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• Part two of ANTON ARCANE’S return, as his role in the mythology of THE ROT is revealed!

• Do NOT miss the final page of this issue!

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Marco Rudy
Cover by Yanick Paquette

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  1. Got this last week – apparently it only came out digitally?

  2. If you were on your toes last week, this was released early digitally and you snagged a copy already.

  3. 🙁 I miss Francesco Francavilla on this book i hope he does more issues in the future, last issue was beautiful

  4. I would just like to say that I wish this came out last week (print). Reading this back to back with Animal was something I looked forward to. Why separate them right before the crossover?

  5. When’s the crossover? This thing’s a bit stretched out hasn’t it?

    • My thoughts exactly. I thought the crossover was going to happen way back around issue 8 or so.

      At least both books are still consistently very good.

  6. One of my all time favorite comics is Swamp Thing from the 1980′s. It was my first series that I collected religiously and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read those issues. They hold a magic for me that comics these days just don’t capture (and sure, I know most of that magic came from being 14 and not 41. Age has a way of diminishing the magic). So this new Swamp Thing series had a lot to live up to for me.

    But Scott Snyder is doing everything right and making this comic a joy to read month after month – infusing just the right amount of nostalgia to make old fans like me happy. But he also brought his own spin on things to make it new and fresh – and with fantastic art by Yanick Paquette this series is always at the top of my reading stack. Awesomeness!

    This series is giving Alan Moore’s classic tales a run for their money. I can feel that magic starting to come back. Thanks guys.

    • I understand what you mean about Swamp Thing being a magical series. I own every issue of Swamp Thing and of course volume 2 is my favorite. It’s tough for books I read now to live up to that standard. I loved every issue of the 171 issues that ran in volume 2. From Pasko to Millar. Of course the Alan Moore stuff is my favorite, it is my favorite run in any comic series I’ve read. Hell, I even liked what Wheeler was trying to do. He didn’t quite pull it off but he introduced some cool elements…including the grey… which we are seeing expanded upon now in a couple different books.

      But I’ve been loving Snyder’s Swamp Thing so far and I loved the art in the first few books and how they made nods at past writers and artists by naming things after them.. ie Bissette Motors, Pasko Diner, Yeates jeans…hell I think they even had a Berger Keys or something…might have been a bank. The doctor was name D. Durock. very cool stuff…made it that much more fun to read. I hope Animal Man and Swamp Thing keep it up and stick around…both have been and continue to be big favorites of mine.

  7. Bit of a shame that Francavilla isn’t doing this issue. But Rudy has been a good artist for this series (and quite frankly he probably should have been THE artist for the series since #1).

  8. Swamp Thing/Animal Man/Earth 2/Justice League/Justice League Dark? Are all these books going to tie together soon? with issue #3 of Earth 2 talking about The Green and The Rot and the very ARCANE! like resurrection of GRUNDY! … a deadish villain in Justice League. Constantine begging Xanadu to get the books and get them somewhere safe..get them to HIM. Also in Animal Man, Constantine says he was trying to tell Ellen Baker about “the other green guy”…. is he talking about Alan Scott here? Interesting to see what all comes of this. Justice League Dark looks to be heading to a more prominent tie in with Rotworld… but also heard JLD and JL were supposed to cross too… could it all happen at once. Just thoughts.. really clumsy and random thoughts.

    • I thought the same. On Earth2 it is the Green vs the Grey while Earth1: Green, Red and Rot! Interesting verisimilitude. (is that a word? ) The Green on Earth2 has the same motivation in creating a planetary defender in Alan Scott as the Green does the Parliment of Trees / Alec Holland. Hope it will make sense someday. Swampy and Green Lantern , fellow Elementals. Mind Blown!

