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  1. Just the cover alone has me thinking "fucked up".

  2. I was REALLY skeptical of the first, but it blew me away. Can’t wait.

  3. I did love the first issue, if it wasn’t for Batman & Robin and Strange Tales to come out the same week it would’ve been my pick.

    But I am nervous to see if the premise can keep me interested. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into Vertigo’s answer for ‘Walking Dead’ and more of seperate beast on it’s own.

  4. I have to thank iFanboy for making me interested in this series. The first issue gets better every time I re-read it. I’m itching to read the new issue.

  5. Great to see a Vertigo book so high on the pull list. I liked issue one, reminded my of the first issue of Y:The Last man, in a way. I’m on board for the first arc. I have high hopes

  6. I’m hoping for some grizzled kick your teeth in old man Clint Eastwood badassery in this issue.

  7. There are three ways this book can go for me: 1) Extremely interesting study of human nature and this alternate world that will keep me reading, 2) A very uncomfortable, creepy, and pretentious indictment of human nature that will drive me away in boredome, 3) Some combination of the two that mesmerizes me and hooks me forever.  I’m hoping for 3), but prepared for the others.

  8. Well, I might as well just pick my potw right now.

    #1 was the best comic I’ve read in quite a while. Totally in love with Jeff Lemire. 

  9. Good stuff.  Very excited to read this.

  10. Apparently I live in a boredomE. Damn work computers and their lack of built in spellcheck. They sicken me.

  11. Very cool. Liked the first issue. It was well executed and such, but I don’t really feel an emotional attachment to it. Maybe it will develop in time, but I clearly feel separated from the book as a reader.

  12. Only one thing could make Cormac McCathy’s the Road better, half man/half animal people

  13. Lemire is the next big star in comics.  The guy just gets it

  14. Of everything I’m reading right now, this is probably the best candidate for trade-waiting, BUT, I like Lemire so much I want to read it now.. so there we have it. 

  15. I haven’t been blown away by Jeff Lemiere like most people, though I still like him.  It’ll be interesting to see where this books goes, but I’m not exactly craving the next issue.

  16. Quite excited to read more about this world Lemire has created.

  17. Loved the first issue and hoping that this is a series that will just keep getting better.  This is actually the first vertigo series I’ve started reading in floppies as opposed to trades.

  18. I know that this book is technically DC but is this the highest pulled creator ownedt/non-superhero book ever on ifanboy?

  19. I wish my LCS would get this in stock so I don’t have to order it again. 

  20. Really, Jason Aaron? Crawl over broken glass? I mean it’s a good comic book, but I bet you a million dollars crawling over broken glass really fucking hurts.

  21. i can’t believe this has more pulls than Spiderman.

  22. I’m not really sure where Lemire is going with this series. The first issue was good enough, but it really didnt seem to have the longevity to hold an ongoing series. This second issue will probably flesh out some of the details of the surrounding world though, and add a lot more story and premise to it. Overall, I’m looking forward to it.

  23. The real beauty of Jeff Lemire is his amibuity. There are so many different ways to interpret his stories and style. From what we’ve heard about issue #3, the power of Jeff Lemire’s approach might not be fully realized until then. Really looking forward to pick this up, and I’m leaving for the shop right now.

  24. It’s Josh’s fault;)

  25. I gotta say….I was really bored with this.

    I’m sure Lemire is a fantastic writer and artist in his own right. Don’t hunt me down because this is my only exposure to him. But the pacing of this was boring and repetitive to me. Then the artwork by Lemire is pretty sketchy and rushed for my liking. Maybe it’s better when he has time to do a graphic novel and not continuously draw for a monthly basis.

    Don’t shoot the messenger (i.e. me) in this case. I just thought this was uneventful. I’m at least interested in trying another issue at least. The premise is more then enough to keep trying.

  26. I was not a fan of the first issue of this.  I did not connect with the characters at all and it was/seemed far too short.  Well this one was longer (or at least seemed that way) and I really enjoyed it.  The art is really something to behold and I am only angry now that I don’t have any spare cash to pick up "The Nobody" and his Essex County triology.  Stupid economy.

  27. Trade-waiting.

  28. I enjoyed this, but not quite as much as the first issue.  It appears the story may follow the third option I listed above, but didn’t move too far down that path with this issue. SPOILER I will be slightly disappointed if we see Gus dragging a semiconscious Jepperd along for a few issues.  I enjoyed their discussion in this issue and don’t want to see that go away.

  29. I know I’m going to love this book but I’m just giving it one more issue to prove to me it works for me in issues. Otherwise, it’s going to trade only.

  30. Booo LCS!!!! They didn’t have any copies when I got there today.

  31. I really enjoyed this issue.  It had quite a few powerful moments that really showcased Lemire’s ability to tell so much with so little lines.  It it truly only gets better with issue #3, then I have very high hopes for this book.

  32. I wasn’t crazy about the first issue… it was good, but I was leaning towards dropping it if this issue didn’t bring it. Long story short, it won me over. 4/5

  33. Once again, that went by WAY too fast.  This book is just begging to get trade waited.

  34. @jestr My lcs ordered it, but it didn’t come in.  Maybe that’s the case for yours as well.

  35. I loved this issue more than the first (and the first was very good too). I have a strick trade only policy when it comes to Vertigo, but I’m on for the first arc at least, maybe first year.

    I think it was CL Lewis who said "What good is a book if you can only read it once?" This is kind of my thought for most of the Vertigo line. Their stuff is so damn re-readable. The trades work best for this.

  36. @TNC

    I haven’t seen the issue yet, but I doubt it was rushed.  His style is generally sort of sketchy-looking.

  37. I didn’t think it was as strong as the first issue but it was still an interesting read. I’m excited to see more of this world.

  38. I thought this was awesome. There is something about this guys art that I can’t put my finger on … it’s not technically or traditionally "good" but I find myself looking at these panels way longer than other "better" artists. I wish I had the words to describe what the hell I mean. Me like comics.

  39. How come Gus doesn’t have any feet on the cover?

    @edward: I had the same thought.


  40. @edward @Win I thought Gus had hooves?

    PotW again for me. While I still don’t think we know nearly enough about the story yet, the art alone was enough for me to make it the pick. The immunity reveal wasn’t that big to me. I thought it was mentioned in the first issue, but I guess I just assumed the hybrids would be immune. What I thought was a big reveal was the Reserve. It seems too early for them to know where they need to go and what they need to accomplish, so I’m assuming there are some big curves ahead. Can’t wait for next month!

  41. Although I didn’t think this issue was as good as the first, I still absolutely loved it, and I think it puts us in an interesting place. Not sure if it’ll be POW but it’s certainly a contender. 5/5.

  42. @Rustyautoparts: There is a scene in this issue where you can clearly see Gus’s human feet.

  43. *SPOILER* (maybe)

     Why did the old man’s balls explode.

  44. Interesting.

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