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Look out! By the end of this hot new miniseries, the Huntress will have the largest price on her head in DC Universe history.

What will the Huntress do that warrants such a death mark? And who puts it there? The jaw-dropping events will be revealed as the Huntress heads home to Italy and embarks on a mission that defines her life.

Don’t miss out, because this story will tie in to upcoming events in BIRDS OF PREY!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I hope this book is fun. I don’t know if Paul Levitz is the right guy to be writing this book but I will give him a shot.

  2. Soon to be the #1 selling book on

  3. Marcus To?! Just try and stop me–

    Oh… Paul Levitz… hmm…

  4. Ahhhh Marcus To. Don’t know much about Paul Levitz

  5. Love Huntress and am hoping this is going to be a good read. I’m not really a fan of either creators, so I’m hoping I dig this a little.

  6. Good creative team, but i’ll buy anything the Huntress is in. And excited to see how this ties into BoP, because the team feels odd without her.

  7. Why do they still let Paul Levitz write? He’s not a good writer.

  8. September is gone, the new 52 launch is underway. It is kinda neat to be getting a new book this week that I have no idea what to expect. Really kinda cool. I thought I would have been burnt out but 1 new book is good.

  9. Thinking about dropping a couple of the New52 titles I was gonna get, and substituting a couple of other ones.

    Between Babsgirl, Dinah’s nuBoP & a solo Huntress title, do we have a franchise corner of the DCnU for female heroes?

    Maybe time to give Voodoo and Catwoman the drop, and focus on the BoP-related titles.

    Tonight is add-or-drop night.

    Commencing with the closer readings.

  10. I love Huntress. This better be good…

  11. It would be awesome if Batman boned her at the end of this issue as well

  12. Think I’ll wait for the trade…

  13. I want to get this, but the way she’s drawn on the cover and the words “hot” in the description have me worried this is going to be too similar to catwoman to be worth the money. Someone will let me know, right? 😉

  14. I really want this to be good. I’m certainly giving it a chance to be.

    • I will also be giving this a chance since she is a great character however again, there are two more batman related characters with books on the market. This and Penguin have minis starting this week and as much as it drives me crazy; here a bat there a bat every where a bat. I will be giving them a try!!!!

      Just sayin’,


  15. Never read huntress before and probably wont again after this. Wasn’t bad necessarily but it was very generic. Hero goes overseas to stop a shipment of *gasp* sex slaves and drugs *gasp*. I think this is the same plot of every 90s action movie ever made. Bored.

  16. Gave this a 3. I liked some of the artwork but Marcus To had one face design for the Huntress and one for every other woman in the book. So if the story unfolds that they are all clones….. good job….if not than he dropped the ball big time.

  17. The art was ok Huntresses face changed several times though out the book and I agree there seemed to be some clones or something running around through out the book. The story also seemed cookie cutter to me however; I enjoyed it enough to give it a 4 for the action!! Not a lot of wordy situations just straight forward Huntress ass kicking!! Me likey!!

    Just sayin’,


  18. I really liked this book. It was a solid quick-paced action story, looked really good, and was a 4-star book for me. After reading the DC All-Access it seemed to hint that this in some way is connected to Earth 2. The story seemed to indicate that Huntess was the one that has existed in the regular DCU in recent years, but I’m curious if anyone thinks this is taking place on Earth-2 and this is the Batman’s daughter version?

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