder and Murphy, you reset the bar. You’ve allowed me hope. You’ve given me expectations.

    Let the art breathe Snyder. Continue to be awesome Murphy. Keep it on schedule.

    I may continue to believe, yet again…

    • Avatar photo ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      That’s really poetic, man. Well put!

    • Makes me really sad to read this. Sounds like someone falling out of love with his hobby.
      Don’t know how this can happen at the monent, since right now there are so many great ongoings with the big two and also a lot of great indy books.
      For me this is one of the best times to be a comic reader and I am in this since the early 90s.
      I mean, come on! Snyders Batman, Morrisons Batman, Tomasis Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Aquaman by Johns, Animal Man by Lemire, Azzarrellos Wonder Woman and Brother Lono, Hawkeye by Fraction, Thor God Of Thunder, Daredevil by Waid, Fury MAX, Wolverine and the X-Men by Aaron, Avengers and New Avengers by Hickman, Saga, Manhattan Projects, Revival and many more.

      Oh yeah. I love comics.

  17. This wasn’t a bad issue but i think I will trade wait the rest.

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