    • Yeah, I’m wondering how likely it is a that lot of this ties in together. Animal Man annual had a panel where Mullins (the Red Avatar in 1894) is having palaver with Old Crow (the Green Avatar in 1894) and he has a vision. In the vision he is in modern day, but very post apocalyptic looking. A ROTted world, if you will. And he sees skeletons on poles or whatever, and they have super hero uniforms. (Flash, Green Lantern, Superman…pretty much all the Justice League). And then Buddy Baker appears and tells Mullins that it’s no use… nothing will stop the darkness that is coming, the rot. It was the best part of the annual but it left me really wondering. And now after all this with Justice League Dark and Earth 2 and even Justice League… I guess time will tell.

    • For all the talk about 90s Marvel taking over DC, it seems like 90s Vertigo is taking over even more. Really weird since they’re polar opposite dynamics. Anyway, I’m glad Team Vertigo is getting the important event leading titles while Liefeld and Co. are getting Hawkman, the Ravengers, and other shit no one reads.

  9. Although, it does seem unlikely that Constantine would’ve been referring to GL of Earth 2 when he mentioned the “other guy”. I think he was referring to Swamp Thing. I don’t think those parallel realities have collided quite yet but when they do I hope I am there! ( I stick mostly to Bat and Dark titles)

    • He said he wasn’t referring to Swamp Thing.

    • He was referring to Frankenstein

    • Frankenstein….. never thought about him. Could be. I guess he made it seem like the ‘other green guy’ was somebody with tremendous power in all of this coming up. I just don’t think of the Frankenstein character in that context. But it could be…. I’ll go back and reread it, maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on his words. Or maybe Frank is more badass than I thought.

      Anybody know how “HIM” is, in Justice League Dark, when Xanadu is having the ‘visions’ and Constantine warns her to get the books away from him? He says she needs to get them “where they are safe…” she needs to “get the books to HIM”.

    • @Desaad

      Is that a theory as has it been hinted at/confirmed somewhere? Even if it’s just a theory, it’s pretty good.

  10. I’m glad we’re getting to the Swampy-Buddy crossover now, not that either is dragging, but I think they would soon.

  11. This was actually kinda dull. Hero fights villain. Villain sulks away to lick wounds. It’s a shame because Anton Arcane is such an interesting character. He went to hell and came back a spider monster then became a born again Christian. I hope they go into some of that stuff in the 0 issue.

  12. This no longer grabs me the way it did in the first 6 issues. It feels like we’ve been hearing the Rot villains talk about “what’s coming” all year in both ST and AM. I’m gonna stick with it through the crossover, but I hope once that’s over we move on to some basic, contained stories. This is starting to wear on me the way War of Light did back in GL a couple years ago. Get to it already. Enough is enough.

    Side note: did they just tell Rudy to stop aping Paquette and just do whatever he wanted? Because this issue looked completely different than Rudy’s previous work on the title. Wasn’t bad, just not what I was expecting.

    • Agreed completely. I am tired of “what’s coming.” This arc feel like an exercise in the pitfalls of decompressed storytelling.

      With so many Marvel titles ending and being relaunched, now’s a great time for books to shine or get axed from the pull list.

  13. This series, while great, dropped off for me just a bit for a few issues. It got back into the swing of things here. I have one question though…


    Was that Poison Ivy in Abby’s dream sequence? Pretty neat if so. It would be a really cool way to introduce her.


    • Firevine – I thought the same thing about the dream sequence.

    • I’m pretty sure that it was, especially since…


      The previous panel showed The Daily Planet in ruins. Both images suggest the potential damage the Rot could do across the whole DC universe.


      As for this issue on the whole, I really didn’t care for it save for the last page. One of my favorite aspects of Swamp Thing is that where most heroes think to defeat the villain with a one-two punch, he attempts to understand them, and often ends up talking them down. By turning the series into a bit of a slugfest, it loses a bit of what makes the character unique.

      That said, can’t wait for the crossover.

  14. This stpry is dragging on too long.

  15. I’m starting to think of this book as “Swamp Thing Lite”. Visually it reminds me of the 80s heyday but the writing is virtually nonexistent. Which is weird because Scott crammed a helluva lot of words into Batman 11. How about a little more focus on Swampy Mr. Snyder? More drama, more social commentary, more meaning. More indication that something bigger and more evil is brewing…

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