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Writer G. Willow Wilson (AIR) and newcomer Leandro Oliveira provide a “Grounded” interlude, detailing a visit Lois Lane makes to the town where she went to college in anticipation of Superman’s arrival. When she runs into an old boyfriend and sees the nice, normal family he has, Lois can’t help but examine the choices she made and wonder if they were the correct ones.

Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by Leandro Oliveira
Cover by John Cassaday
Variant cover by Gene Ha

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. I have no idea who this writer is but I have difficulty believing it could be worse than Straczynski has been. I may give this a shot to see a different writer’s take on this theme.

  2. Looks to be an interesting issue…

  3. I never heard of either of them.  Looks to be some straight up filler crap.

  4. G. Willow Wilson is a great writer. This is the only issue of Superman I’ll be picking up during "Grounded."

  5. I’m torn on getting this. JMS has done a great job so far and it really seems like this issue isn’t needed in the grand scheme of things. (Waits for conor, comicbookchris, and others to say ‘filler’ is good) But anyone doing the art other then Barrows is something I’m in favor for. Plus to be honest, Oliveira is apparently a porn artist so we got that going for us….

  6. I don’t remember ever seeing an unrelated single issue story thrown into the middle of another run, when the book isn’t late. Last issue was two weeks ago.

    *shrug* I don’t get it. (& I won’t be getting it)

  7. Yeah, tried to look up this artist cause i’d never heard of him… totally porn.

  8. The only issue of Superman I’ll probably buy for a long time.

  9. Cassaday’s covers just keep getting worse and worse.

  10. Yay, a break from the pretentious walking story!!!

  11. Oh man this was a bore to read. I just didn’t care about this and the rule that Wilson makes Sups break here pissed me off to no end. Also, very easy to tell Oliveria is a porn artist. Considering the characters have lack of emotions and the girls anatomy is so well detailed. Please let JMS finish his scripts on time from here on out.


  12. You know what I think most people do when they have a celebrity over for dinner? Argue about the days events. Also STARS EVERYWHERE! Even in front of the moon.

  13. "Also, Stars Everywhere!!" (@minion)

    Hahaha! There certainly are! 

  14. Poor G. Willow Wilson can’t catch a break.  First Air gets cancelled, theny you guys pan her.  Have you no heart?

  15. @kmob: Considering how badly written this is; yes I can see why Air got cancelled.

  16. @kmob181 I think the issue was the best since Strazynski started on the book the art just really bugged me.

  17. Wilson is writing an issue that’s tying into a terrible storyline, so of course it wasn’t going to be good. This is Cry For Justice/Rise of Arsenal all over again.

  18. @comicbookchris: I don’t see Dead Hobos or Superman fighting with a Cat… I don’t know if that analogy works.

  19. So…this throws out a large chunk of Lois’ characterization from the last twenty years? What is this, a Spider-Man comic? Seriously this was just sad. ‘i have a pulitzer but I’ve done nothing with my life’…are you fucking kidding!? The only part of this book I liked was when Superman showed up and had a realistic conversation with Lois…except I still found it hard to believe they wouldn’t have this conversation years and years ago. And the art…just not good.

  20. Kinda disappointed with this issue — I thought one of the premier female writers in comics would have done a better job with, perhaps, one of the first real female superheroes.

  21. Lois Lane is a bad ass. I think this was a bad representation of her. I don’t judge the writer to harshly since it’s a filler issue and can’t have ramifications of any kind, has to start and end in the same status quo but not a great book.

  22. This book is just one big trainwreck…but I just can’t stop wanting to see what’s going to happen next.

  23. This could only have been worse if Lois had revealed that she lost her virginity to The Sentry. Which would be about as much in character and continuity as pretty much everything else in the issue.

  24. And by the way, what the hell DID Lois rearrange the letters ‘CONGRATS GRADS’ to spell? 

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