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If the Fastest Man Alive is going to capture Mob Rule, he must first tap into his new amped-up super brain to save the citizens of Central City from the EMP that has blacked out the city.

Witness a spectacular sequence of out-of-control cars, trains and even airplanes that must be stopped from destroying the city!

Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by JIM LEE
B&W Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.3%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. What happened to that amazing cover I saw in previews with the aeroplane image? Is that a variant? Because that’s what’s making me come back to check out Flash having not picked up the first two.

  2. What an awesome series so far. Two issues in and I can’t get enough!

  3. Thought the writing dipped a bit from issue 1 to 2, with a lot of confusing jumps and unmotivated actions. Leaving out large hunks of story is the sort of thing Grant Morrison does, but a) a lot of people hate that and b) that is kind of an advanced move that Grant has been working on for decades. Don’t over-explain, but make sure we know how we got from a to b (like how did he learn to speed-think?). The art remained spectacular and had some really inventive and effective story-telling devices, so if Manapaul just tightened up the writing a notch this would be sublime.

  4. I really want to like this book. The art is just sublime, but the story is not doing a lot for me. Will give this one more try…

    • I’m with you, the art is second to none. The writing is also quite good, but the Mob Rule is not doing it for me. Let’s get rid of Mob Rule, and throw in a Zoom, or Cold storyline after this arc. I’m sure I am going to like issue 3, and I am on this for as long as Manapul is here, but as soon as Scott Kollins comes back I’m out.

    • Agreed on Mob Rule. I want some new 52 Snart action!!

    • Manapul said The Rogues will be making an appearance soon. And really, for all the flack Kollins has gotten lately for his art, he’s still a prime Flash artist, and seems to have stepped away from the techniques that have plagued his recent works. That said, I don’t ever want to see a guest artist on this series.

    • @Blargo: I love Manapul’s work, but I’d be okay if Sean Murphy wanted to take a shot at the book for a fill-in. He seems like he’d be a nice fit for a kinetic Flash story. And it’d be nice to see him do something a little lighter than his usual work.

    • Well if anyone had to, I guess I wouldn’t mind Murphy.

  5. I’m picking it up starting with issue three.

  6. Tomorrow is going to be a fun Black Wednesday, have all night to read and no work the next day! This is one of my comics I wait for every week to read.


  7. If that’s the cover image up above, does anyone else think it’d make a nice companion piece to Capullo’s Batman #3 cover from last week? The look kind of similar to me – lots of white space, almost monochromatic, and the hero looking nearly overwhelmed by the villain.

    Good stuff.

  8. In this book the art IS the script.

    I think some people aren’t getting that.

  9. Having read both opening issues I’ve renamed this ‘The Fast and Superfluous’…

  10. This is the last issue I’m giving “The Flash”. I’m either going to LOVE it or I’m done. I’ve never been a big Flash guy, but this art is gorgeous. I’m kinda rooting for it, but we’ll see. My wallet is not unlimited unfortunately.

  11. Loving the art and the science.

  12. Overrated.

  13. This comic is full of making me happy.

  14. Sweet Crispy Jesus, what nether-demon did Manapul sell his soul to for all that damn talent? Incredible, beautiful book. The design in the action scenes is miles beyond anything else on the stands.

    The story’s coming around, too. Pacing and clarity in the script are still a little rough, but much better than last month. Fun, fun, fun til my daddy takes the T-Bird away.

  15. WOW POTW-That plane seen was epic

  16. This book didn’t do too much for me yet story-wise, but this issue was great. Really enjoyed the pace and the art, just wow! Contender for potw.

  17. this is the book im reading on turkeyday. my thanksgiving book. and i am so thankful. not only for the book and my wonderful life, but for all you jive-ass turkeys to share it with. and remember turkeys, its technically cannibalism, so take it easy on that bird. hahahahahahaha

  18. Finally! We get some Rogue action.

  19. Love the art, but the plot has a disjointed feel to it. I’m hoping these get smoothed out by the end of this arc.

  20. The airliner save was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in comics in a long long time. Freaking awesome! POTW potential for me.

  21. I’m loving this book, Art blows me away every month, story has been interesting and the rogues are coming. This has been great couple of months in comics across the board.

  22. Love the art. It’s truly unique, even visionary in much of this title. Manapul et al are to be applauded for it. I’m not fond of the writing (to me, it really shows the difference between professional writers and artists-who-write) but I have no problem continuing to buy this book for now, the art is so much fun, and the character of Barry Allen hasn’t gotten boring again yet.

  23. Actual Question: what exactly did he do with the plane? He phased through the plane, then, what? Grabbed it and vibrated it so it phased through the bridge, then skidded across the water to land?

    I know flash can “vibrate on a molecular level’ and go through stuff, but he’s NOT super strong, right? So how did he grab an entire plane from the inside aisle (I don’t even understand the grip) and shake it like a Polaroid pitcha so it went through a bride?

    Everyone is raving about the art, and I do mostly love it, but I’ve had a few visual storytelling issues that have had me staring at the page forever (throwing the dude through the wall while falling, figuring out the speed force brain, and now this).

    I’ve not been a Flash reader before, has he been able to grab things and make them phase through stuff before?

    I liked the momentum of the scene, but not the execution of the big move…

    • When he causes the plane to vibrate it becomes weightless as it is able to phase. He doesn’t have to hold it, he just has to be touching it. His connection to the plane’s molecules allows him to direct it.

    • Yes he has been able to do this before I think.

      For me, the speed force brain thing, you’re supposed to be staring at it for a while. That’s the point. For me at least.

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