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  1. I’m curious to see what happens in this book with issue two.  I felt issue one was a little decompressed.  I felt like nothing really happened.

  2. Besides just some character exposition and the introduction of the sci-fi element of the story, nothing much did happen last issue. Yet it’s still really good and I can’t wait to get this issue. i’m worried though, that it won’t be in stock at my LCS because they don’t carry alot of indie stuff. I had picked up the last issue at a different location that specializes in indies, but hopefully it’ll still show up.

  3. I’m interested to see where this goes.  The sci-fi element is cool, and Moore’s art is outstanding.  Definitely can’t wait.

  4. The covers for these are the best! I’m hoping that #2 has a metallic inlay again. As far as the story goes, I am completely unfamiliar with Strangers in Paradise (other than just having checked it our from the library); so, I can’t speak to how different this is for Moore. But, I can say that I am very intrigued. I love a good character piece – and if it has a touch of sci-fi! sold.

  5. I felt $3.50 was too much for this last time considering there was no color and it seemed very short. I hope that metallic cover can be melted down for money in a few years;) Oh well, I’m still buying it hehe.

  6. I am trying to decided to buy this in issues or as TPB, what do you guys think?

  7. I read Strangers in Paradise in trades, so now I’m looking forward to being in on this from the beginning and having the original issues.  It’s more expensive when you make that choice, but for me the fun is in doing something different.

    The more I learn about what’s out there and which types of stories I like, the less patient I am about waiting for things to come out in trade.

  8. I think this’ll read great in trades, but as Dez said I wanna be on this one from the beginning. Right now it’s just so damn intriguing where this’ll go I don’t think I can drop it in issues. I say jump on and see how you take to it.

  9. If this isn’t pick of the week, I don’t know what is. Even better than the first. Amazing art and story.

  10. I’m still waiting for my copy to come in at my comic store… I have it in my pull but I guess its back ordered and they are waiting to get it in… blah… tiss killing me.

  11. Do they really solicite the book as "Terry Moore’s Echo"?  The book looks like it’s titled Echo, and it simply says Terry Moore a top that, not as part of the title… but as the creator.

  12. @JD~ My store actually files this title under the "T" section of the new comics.  I find that quite strange myself.

  13. @Nev – That is really odd.

  14. LOL.  Terry Moore is just that powerful folks.  

    Either way, great book.  I love how he puts a personal, everyday, and even hip element to such a story line.  Similar to what they do in "The Sword"  But Terry’s art blows the Luna Brothers away.   

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