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• Continuing the debut of GORILLA GRODD in DC Comics – The New 52!

• THE FLASH travels to GORILLA CITY for the first time!

• Who are the “RUNNERS” – and what do they mean for THE FLASH and the SPEED FORCE?

Written by Brian Buccellato & Francis Manapul
Pencilled by Francis Manapul
Inked by Francis Manapul
Colored by Brian Buccellato
Cover by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Grodd has never looked better!

  2. the New 52 has been lacking one thing: talking gorillas.


  3. Just mention The Flash’s Rogue Gallery and I go ape. That’s why I’m glad to see Buccellato & Manapul branch out by including some Gorillas in the Mix.

    While the pacing of Mob Rule’s storyline felt like a knuckle-walk, I must say that after eight issues, Buccellato & Manapul appear to be comfortable in their new habitat.

    I’m looking forward to this story with Gorilla Grodd. Some may not think he is as cool as Capt. Cold or that he blows compared to the Weather Wizard, but I disagree and would be willing to climb the tallest building and beat my chest to say so.

    Sure, I miss the days of old when Barry and Iris were married, but I’m happy with this new run and no longer wish to get our Age of Silver back.

  4. I recently took a punt & bought the first 8 issues of this at the weekend, & what an almighty great series.

    So yeah I’m pretty psyched about getting this, good timing for moi!

  5. This arc is make or brake it for me. Just not enjoying this series. The art is stunning but Barry’s world just doesn’t suck me in as much as say aquaman’s or green lantern’s. He needs better villans but i think DC on a whole needs better villans.

    • here’s where i don’t agree. DC’s villains have almost always been more memorable then marvel’s. i could name fifty DC villains off of the top of my head. i could name maybe 20 marvel villains.

    • i think there just needs to be some actual characterization in this book. While the art is indeed gorgeous the “story” has lacked character and stakes for me since the beginning.

    • I’m the exact opposite. I can name 50 marvel and maybee 20 dc of the top of my head.

      even the B grade villans in marvel seem to stick out more to me than DC’s. Probably just a product of growing up a spiderman fanboy.

    • This reminds me of a joke that Marvel’s villains are so poor the writers need to keep making the heroes fight each other.

    • @skypants
      fucking hilarious!

    • idk if the villains are the problem, but I dropped this book because something was just not right with the writing. Clunky. It’s a shame because the art is nearly unmatched. I say we give Snyder yet another assignment and let the artists do artist things.

    • @bakkabennu: Snyder writing Flash would be .. interesting to say the least. Flash and Horror would be a bizarre mix 🙂

  6. Well another fine Wednesday coming up here and this title is the reason. I will admit I have never been a big Gorilla Grod supporter, and in fact I found him to be my least favorite one of Flash’s Rogues! Then in Flash Point, he was like totaly awesome; a whole new monkey(I know gorilla)!! So if he is anything like the Flash Point Grod I will be very happy and welcome him into the club. Lets go bannanas!!


  7. who has the best rogues gallery? flash, spider-man or batman?

  8. Never read any of The Flash before the New 52… just never appealed to me. Just now finished reading 1 through 8, and I’m not feeling this at all. I imagine long time Flash fans would say the book’s been better previously, and I’m sure they’re right, but I’m jumping ship as quickly as I came aboard.

  9. I dropped this after the Mob Rule arc. Lack of titles that I wanted got back into the LCS last weekend, and I picked up 6-8, and I am glad I did. The 2 part Cold story was fantastic, and I can’t wait to see what the deal with Grood is. Back on board with this, but I really wish we could see the Iris, Barry relationship come back.

  10. No manapul on art on the next two issues 🙁

  11. I’m torn on this book.

    I am one of the few NOT so hot on the art, and I feel that the characterization and story elements have been a bit lacking in this series. BUT I keep thinking about this book and I keep coming back.\

    … hmmm ….meth in the ink?


    Actually, part of the answer comes from the fact that I think The Flash is the best-written character in the Justice League comic. I’d like to see more of what makes him sparkle in that title come through here.

    He seems like the most decent-hearted hero in the DCU, even more-so than Superman. And I like that about The Flash a lot.

    I feel that with a co-writer/scripter, this title could shine even more than it does.

