• A perfect jumping on point as The Green Goblin returns…and Spider-Man is nowhere to be found!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Cover by Marcos Martin

Price: $3.99
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  1. I`m really curious to see how many people will end up pulling this book. After the end of last issue I`m sure a lot of peoples hearts were hurt again, even my comic store guy even said he can`t believe this has gone on as long as it has and feels it`s not the same without Peter.

    • “To Slott’s credit, he never wanted Ghost Peter in the first place, but was forced to include him for the first few issues by editorial mandate”

      No idea how credible they are when saying this but if it is true I’m interested to see how Slott will do now that he doesn’t have to deal with ghost peter. As much as I want to Peter to come back eventually I am very interested to see how Ock does with Peter gone and how he handles a major villian like the Green Goblin

  2. I’m sticking around for Spidey 2099. If Pete’s not back by then im out. Its a good thing Bendis has me loving Miles Morales right now. I’ll still have one spidey title to pull.

  3. That is a great cover. I love this series!

  4. I’m really enjoying this series. I have a feeling that by the next movie or sometime after, Peter will be back

  5. I just realized this is also a perfect jumping off point. I thought Pete would have been back by now and as much as this hasn’t been terrible it’s also not good enough to keep it instead of some of the other titles I could be pulling. Maybe I’ll come back for the miniseries they’ll probably print when they bring him back.

  6. I seem to be the mirror of a lot of people. I’m not usually a big Spider-Man reader but I jumped on with the controversy and have been having fun ever since. Who cares if Peter Parker isn’t there, the story’s fun!! Besides its not like its never going back and that will be an interesting story as well.

  7. It’s weird, I like this series, but I am going to jump off. I have to many 3.99 books and this one just doesn’t cut it enough to keep. I don’t mind the lack of Peter, it’s unique, I just can’t justify the expense anymore. I hope everyone gets the resolution they are seeking!

  8. This is the showdown I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait to see Norman beat the crap out of Ock

  9. wow man never EVER though I’d be reading spider-man and actually rooting for Green Goblin to win.

  10. I dropped this but was still able to read it at my comic shop. They don’t really move. you know? It’s ok… I guess. I just don’t feel anything for the characters or the story. I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and always will be. But now that I see this and read this comic. I see that I am really a huge Peter Packer fan. I cared more about the man behind the mask. Then the hero it self. Oh well…

  11. Can’t wrap my head around this issue. I was kind of expecting to be furious about the things happening in this series, but the further down the rabbit hole we fall, the more I’m actually rooting for Ock. Sorry guys, Slott did win me over.

  12. Everyone who’s desperate for Peter to come back… Why do you want to break poor sweet Anna Marie’s heart like that?

  13. This was still pretty good earlier but it’s absolutely great now that Peter Parker is fully gone. One of my favotrite comic books being made right now, so interesting and fun.

  14. I wasn’t one of the people cursing Slott’s name for killing Peter, but I wasn’t a fan of the decision either. I trusted him though to make it work in the interests of crafting a good story. But so far, this book has been ok but not great for me. It just doesn’t feel like its going anywhere, and I know that is such a generic comic-book-fan comment to say but I thought there’d be a bit more backlash from Ock finally vanquishing Peter’s essence from his brain. I dunno, this just isn’t that amazing that I can see myself continuing to plunk down $3.99 every week. Its on the edge for me, I might drop it soon if the budget tightens…

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