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“Grounded” continues as Superman enters a small town in Ohio where, like many towns, a number of its residents are from other places. But when The Man of Steel discovers that there are also a number of residents secretly from other worlds, he unravels a mystery that may have grave consequences for Earth.

Variant cover by KEVIN NOWLAN

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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.4%
Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. It took me most of Chuck Austen’s run on Action Comics to look past the "interesting" characterization and sit back and enjoy the title for the absurbity that it was.

    After reading the preview of this issue up at The Source, I think I’m already at that point.  Bring it on, Straczynski, the more absurd the better!

  2. JMS has one more shot on this with me, & it better not have Superman figuring out how to pay for a sandwich.

  3. One more shot. I can give Superman/JMS one more shot.

  4. Jinx.

  5. This might be one of the worst covers I have ever seen.  And I like Cassaday.

  6. I’m so excited for this because of the preview. This is gonna be a fun issue.

  7. If you skip all the word balloons in the preview, it becomes very obvious that JMS is just fucking with us.

  8. just awful

  9. The first issue was…odd in places, but I’m hoping that’s just growing pains for the new title, and I want to see this succeed. 

  10. @DarkKnightJared – You’re right.  I’d hate to see this cancelled.

  11. I liked last issue and am
    Pretty damn sure I’ll enjoy this. Eff all JMS haters!

  12. Are we seriously suggesting that Superman would ever be canceled?

  13. It was sarcasm.  In response to the reference to a new title’s growing pains.

  14. Also, yes.  I laughed quite a bit when I saw that cover.

  15. I have not gotten this book since the Robinson run a couple years back.  I read 701 to see what all the hub bub was about. I really liked it, Superman has been tough to read for a long time its nice to see a new and more accessible take on him. 

  16. This is definitely NOT going to be my POTW, but I’m still pulling it to see where JMS goes with it.  Shit, it’s not like they charging $4 for a run of the mill title like MARVEL! 

  17. Great first issue and can’t wait to get this in my dcbs box. JMS really knows the character and is truly boiling him down to his essence. 

  18. I just feel bad for Cassady doing covers…

    JC:  All right, Mikey…I drew the action packed scene of Superman walking for the cover of last issue.  What do we got this time?

    JMS:  He’s walking to Detroit this time.  It’s way different than him walking to Philly last time, so I’ll need a shot of him walking!

    JC:…are you sure you wouldn’t rather have him doing something more dynamic?

    JMS:  No, he’s walking to find his humanity.  More walking please.

    JC:  How about something a little more challenging?  As an artist I–

    JMS:  Walking!

    JC:  But–

    JMS:  I got a fever, and the only prescription…is more walking!

    JC:  How about if he holds a flag instead?

    JMS:  Fine, but somebody get me Nowlan on the phone for a variant.  I need more walking!

  19. That cover tells me that Superman and the flag are becoming one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    Also, I think it is telling me Superman wants to bang that flag.

    Superman saving kitties from trees is kind of quirkey fun, but JMS better have another angle or I will be bailing out of this soon.

  20. It’s really about Eddy Barrow’s art that I’m gonna check this ish out.  This Superman angst stuff is almost working for me anyways, so got no probs with JMS so far.

  21. i don’t get the whole superman is walking around being sad for himself comment some people have been having. it does not read like that at all. superman is not brodding about he cannot save everyone.


    i love the fact that he is doing something. that he is trying. 

  22. After reading the JMS bit in Superman #700 I didn’t have much hope for his run (or at least the Grounded arc) but just got done with #701 and loved it. It might not be all that exciting or original a concept but JMS has a way with words and everything just worked for me. Barrows draws weird noses however.

  23. I don’t really have a problem with the overall concept of this run at all, and I didn’t hate the previous issue like many people did. But I thought the thing with the (outer space) aliens in this issue was ridiculous. No way Superman would be so hard on them. It’s not even an analogue to anti-illegal immigration laws or whatever, because JMS goes out of his way to say that these aliens are rich and "self-sufficient’ (i.e., they don’t need tax-payers’ money, public services, jobs, etc). So no one in real-world America would have a problem with these aliens living here, since it’s no strain on the system in any conceivable way. Yet JMS’s Superman thinks the aliens need to justify their existence by "giving back"? His thinking makes Arizona seems like Ellis Island circa 1910. The issue did have a please-everybody happy ending, but Superman’s logic on that point just seemed weird and way too harsh.

  24. Wow. That was bad.

  25. This comic gave me diabetes.

  26. Again I ask, why isn’t Superman walking the Earth? Just the USA? Really? When he gets to Arizona is he going to have breakfast at a Cracker Barrel? This book just reads like JMS has stayed at the party too long. It is almost Byrnelike in it’s hubris.

  27. I think JMS got the idea for this story after watching Forest Gump. :~)

  28. What was with the aliens?….I dont know where he is going with this, but I am going along for the ride…next stop…Batman!

  29. Superman #702……BAD.

  30. Next issue Superman will walk through California and encounter a couple of Space Aliens who are not legally allowed to get married.


    If, in last issue, Superman didn’t have room in his tights for a couple of bucks to buy lunch, then where the heck does he stash that cell phone he used to talk to Lois?

  31. @captiansweat pants. I agree with you whole heartedly. He should be walking the world. He is super-MAN not super america. But this one was bad. Im going to keep reading to see what happens with batman in the next issue. 

  32. The art was great. I am glad Superman made those illegal immigrents pay for living in this country. :p

  33. Not as good as last week, but still 4 stars for me. Let down by the stupid Bastketball scene  (which is an equally stupid game 🙂   )

  34. Just finished reading this. Really? really?

  35. I enjoyed this. There were moments that reminded me of when he wrote for marvel and how great that stuff was. There were some clunky parts which were honestly probably more hurt by the layouts than anything else. And I really dig how he’s breaking Superman down as a character. His Superman, just like his Spider-Man, has a great charm about him that makes his instantly likable.

  36. Batman as danny zuko hanging out by his car in broad daylight in the middle of nowhere.

  37. Just as much of a train wreck as the last issue, there were a few better parts in this issue than the last but the bad parts in this issue were way worse than the bad ones in the previous.  It’s so bad I can’t drop it because I want to see what terrible terrible thing happens next.

  38. I Loved the basketball scene. It was so hilariously bad. Makes me think of the shitty Paul Simon song "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard".

  39. @Minion – So, does this mean you’re dropping JMS Superman?

  40. @PozrDu Yup.

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