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The Marvels Project #1 (OF 8)

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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Yay!

  2. I kinda wanna trade-wait on this.


  3. A little disapointed it’s not colored by darmata

  4. i’m shocked at how few pulls this has.  i don’t intend to read it, but i figured it’d be up near the top.

  5. you know we got this in the U.K last week? is there any reason for that? i wanted to trade wait for it but picked up the first issue to give it a try. think i will read the rest in the trade though

  6. pulls are low because it was initially not on the list.

  7. @Sammy I thought some shops get the book early last week so they could sell them early this Tuesday for the Marvel’s 70th anniversary parties that are going on.



  8. It was at my shop and I read it at my LCS.

    I won’t actually review it cause I don’t have it physically here with me. But it’s bascially a more in-depth ‘MARVELS’ story. Just without the journalistic elements or main character. Not a bad comic by any means and I enjoyed reading it. However, it’ll probably be better in trade.

  9. i thought this book would get more pulls

  10. the ifanboy guy need to reminding people of that this is on because it didn’t show up AT FIRST

  11. i got this issue last week, and thought about not picking it up, but i did. Awesome issue, nuff said!!!

  12. I got an early copy of this and I mostly liked it — the art’s nice, and I like  the way the different characters are brought in.  I’m not sure about the narration choice, though.  Using Thomas Halloway to narrate scenes where he couldn’t have been present doesn’t make much sense, and it really just invites negative comparisons to ‘Marvels,’ where strong use of narrative point of view was a strength of the book.  So far I’m not sure what this offers that ‘Marvels’ didn’t (though I’ll take Epting over Ross for the most part.)

  13. got this last night and read it thoroughly. I thought it was a solid 4. Art was great, Brubaker kept me interested and i like they way its telling old stories in a different kinda light. Plus, the Human Torch scene was great.

  14. This book was excellent. I got mine last week. If you are at all interested in marvel history, or just a great store, make sure you pick it up. 

  15. i went to one of those Marvel 70th anniversary parties last night but no one showed so the shop owner just gave us 50% off all comics (and a free soda) so i picked this up. haven’t read it yet. looks pretty good though.

  16. I pre-ordered this issue, but I’m switching over to trade. I assume it’s not really affecting anything else going on in the Marvel U.

  17. I miss Epting’s art on Captain but stoked he is here with this book. Im sure it will look amazin.

  18. @ohcaroline The period this book covers was covered in about 3 pages of Marvels.  The first issue may have been mostly a retread, but the next seven issues certainly promise more in depth content.

  19. @throughthebrush  Oh, I’m sure it will cover new ground, the first issue just doesn’t give me much idea of what that will be.  I’d like to understand the mission statement of the book from issue #1 — something Brubaker is usually good at — but after the excellent ‘pre-credit’ sequence with Halloway and the Two Gun Kid, it felt really haphazard. 

  20. @ohcaroline See, I thought it worked, and I liked Halloway as a narrator.  While all of the other characters introduced are either paranormal in some way or are asked to become part of this world by the government, Halloway is the first normal person to stand up and say, "You know what?  I’m going to be a hero." I feel like he needs to be the focal point for that reason, and seeing this world develop through the eyes of someone who will be interacting with these people (instead of being on the outside, like Sheldon) but is otherwise a baseline human really works.  Him not being in the other scenes didn’t bother me so much, because everything he told us seemed to be things he could have heard about from others, or were explicitly not from his POV.

  21. Art was pretty, story was average. 3/5

  22. I was looking forward to this thinking, "I hope it’s Marvels but from the hero’s POV."  Then I read it and that’s exactly what it was.  It was good, but it kind of left me wanting.  Kinda funny.

  23. I don’t think I’m enjoying this as much as most others. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely fantastic, I just don’t think it’s reached that level of excellence/brilliance yet. The art and writing are both great and there’s no doubt I’m sticking with it for the run, I just don’t feel right giving it 5 stars yet. "MARVELS from the heroes perspective" is a great way to put it. 4/5.

  24. I believe this will have more effect on the other current books going on.  Brubaker is making this an in-continuity thing, different from Marvels.  As I understand it, he’s pretty happy to have his hand in rounding out the Marvel U’s past so that he can use it in the present.

  25. I would’ve made this my Pick Of The Week, but I already had it last week!

  26. I have wannted a really good look at Marvel history. Marvels was good but exactly what I wanted.

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