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  1. pulling Superman comics on the reg? what is happening, is it the 90’s again?

  2. Stranger things have happened.  The real question is; will you stick around after New Krypton is over?  I can’t answer that question yet, but I’ll be pondering it for the next couple weeks

  3. I’m wondering if I can get away with reading Action and Supergirl while skipping Superman?

  4. Why would you want skip SUPERMAN?

  5. Yeah, skipping a chapter in a story is just insane!!  Pick it up torippu, don’t be cheap! 😛

  6. I think that just like GL after Sinestro War, people WILL stick around because Johns & Co. are doing fantastic work.  It takes the event (perhaps) to get people to pay attention.  The quality of the event keeps them around for future issues, or not (I’m looking at you SI/Dark Reign).

  7. Well I’m not being cheap, I’m picking this issue up.

    But we all know my distaste for Robinson (and if you didnt know….well I dont feel like typing it up again lol), and that I have been on of the biggest critics of him since he came on this title. I hope this event changes my mind on him, cause I do not want to waste 3 bucks for each part in this series if it’s going to be bad.

  8. I think I have been transported to some strange Bizarro world where I am actually stoked to read Superman.  I like Superman, I just never intended to read Superman comics.

    @drakedangerz- I will be dropping Supergirl after New Krypton, but I will stick with Superman and Action Comics as long as Robinson and Johns are writing. 

  9. @Kory – Speaking for Bizzaro:
    "Why would you want skip SUPERMAN?" – Bizzaro Conor (Do it with the Bizzaro voice from Superman TAS and it sounds exactly like something he would say.)

    Is this Conor’s very subtle hint that Bizzaro will make an appearance in this issue?

  10. Like Kory, I can’t believe I’m looking forward to a Superman book…what’s going on!? I dropped Solomon Kane and X Men Legacy so that I can pick this up. (Recessionary times call for no net adds to my pull list)

  11. I’m looking forward to the New Krypton arc to see what it will do for these books.  I’ve been following and enjoying Action pretty much since the One Year Later jump.  Superman has been up and down for me (really down since Robinson took over) and Supergirl has been non-existant for me since the Kandor story early in that series.

    Now the last issue of Supergirl was decent so we’ll see where that new team will take it.

  12. this is such a fantastic idea for a Superman event I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before.  It’s like the guy that created the transportable liquid coffee boxes, I sit here mulling over, ‘why didn’t I think of that.’

  13. Superman 681 looks great and that might be the best cover of the year and all superman fans will love this for sure

  14. haha im dropping x-force this week so i can pickup superman. i hope this "epic" arch is worth it. even though x-force is some crap right now…

  15. i can’t believe how many people are pulling superman!! heh heh 

     ahh, what’s wrong with me? 

  16. @edward: Check your Equilibrium, the best sign of someone going insane is some picking up all 3 Superman titles.

    Which would make me insane as well.

  17. Ya know, I bought the last few Supes specials… Jimmy & New Krypton and was thinking of staring to pick up this New Krypton series.  But, man… that cover is terrible.  That coupled with a stong disliking for Franks’ Superman art has me second guessing my thoughts about picking this series up.

  18. If Jimmy and New Krypton are any indication this story arc is going to rock!

  19. Oh wow…..This was terrible!

    I’m sorry but this issue wasnt groovy pants, it was painful. Seriously. The art is a mixed bag of washed out colors and the writing is just blah. It doesnt have the weird quirks like the Krypto arc but man there is nothing special about this. In all seriousness this title will be dropped once New Krypton is over with.

  20. This was a bit of a letdown after the special issue.

  21. yeah…  was a bit of a disappointment…  and i didn’t realize i was going to need to pick up some special coming out next week…  i am a lot less enthusiastic about New Krypton after reading this…  thinking i will miss Geoff Johns and Gary Frank doing their own thing :-

  22. The art was poor, hopefully Doomsday will take out President Bush.

  23. @Super: If only that could happen in real life…..Anywho…..

    What insight said about picking up a seperate issue for a seperate event. Why do I need to do that? Like how they advertised in Superman last time to pick up Jimmy Olsen special? Do I really need to pick that up? Now I know the answer is yes because the first and second part of New Krypton has somewhat referenced it….But why should I waste more money on a writer I dont like to get more into a story? Like the Astonishing X-Men mini out this week: Why cant this be in the damn regular series?

