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J. Michael Straczynski’s “Grounded” storyline, which has made headlines in USA TODAY, THE NEW YORK TIMES and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, continues right here as Superman visits the Chicago area! In this issue, Superman discovers that there is a darkness even more immense than outer space: the darkness of the human heart turned against…


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  1. That boy represents Superman fans

  2. Ouch!  But true.

  3. hah hah hah, so sadly true, Mike.  so sadly true.

  4. I clicked on this link with the intention of making a joke about that cover being a metaphor for JMS’ fans but it looks like someone beat me to it. I bet you think you’re pretty bloody smart, don’t you mikeandzod21? 

  5. Well I’m not gonna get this.

    What’s the point if JMS is gonna be gone soon? 

  6. @TNC: you should make that cover your new avatar. I think it really suits your comments. PLUS it would be very funny 

  7. come on, TNC, do it! 

  8. @Edward I was pretty proud of myself yea.

  9. @TNC: that cover even looks like your current avatar. That means you should do it 

  10. Isn’t the next man who takes over continuing on what JMS already set up, or nah?

  11. @robby- that’s what I hear.

  12. I’m really glad JMS is leaving because this has to be the lamest Superman storyline I can remember.  Chris Roberson is pretty good on iZombie.  I hope he gets Supes up in the air, pronto!

  13. Huh….that does look a lot like that Transmetropolitan cover.

  14. Only Jeoff Johns and Gary Frank could save the Man of Steel from his current plight.  Maybe it’s just a run of bad luck, but this is one of several titles I’m dropping this month.

  15. Comparing a weird run on Superman to child abuse? Really? That doesn’t strike you as asshole behavior at all? 

  16. @DarkKnightJared: Nope. It’s an incredibly apt metaphor.

  17. @TNC: That avatar isn’t going to change itself, mate

  18. Has this whole story just been Superman walking across the country and meeting people?

  19. @Simmons: Pretty much so…

  20. This traversty needs to end now.

  21. LOL @ everyone jumping on the bandwagon. "OMG everyone else says this sucks, so I better think it sucks too … baaaaa."

  22. I can only hope that after this sorry storyline runs its course after twelve issues (and it better, if it knows what’s good for it), the Superman editors will have learned their lesson and let Superman star in Superman again.

    This Grounded storyline ends next summer (and boy did that pain me to type that), which means that from when Valor took over the title in March ’09 we will have gone two and a quarter years with a Superman-less Superman.

  23. Uh…Superman is in Superman. He’s not in Metropolis, but that’s still Superman.

  24. Technically, you’re correct.  There is a man walking around wearing a Superman costume.

  25. I was not the biggest fan of this storyline at the start, but it has grown on me with each issue.  Superman was the comic book character that sparked my love for comics when I was 5 or 6 years old (which is more years ago than I really care to remember).  I began to tear up a bit when the boy was thrown into the basement and cried for Superman.    I did not have the greatest of childhoods (but not the worst) and the Christopher Reeve as Superman poster hanging over my bed helped me through the tough times.

  26. sentimental horse-shit

    by the numbers emotional blackmail


  27. It may have been emotional blackmail but damn if it didn’t make me tear up. In my twenty years of reading comics I don’t remember a book ever doing that to me.

  28. I actually really enjoyed (and have been enjoying, for that matter) this book, despite my joke earlier. It was a little overly simplistic and sentimental, but if there’s any character that you can get away with that with, it’s Superman (hell, there a Mark Millar written issue in ’00 about animal cruelty). Also, is it just me or does the boy on the cover look like the kid who played young Robin Williams in Jumanji?

  29. I picked this up on a whim. I haven’t read Superman in years. It wasn’t that great. I mean it wasn’t awful, but I don’t know. It should have focused on the kid more if I were suppose to care about him or his family. It just felt really rushed. I probably won’t read this book again for a while ha.

  30. Finally got around to punishing myself reading this issue.  I can deal with the ham-fisted moral of the month story that deals with racism, suicide, violence, et al…What gets me is the complete abandonment of Superman from the general populace.  The scene with Superman in the park where all the people walk away from him after chastising him for having super-powers and trying to help, that just rang so hollow.  Can’t we just cut to the chase and have him show up in California next month and put this story behind us?

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