  12. (No disrespect to those who love this title and its talent, mind you)

  13. This is my absolute favorite book, primarily for the concepts. I agree there is a lot that can be done with the characters, but nearly every week this book opens up new questions, explores new possibilities, new powers, new dangers because of those powers… and all of it with some basis in science. We have a character who can see every possibility in the blink of an eye and who now can seemingly move freely through time and space and into new dimensions and is at the heart of it all, yeah a decent guy. Personally, I think of the Flash as the new Superman

  14. Picked this up today but yet to read it. This along with Aquaman are my only two books this week. I must say though they are two of my absolute favourites. Flash is definitely #1 for artwork, and I am really enjoying the added layers that seems to arrive each issue. They are really building Flash’s character and world, while telling great stories at the same time.

  15. Solid issue, didn’t really do anything spectacular but still nice.

  16. My favorite issue yet. I was about to drop it, but this has rekindled my faith. Wasn’t digging the art before, but this was beautiful. I’ll be sticking around as long as this book continues to get better, or at least not boring me like it had been up until now.

    • Wow really not digging the art? Honestly think it’s great every issue. Only art that has beat it in New 52 for me is Nicola Scott on Earth 2.

    • i like reis more than manapul and scott.
      and let’s not forget that one guy…what’s his name? OH YEAH! jim lee.
      seems to me that DC has the best talent these days.

    • You might be right there. I’d forgotten Reis, thought I’d mentioned him. He and Manapul are 1a and 1b for me. Two different styles but love them.

      As for Jim Lee, his Justice League stuff has been amazing at times, but there have been other issues I haven’t been feeling quite so strongly.

  17. I have been loving this book but I don’t feel like this issue really moved anything forward.

  18. Fun issue but I think I’m done with this series. For every Captain Cold we have a Turbine or Mob Rule. For every Grodd there’s a Weather Wizard or Pied Piper.

    Though, I might be back whenever Reverse Flash/Prof Zoom shows up.

  19. a solid 3 stars, which is good, but i’m disappointed. the art is fantastic, as usual, but the story just seemed lackluster. not my favorite portrayal of grodd(i’ve been spoiled by the JL Unlimited version).
    like manapul, maybe i need a break. reevaluate after the summer. i need to make room in my budget for the before watchmen books, anyway.
    art 4/5

    • “3” feels right for an overall rating of this issue.

    • Totally agree. The art is totally amazing each and every issue but the story is a little haphazard. I feel like we are just hopping around from villain to villain. I’m no Flash expert so I can’t tell if I am missing something … Are these new takes on villains? Are there some subtle changes/reveals that I’m not picking up on? Anyway, the plot seems a little stitched together, certainly not seamless.

      All that being said: I’m not dropping this title anytime soon, its fun, it looks amazing and I think the Flash is pretty damned cool!

  20. is pied piper the gay character that DC has been promising? no, right? it’s supposed to be someone big like wally west, alan scott or tim drake, right?
    i was all like “!HOLY SHIT!” when i read the scene between the piper(is there a pun there, somewhere? lol) and director singh. did not see that coming. it’s great to see the tradition of progessive, open-mindedness in comics continuing to bravely stride in the face of bigotry.

  21. I certainly liked this issue better than the last one with Turbine.

    Not classic Flash, not a great title, but still I keep coming back to it.

    • Give it a few more months.. once DC has the basic world building down… They will probley revisit some of the classic Flash we all love. Besides.. we have barely even got into the Flash Family yet!!!!!!! (Wally, Jay, Max, etc.. they are coming sooner or later you can be sure)

  22. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Another brilliant issue and really liked the Jay Garrick refrence in the flashbacks.

  23. This was another very good issue of the Flash however; like I said before Grod just not a big fan. The Flashpoint Grod was kool, this one was just so plain and really seems weird him being king already. Solavar was king and thats the way I have always saw it and then Flashpoint was cool too, just don’t like this Grod or the old one either. That was the killer for this issue for me and the time wasted with the gorilla city.


    • (SLIGHT SPOILER) I’m thinking one of the elders from this story is really Solovar.. and they just didnt mention it.. I’m thinking Gorilla City will be the way it should be when we revisit it next.

  24. THIS ISSUE WAS REALLY GOOD THOUGH! Flash just keeps getting better and better.

  25. Flash #9 was a graceful recovery after the somewhat boring issue #8. The art is beautiful, and storywise, the plot connects Flash to events and people throughout history. I’m enjoying the Singh/Piper storyline, but I’m not sure what was up with the very last page.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  26. never thought talking gorillas could be interesting until now

  27. Looking forward to September’s 0 issue.

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