The Battle for New Krypton! This is it! The storyline the SUPERMAN books have been building to since 2008 has arrived! Superman has never faced such a difficult challenge – how can he stop the two worlds he loves from destroying each other? General Zod has been waiting for another shot at Earth for years, and with 100,000 supermen on his side, it looks like it’s his war to win! But on Earth, General Lane has an ace up his sleeve that will level the playing field quite nicely!

Art by Jamal Igle & Jon Sibal
Variant cover by AARON LOPRESTI

Price: $2.99
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  1. Thinking about it but probably not.

  2. This looks like what WONK was supposed to be. I enjoyed issue #0, but it’s too little too late. I had hoped they would get a higher profile artist on this.

  3. Well, I’m in. #0 was great, and that’s all I ask for.

  4. @AmirCat: Eddy Barrows isn’t low-profile. He’s also going to be the artist on JMS’ SUPERMAN.

  5. Would have never considered buying this if not for the free comic book day issue #0.

    Free Comic Book Day can actually work.

  6. I dropped WONK about halfway through when the story started to lag. I had no intention of picking up Supes until after this event, but I’ll be damned if that FCBD issue didn’t convince me as well.

  7. I was feeling pretty down on this whole crossover/event/status quo/whatever until the recent Fall of New Krypton storyline. Now I’m re-energized and ready for some interplanetary ass-whupin’!

  8. This could be the best Superman story in a long time, the deck is stacked and Clark has to FIGHT for everything from both sides! ZOD Vs Gen. Lane Vs Superman = AWESOME.

  9. Im tempted because this week is light for me but Im not going to get sucked in. If its any good, Ill pick up the hardcover, which DC just posted on its blog. After the Brainiac arc on Action, the Superman Universe has done nothing but disappoint. Im back for JMS’s run because Im hoping for a fresh start. 

  10. This looks like some big, dumb action.  I’m in the mood for that.

  11. I also bailed on WONK, but I am super (get it) excited for this!

  12. General Lane has an ace up his sleeve? Like a magic trick? Like he’s going to use his connection that magic world to turn Earth into a giant magic ball so that all of the Kryptonians are powerless to fight against his deadly K-Squad???? So why haven’t ALL of Superman’s foes tried that one before?

  13. Another convert to this issue thanks to Free Comic Book Day

  14. I stuck though WONK – it was FUCKING terrible. I bet you 12 euros this doesn’t live up to the hype. Then JMS will come a long and  so nothing in the story will have any point so he’s shitty story can start 

     You’re welcome for that everyone

  15. JMS has written some really fucking good stuff and some really fucking awful stuff.  It’s a gamble I’m willing to risk with him coming on to SM and WW.

  16. With the FCBD issue I realized how long it’s been since we’ve seen Superman on costume and dammit but I just got really excited to see it again. I can’t wait for this!

  17. Man i wish Barrows was doing the interiors. He rocked it in the blackest night superman mini

  18. @roivampire I think Barrows is drawing JMS’ superman

  19. WONK looked stoopid from the begining to me and I stayed away, I am back with the story joined in progress and after free comic book day I am ready for this WAR of the Supermen.

  20. Actually, WONK "looked" great.  I really dug Pete Woods on the art side of things.  The story was ok, but the last issue cliff hanger was very unsatisfying.

  21. @conor – That’s true. I meant an artist that I like more.

  22. Heh, I didn’t know what WONK stood for for a minute there so I just read it phonetically. I loled.

  23. I just read the issue and I have one thing to say.  General Lane is an IDOIT!  I would say more but I don’t want to spoil it for those that haven’t read it.

  24. This book has my "Holy Sh*t!" moment of the week in it.


    Does anyone want to explain how Supergirl survived that blast from 10 feet away while the REST OF THE PLANET and ALL THE OTHER (Kryptonian) INHABITANTS were destroyed?  That would have to be the most radiation proof/indestructible room ever created.  If that room is so amazingly indestructable why didn’t Mommy just throw Reactron in it?  This feels way too much like the magic refrigerator from Indiana Jones and the Magical Aliens.

    Ignoring that (and I’m trying very hard to), the book was fairly interesting. 



    @Stuclach and what is the purpose of blowing it up? Even if only 3 survive you still have 3 pissed off Supermen cominto destroy your planet!

  27. @DamonS23: Simple mathematics. Three pissed off Kryptonians are better than an entire planet worth. By any measure.

  28. @DamonS23 – 3 is better than 30,000.  Though 1 is too many, in my opinion.

  29. @Conor @Stuclach  You’re right one is too many. You can’t really stop one so why run the risk of blowing up their planet unless every last Kryptonian is on the planet and will be killed?  It just seems like flawed logic on General Lane’s part.