  24. I’m not picking up that stupid olsen special.  This issue didn’t do too much to keep me pumped for more.  Writing was pretty good, and I loved the scene with the other heroes, the part with Hawkgirl not being a Thanagarian was hilarous to me.  But mostly it was just sort of bland.  I have real problems with the art too, it bounce from being pretty good to just plain ugly at times.  Krypto made me smile though.  Too early to judge the whole thing, but that last panel definitly did the job of hooking me for the next issue.

    Question: has Doomsday appeared at all since the Death of Superman?  

  25. Lets stop the Bush bashing…

  26. This just in:
    Mark Millar wants to make an 8 hour Superman epic spread over 3 films:
    News at 11?

    I am not sure Mark Millar is who I want doing this.  Red Son was cool, but Geoff Johns seems like a better fit right now.

    @boostergold4 – That’s what she said (to you, not me).

  27. I know our president is unpopular, but let’s not wish harm on anyone.

    What was so terrible about this issue?  Granted, the exchange between Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl was a little strange, but I don’t understand the hate, I enjoyed it. It was a little bland, but we are still in the setup phase of the story.  I expect things to pick up soon.

  28. @stuclach- lol

  29. I think Red Son proved that Millar is capable of writing a great Superman story.  But I agree that Johns would do an awesome job. 

  30. err…Well, Superman is different when Johns writes it huh? It wasn’t bad, but this shouldn’t be a setup issue, we already had the setup issue.

  31. It’s nice to care about Superman again.  Can’t wait for the next issue.

  32. I made this my pick of the week.  Granted the art left a little to be desired, but overall I thought this was a good issue.  It moved the New Krypton story along nicely, showing the growing uneasiness between the Kryptonians and the people of Earth as well as other heroes in the DCU.  And if the ending is any indication, things are certain to pick up in part 3.

  33. Doomsday is back!!!!!

  34. Ugh… This issue was all right, but I was really expecting better from Robinson. I’m a little disappointed in Doomsday being brought in, but I did really enjoy the Jimmy Olsen special and am looking forward to the Guardian special. 

  35. The best part of this was the last page. That was a real jaw dropper. Totally out of left field for the story.

    I’m really not digging Robinson’s take on Superman so far. His first arc & now this is starting to show me his style of dialogue does not suit these characters at all (IMO). The dialogue is so clunky, it’s distracting. Dialogue is not the most important thing in the world, but in a medium where most of your information comes from it — it helps if it flows smoothly & seems natural. Add to this that there was alot of stuff about Atlas that was explained in a seperate book (the Jimmy Olsen Special) … if Superman wasn’t crossing over with Action comics right now I’d be dropping this title for the first time in years.

  36. @drakedangerz: I think Jeph Loeb brought Doomsday back during his run on superman and he was also used as weapon in the Our Worlds At War crossover a few years ago.

  37. @Win: Yeah, so the fact that Doomsday has been used after ‘Death of’ arc makes his appearence lose that much luster. If he was never used at all til now: yes this would’ve been huge! But since he’s used so much in comics, TV, DVD’s, and so forth….no wonder I didnt care for it as much as I should’ve.

    Oh and I think DC lied in their summary’s again. What threat behind Atlas surfaced in this? Or what long standing member did Sups say bye too? Dont tell me this is RIP all over again….

  38. I’m not a big Super Man fan and I picked up this issue with the hope of really getting into it.  I didn’t have a huge problem with the art and the story I didn’t find to be engaging.  The last panel with Doomsday was anticlimactic. Why does it even matter if Doomsday is back?  There are thousands of Kryptonians that could take him down.  Maybe I’m missing something.

  39. I like that Alex Ross (I didn’t see it as well with the artist on this issue) is incorporating Kryptonian garb from all the different eras. Very cool.

  40. My first thought is that a this will be a sort of false reveal; the next issue of the arc will have the Kryptonians dispatch Doomsday in five panels or less, demonstrating(aptly) the sheer power of Earth’s newest visitors.

  41. I think the comment above me pretty much sums things up.

  42. Maybe Luthor will make 100.000 Doomsday clones & we will have the biggest battle royal in the history of comics?

  43. Im so glad Luthors back in the superman books and i cant wait to see what Johns, Robinson and Gates have in store for him, now that he doesn’t 1 but 100,000 kryptonians to deal with. 

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