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All across the world, those with a primal connection to the forces of life and death can feel that something is very wrong. The war between The Green andThe Other has begun, and the knights of decay walk the Earth unchecked – but without Alec Holland, the Green has no champion strong enough to fight back!


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  1. Great cover.

    Last issue was really good, what you would expect from a master writer Scott Snyder. I did like Ibanez’s pages more so then Paquette’s last time; so this should look good.

  2. Loving this, but admit I am getting a wee bit antsy for him to become Swamp Thing. Mostly because I want to see Swamp Thing on most every page. He’s one of my favorite character designs ever.

    • Yeah. I’m a little tired of the “leave me alone” bit. The hot chick (I forgot her name) has more Balls than Alec. I like her, hopefully she knocks some sense is Holland’s head.

    • @jcomb Abby -Swamp Thing old gal while he was a plant with Alec’s memories.

  3. Super excited for this, I am loving the approach Snyder and Paquette/Ibanez are taking with Swampy. I’ll echo TNC, that cover is sweet!

  4. I’m really enjoying this book…but…..and maybe its me but this is the only title I collect where I have to always quickly re read the others issues so I can remember whats going on. I don’t go through this with any other series. Swamp Thing at times does get a little confusing for me but I’m still enjoying it and still going to pick it up.

    Again it might just be me.

    • No, it’s not just you. I’ve read the first few issues, and I can’t really even remember what happened. The book hasn’t really grabbed me but I find myself picking it up anyway, giving Scott Snyder the benefit of doubt.

    • Perhaps it will read better and less confusing to us once its all collected. I always pick it up as well and I too give Scoot Snyder the benefit of the doubt.

    • I have no problem remembering what went before in Swamp Thing, but I have that trouble with Demon Knights. Good stuff but its so chaotic I can’t remember from one ish to the next.

  5. Can’t wait -The avatar of the dead leaving the hospital was scene.

  6. * a great*

  7. I hope this is the acid trip issue

  8. Last issue completely won me over, I hope this follows up.

  9. just saw the preview idk if it was done on purpose but it reminded me a lot of a certain issue of the sandman. lol

  10. Just read the preview on CBR I could not wait another hour to get out of work, it takes off right away with that little hellion brat! Kill and kill more!! I like this book more and more each issue!! The action, the danger, and all of the crazy weirdness.


  11. This is rather plodding.

  12. I’m down for the slow pace, as long as it stays this awesome.The Parliment, Dino-corpses fighting Swampthings, a kid who controls death? I can understand if others aren’t as enthused as me (The Avatar shows my bias—->) but Holy Shit!
    I Love this book.

  13. **Parliament** I hate misspellings.

  14. wow, Scott Snyder is the new master of creepy. this artwork in this book is beautiful, but ‘I think I might have trouble sleeping tonight.

    Love reading this and Animal Man back to back.

  15. Arcane Jr is my new villain of the year. chilling.

  16. Probably the weakest issue yet, but still a top notch comic. The art was off on this. I feel that Snyder’s writing talent needs consistent art to really flourish. That said, the writing on this felt weaker than previous issues as well.

  17. This is the best of the new 52. I love William Arcane, that is one creepy little dude. How anyone can complain about anything this series has brought so far is beyond me.

  18. I’ve been giving this straight 5/5’s since #1, but this issue really suffered from Paquette’s absence. I’m normally not one to complain about fill-in artists, but this combination hurt the book more than they helped it. I’d have rather seen sloppy Paquette than this kind of inconsistency.

    That being said, the story’s still got me by the sack. This and Animal Man always make for a very pleasant week.

    Keep it comin’ Scott.

  19. just fantastic. that cover is very nice.
    i think snyder might have a thing for gas masks. and i dont blame him. they’re very creepy. very kroenen.

  20. I don’t really think this and Animal Man is for me, but I keep reading it because they are both tied together, and I am a sucker for a big pay off like that. But between reading the two books I am little bit tired of reading how The Greena nd red oppose the rot.. I get it already.

  21. My favorite issue so far and the art really grabbed me more than in the previous issues. Very beautifully crafted.

  22. This story is okay, but it really makes me want to see Swamp Thing in a simpler, more action-packed run by another writer.

  23. A work of art! This title is really gripping and makes me want to come back over and over! The action. suspense, gore, just wonderful! 5


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