  30. All these comic book Generals have no since of war strategy.

    They hate Hulks or Superpeople more than they think of long term consquences.

    This was cool. Is it weekly!?

  31. 100 minute war.  The first time I read that on the cover I thought it sounded ridiculous.  Then I finished this issue and found that to be an insanely genius idea.  I love the weekly break-neck speed this series promises to have.  I love Siege only being a four issue event, but even that’s not four issues in four straight weeks.

    This is awesome!

  32. @DamonS23: not just one. a very very angry one.

  33. does anyoone know how to explain how the atom shrinks?

     how does captain cold gun work?

    how do the green lantern rings work?

    or the legions?

    if the box stop her from being depowered then she would survive. 

    the box is advanced alien tech. 

  34. @Jack239 – So why not throw Reactron in it?  I know where you are coming from.  I try to "suspend my disbelief" when reading these books, but some things overwhelm my meager suspension abilities.  I respect Mr. Robinson as a writer (I’m not particularly familiar with Mr. Gates’s work), but this one was a bit too much for me.  I didn’t hate the issue, I just didn’t like that part of the story.

  35. I haven’t read anything since New Krypton & the Last Supergirl trade, but I read the FCBD issue and I’m tempted to jump on in issues, if there are just 4 of them.


  36. @ohcaroline-This promises to be a fun action romp.  I would say that if you have been enjoying Seige or something equivalent, then you might enjoy this.

    @stuclach-Dammit, you beat me to the Indy 4 reference.  Suspension of disbelief only takes one so far.

    Other than that, this is the most I have enjoyed a Superman title since Johns took off.

  37. I picked that this would happen, right? New Krypton would blow up & all the Kryptonians (mostly) would die? So, we could get back to the regular status quo. But,  even though I thought it’d happen in WONK (my mistake for thinking that would have a story) it’s happened here, & this issue/series looks more like what I expected WONK to be.

    Also, this was written by James Robinson (well, co-written) & I didn’t hate it! First time that’s happened since … I don’t even remember!  

  38. the free day issue and four 2.99 issues in a month that not bad.


    @WadeWilson i was worried that would happen at the end to clean up a little for the new crew. WONK was zod and clark getting to understand each other explore new krypton and the finding of the traitors to new krypton.

    Check out his Jimmy Oslen Comcs they are sooooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOD. 

    the whoel how did she survive to me seems nitpicky casue this is comics. The radiation shield protected her from losing her powers and let her survive the blast. i didn’t even think there was an issue there.



  39. @endlessw first is you name from gudam man nice to find another fan. Second you are very right on the Jimmy books they are great and under read.


    @stuclach supergirl  if she doesn’t lose her powers in the blast thanks to the radiation protection.  i could believe the she could survive. it did not throw me out of the story, i just thought ok then she won’t lose her power so she wil live.  as long as it works in universe i don’t care.

  40. @stuclach All the kryptonians on the planet would of lived if it wasn’t for the gold kryptonite factor of that bomb.  That’s why they died and supergirl lived.  It wasn’t a miagic room, she was just never depowered.

  41. I want to believe!

  42. don’t believe in yourself Stuclach. believe in the me that believes in you. YOUR IS  A DRILL THAT SHALL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!!

  43. I’m really debating if I should pick up any of the recent Superman stories in trade.  The last Supes trade I bought was the Last Son of Krypton by Donner and Johns.  I flipped through this at the LCS and saw New Krypton explode.  I wonder now which Kryptonians survived.

  44. @Jack239 – I’ve never had an anime quote shouted at me before.  Interesting.

  45. @scorpion Yeah, weekly for the rest of the month.

  46. this was terrible. WONK was terrible. the interal logic of the comic makes no sense.

    it’s like when they say it’s written by robinson and gates. they literally mean one page is written by one dude and the next page is written by the other because it makes no sense. it’s the chewbacca defense version of a comic book.

    what was with the teary little moment between clark and supergirl? fuck you, robinson, you don’t get to have your emotional beats if you have fucked the whole story up. it’s just lame.

    good night!

  47. I’m in for the whole run.  Granted, it’s been going on for a LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time.  But I think #0 and #1 have been a great set up to closing all of those threads.  Maybe I am not one to listen too since almost anything with Superman and Batman is guarenteed to sell to me.  Just my opinion.

  48. @Edward If I may make a tortured movie allegory, I think you are looking for the Godfather and are getting The Mummy. I.e., this is not a great character piece with action. It is an action piece with a bit of character. Silly, blowing up the planet fun. No time to explain everything to its full logical conclusion, we have more explosions to get to. I like both those films. One is clearly better, but which better fits a dude flying around in blue underwear, I ask you?

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