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Thanos lives, but now Lord Mar-Vell moves in for the kill! The Undying Lord of the Cancerverse has underestimated the tenacity and fury of his adversary, but no longer! The Mad Titan is outnumbered and outgunned by the Cancerverse forces, and his unlikely allies – Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and the other brave misfits – find themselves making a last stand to save the galaxy’s #1 villain!

It’s another unpredictable chapter of the saga that calls “First class stuff…it’s accessible and epic” and hails as “one of the most enjoyable reading experiences of the year; it’s a summer blockbuster backed by humor and characters I actually care about.”


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  1. That creative team can’t go wrong. This is the best thing to happen to the marvel cosmic stuff in years. Sure it’s a long way from getting near what Green Lantern is hitting at. But Thanos Imperative for me at least, is hitting at all the notes and places that Blackest Night missed… this is 100% epic and so much more enjoyable

  2. I love the feeling that this story matters and there will be consequences from the events of this story.

  3. Have DnA hinted at what’s coming after this storyline wraps up?  I remember hearing something about a Groot/Rocket Raccoon mini but nothing with regard to the main storyline.

  4. How does this book not have more pulls?  This is the best mini-series on the stands right now!  Cant wait to see what happens after this.  But please DnA give me back my Guardians after this…

  5. @kmob181 Heroes for Hire series. I think they are also doing the crossover at IDW.

  6. This book is all that is good in comics.

  7. I was right they are doing a Transformers/GI Joe/Star Trek/Ghostbusters crossover with Zombies.

  8. @Minion – Thanks.  Much more interested in their cosmic stuff than the IDW/H4H projects so here’s hoping they have something else up their sleeve in the near future.

  9. At first I was upset that this might be the end of this era of cosmic books but more and more I’m liking the idea.  It’s refreshing to have a comic series/story go out with a bang rather than fade away. 

  10. So good! A great production team. I want to see more from them — on the cosmic heroes. Even if I have to settle for a yearly mini-series. Shame more people don’t support the cosmic side of the Marvel U.

  11. I was really hoping they were going to bring back Guardians after this but if there on Hero for Hires I guess that wont be the case.

  12. Someone give me the whole scoop – what happens after Thanos Imperitive ends?

  13. @Grandturk – As far as is known it is the end of the Marvel Cosmic line, at least for the moment. Worry not, however, as a Rocket Racoon/Groot miniseries is on the way, and DnA will be moving on to the street level heroes with Heroes for Hire!

  14. Yep, this was another awesome issue. This series will make the ultimate trade. Man oh man do I hope DnA get another ongoing morvel cosmic title!!!

  15. @GrandTurk  They also announced at NYCC they are doing a one shot called Devastation Wave or something like that.  After that, I think they are off cosmic books though :(.


    Btw, this issue and this whole mini have ROCKED. 

  16. I liked this story better when it was called Infinity War

  17. Devastation Wave one shot and the Rocket/Groot mini.  Ok I can deal with that.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed though.  Then again I do appreciate the going out with a bang mentality.  I’m guessing the one-shot is an epilogue to Thanos Imperative?  I guess I always thought the mini series format was really appropriate for the cosmic books.  There are so many corners of this universe but none of them are likely to be able to hold an ongoing on their own so you jump around and tell a great 3,4,5,6 issue story.  Here’s hoping that if DnA are done someone else jumps in and plays with this one-two mini a year format for the cosmic books.

  18. "What a twist!"

  19. @ActualButt:  yeah, definitely didn’t see that coming.  This has been a surprisingly good series, it makes me wish it wasn’t ending.

  20. This issue was so good.  Wow.  Epic as fuck.  Love the HUGE fault battle with all the fleets, Celestials and everything.  God damn.

  21. Loving the story.  Can’t stand the art.

  22. I think I almost prefer this over Blackest night since you only need to read the one book.  

  23. Probably not a good idea Star-Lord getting grabbed like that by that Cancerverse Giant Man, shoulda had his spine crushed right there, and not a good matchup Cosmo vs Cancerverse Thor or Rocket Racoon vs Cancerverse Ms. Marvel, and who was that 6th Revenger to the left on that splash page?  Looked kinda like a Cancerverse Nightcrawler or something, but the Guardians were outnumbered and outpowered against the Cancerverse versions of pretty much all of the MarvelU heavy hitters there, woulda really had no chance IMO.

    The art is amazing, I think Sepulveda’s stuff is getting better and better with each issue, which is apt to happen just like anything else, you get better with practice.

  24. Even if this event means the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s good to know that a series can end on such an incredible note.

  25. @Franktiger I think the Nightcrawler guy you’re talking about is the Cancerverse’s Quasar, who for some reason is blue.  He has kinda played the right hand man role to Cancerverse Captain Marvel.

  26. Just got this today and it was the first thing I read between the last two weeks of books.  Man, the next issue cannot come out soon enough.  Methinks there is a second twist to the cliffhanger.

    I’m pretty sure Evil Quasar used to look more like the regular Quasar then they changed him so there wasn’t confusion when he was in the same scene has regular Quasar.

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