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Nova, Star-Lord, the Guardians of the Galaxy and more make their valiant last stand in this, the end…of everything! The war against the abominable Cancerverse reaches its climax. Only Thanos can decide the fate of two universes…but what choice will he make? Star-Lord believes he can use The Mad Titan as a weapon, but when you’ve deployed a weapon that absolute, can you ever stop it again? The staggering and shocking finale to the cosmic event of the year comes here, in the book that Aint It Cool News calls “A great-looking, great-reading comic…in the best classic Marvel manner.”


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  1. Are Nova and GotG coming back after this? I haven’t checked solicitations.

  2. This deserves to have so many more pulls! I will never understand why DnA’s cosmic work remains so unread—particularly as Johns Green Lantern work has blown up in popularity over the same time frame. I guess it all comes down to marketing? Honestly, give a novice DnA’s cosmic work and Johns Green Lantern work and I suspect 2 out of 3 would prefer DnA cosmic. But why am I going off on this?? I’m just excited for the conclusion of this incredible series and crossing my fingers for more DnA cosmic soon!!

  3. After the last issue’s cliff-hanger I can’t wait to see how this ends.  This has been one hell of a miniseries.

  4. A bittersweet occasion. The culmination of an epic storyline, but the end of an era.

  5. I am intrigued by this but have no experience whatsoever with the Marvel Cosmic Universe.  I was thinking about just picking up this whole miniseries from my LCS (they have it) and dive in.  However, is Nova and GotG coming back?  Is there going to be another ongoing Cosmic book?

  6. I don’t believe Nova or GotG are coming back.  I know there is a Groot/Rocket book coming out not sure if it is a mini or ongoing

  7. Issue 5 set this finale up magnificently, but I can’t help but feel depressed.  Both Nova and GotG were in my top five ongoing books. Annihilation, Realm of Kings, Star-Lord, Rocket, and Ryder…is it really all finished?

  8. The wait until the Devastation one-shot and Racoon & Groot mini-series is going to be excruciatingly long.

  9. … I deny the future. Nova will be back.

  10. I’m so far behind (finished first Annihilation trades a few months ago) – but the greatness of this work makes me happy for future trades to look forward to

  11. A DnA marvel Cosmic Omnibus would be the jewel of my shelves (along with my Simonson Thor issues)

  12. Not sure how that Cancerverse version of the Avengers there at the end of last issue wouldn’t have wiped out the GotG there in a blink, but yea, awesome series, don’t care if it hasn’t been popular, peeps be missing out.

  13. Yeah, I will add my praise here also.Top stuff.

    Dan Abnett makes his living (outside of comics) writing sci-fi novels so is it any wonder his space opera is more spacey and operatic than Johns’s (who’s work I do not rate at all)?

    @Jdudley: I have never bought any omniboo, but I would make an exception for a collection of all the DnA cosmic works in one place.

  14. After this issue, the wait until the Devastation one shot will be excruciating.

  15. I’m already crying that this is the end!

  16. I know it isn’t proper but I’ve made this the pick of the week already and it’s the only book I’ve read so far.  There’s no way anything could stack up to the climax of this awesome story and the cap of a great era of cosmic books that I’ve read from the very beginning (which also happens to be right when I started reading comics regularly).

    Heroes for Hire should be awesome also.  CBR posted an interview with DnA from San Deigo a few weeks back that made it sound promising that we could get more cosmic.  They basically said if the fans want it Marvel will greenlight it they would be more than happy to do more and have more ideas.  Let’s go Cosmic Avengers!

  17. So does this mini connect all the way back to the events in the Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest?

  18. It has been a pleasure to read the Marvel cosmic universe. I have just been able to get my hands on it all in the last few months and to be able to read it all at once was a very satisfying experience.

  19. Glorious, glorious send-off! So sad that the story is over, but what an ending! I put it to you, iFanbase, to find me a more badass pair than Nova and Star-Lord.

    I’ll solve the puzzle for you: IMPOSSIBLE!

  20. Great ending to a great mini.

  21. I just started reading cosmic stuff at Thanos #1 but have really enjoyed being totally confused in this miniseries.

  22. I’m sad we’re done with cosmic right now.  We’ve been lucky to have Annihilation, Nova, Conquest, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, War of Kings, Realm of Kings, and now Thanos Impreative.  All amazing.  I feel lucky to have been apart of it.  See you guys when the Rocket and Groot mini comes out!

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