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THE SHADE #5 (OF 12)

The Shade’s quest to find out who ordered his assassination takes him to Barcelona, where he stumbles upon a decades-old feud between a teenaged vampire and her archenemy.

What does this feud have to do with the Shade’s origin? A crucial piece of the puzzle is revealed here!

Variant cover by JAVIER PULIDO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 21.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. I hope the ghost pirate from starman makes a cameo!

  2. If this writing is any indication of what Starman like it. This is a type of fun I can get into.

  3. It’s been a great series so far. Looking forward to Pulido’s art.

  4. Last issue was my favorite to date — and really recaptured the old Starman magic. This is definitely the undiscovered gem of the nu 52.

  5. Silly question I’m sure, but if I’ve only read the Times Past issue and picked this up, would I be completely lost?

  6. Weird glowy baby has to save my comic reading week. It’s him or Darkseid…

  7. I love Cully Hammer and Cooke but I think the art in this issue best captures the mood and tone of this book. When DC makes the brilliant decision to continue this series past issue twelve I hope they get Pulido to be the regular artist. Loved the paneling and colorist as well. Of course the plot and dialogue are top notch as usual. This was a creepy sardonic adventure with vampire pirates. Only thing cooler then vampire pirates? A 15 year old quasi-vampire vigilante princess. The Shade just gets better and better. The deeper the book delves into the characters extensive past the more intriguing the character develops. More spooky Shade stories please.

  8. this was great! so much fun….really worth picking up.

  9. This series so far has had it’s ups and downs, I for one change my opinion on this series issue to issue and last issue was good. I hope this one is still on that same level and does not head backwards again, I like this character a lot and really wanna see him do well. I will be reading most of remaining books tonight, I am really excited since I started with JL and TWD. Those two books started me off very well and even produced a POW; JL. I realize that I have not read all of my books yet to really gauge this against anything this week however; JL really set the bar real high this week and there are few issues where I would read it more than twice usually to understand a story better or a fault but; I read it twice and maybe agian tonight because it was that much fun. Boy, I really got off the topic here huh? Sorry, Shade issue one really got started out as a good first issue and I read it twice for the same reason, next issue ok, then after that 3 was a real stinker; I could not even finish reading it and I was done. I was done reading all my other books last month and figured I would check in once more and bang a good issue. So come on Shade lets keep the pace and knock this series out of the park the rest of the way.


  10. Another fantastic issue. I hope Robinson does something else similar in tone to this when the series ends.

  11. Another great issue. I love that Robinson’s travelling to all these great locations that we normally don’t see in comics. Pulido’s art was fantastic. The tinges of Ditko made me happy. Mmmm, Ditko tentacles…..

  12. Loving every minute of this!

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