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The all-new adventures of Superman continue!

Everyone can see the new villain who’s attacking Superman – except The Man of Steel! How can he stop a threat that none of his super-senses can detect?

Meanwhile, a Daily Planet reporter starts digging up some dirt on Superman, including a secret that could ruin him forever!

Breakdowns and cover by GEORGE PEREZ

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I’m one of the tiny few that enjoyed the first issue. It was definitely overly wordy, but I felt like I really got my money’s worth and more than most books really got to see where the new status quo was (with Lois, the Daily Planet, etc.). The villain was bizarre and lame, but overall I really enjoyed it.

    • I am right there with you, the pull count is going to be low on this but I liked issue 1 and look forward to issue 2.

    • I’m also in the minority who enjoyed the first issue so I’m ready for #2

    • Na- your not tha only one. I personal like a wordy book and enjoyed the whole set up from issue one

      Haters gonna hate, potaters gonna potate.

    • The art was great! So many people seemed to have hated it, not just for the wordiness, but also for the pencils. Personally I liked both, but Jesus Merino impressed me more than I though he would have. Hopefully it can only get better from here.

  2. If this week wasn’t so jam-packed full of great comics, I’d probably give this book another issue. I didn’t hate issue 1 but not once did I ever love it and I definitely wasn’t keen on the weird narration. I really want to like a monthly Superman book, but I think I’ll be sticking with Morrison and Action Comics for now.

  3. No can do, I used up the last of my vacation days on issue #1 🙂

  4. Superman #1 was notable to me because it was the first time I used a bookmark in a comic book.

  5. I so want this to be good…but after that first issue, yeah i think i’ll wait a while and see what people say.

  6. This was actually my favorite book of the relaunch. I loved that it gave you a complet story, but still left you wanting more. It was a bit wordy,but for some reason I enjoyed that fact. Really looking forward to #2.

  7. I’m in for the first arc. May get the drop and I’ll pick up some of the other 52 I didn’t read!

  8. Issue #1 was really not that bad in my opinion. This book got a lot of hate 4 weeks ago, I hope it can be redeemed. Don’t get me wrong, if Issue #2 is ‘ as wordy ‘ (which may be impossible) than I might start to agree with the haters but for now, I like it and look forward to some more Superman.

  9. I still haven’t finished reading issue #1.

    • You can do it, man!

      It’s not that it was wordy, it’s that it felt like wading through molasses. Good times!

      I will always remember those three and a half days I read Superman #1.

      If this issue doesn’t look fantastic, I will avoid it like the plague.

  10. I’m giving #2 the benefit of the doubt. the only thing that pissed me off with issue 1 was I felt insulted Perez felt the need to break into narration because i wasn’t smart enough to see what was happening with the art.
    If i get slapped in the face like that again i’m out.

  11. This is not that complicated people. The narration was there to show how a person reading the article would be able to picture what was happening. It was commentary on the power of print journalism. I totally understand if you didn’t think it was a well written article ( I didn’t) but I don’t think words make a bad comic. The words were the news article for someone that wasn’t there … not narration for the comic book reader.

    And bitching about reading a few hundred words … Yikes. You guys sound like Sarah Palin.

    • Again, i’m not complaining because there was words to read. I mean OMG words! in a book! ohnoes!
      I’m complaing about it was an insult to me that I couldnt understand what was happening without it being there. It was just not needed.

    • And again the purpose of the words wasn’t narration for the action. It was to show how a print article about the event would read. Regarding the use of words, that wasn’t directed at you but if you read the comments above you will see many people that did complain about that.

    • @netforceeqzzzzzzzzz – it’s about economy of words.

      SwampThing #1 had a lot of words, but it moved the story forward and complimented what the reader was seeing in the art.

      You stated, “… the purpose of the words wasn’t narration for the action. It was to show how a print article about the event would read.”
      If this was the case, Perez was just too clever for his own audience and too clever for his own medium. Personally, I think it was a good idea that fell flat in execution.
      I’m still in for issue #2 because it’s Perez and Superman…just don’t make me count it as a ‘Summer Read’.

    • @Kman: I didn’t say the words were effective and I’ve never been a big fan of Perez’s writing. I thought it was a poorly written article that few editors would print. I stand by my interpretation of what he was trying to do but I didn’t think it was well done. Most of the comments above weren’t about the poor use of words but simply about the number of words. Complaining about having to read too many words just sounds lame to me. Discussing the merit of the words is discussion that I’m quite willing to have.

      I will say that I did like reading a $3 book for more than 30 seconds and I did feel like I got a complete story and a snapshot of the relationships of the main characters.

    • I thought it was obvious what was happening… it was just badly executed.

      If anything it showed the opposite of what it was attempting to convey.

  12. Well, I do think SUPERMAN #1 was insanely overwritten. I had to race to my first issues of Kelley Puckett’s BATGIRL just to chill out from Mr. Perez’s diarrhea of the word processor.

    I will buy SUPERMAN #2 only because I feel I owe it to Superman to oversee his relaunch.

  13. Liked the first issue was very wordy but look @ superboy s owas it but it dosent make it bad

  14. I loved # one!! This month’s is gonna be my POTW for sure, guys!!!!

  15. Previews are out now, looks even wordier than #1 if that is even possible

  16. Still didn’t think this was great, but it was better than #1.

  17. Was curious what folks were saying about this one. After making the mistake of buying the 1st issue def gonna wait until perz is off this book

  18. You know I kinda enjoyed the first issue I might actually check this out.

  19. Ugh this was better than first issue but still bad! Soo very tired after reading this! Dropped

  20. Issue #2 was a much more enjoyable read. A tad chatty and still felt like Perez threw in a couple of ‘college’ words for the sake of impressing.

    If this keeps up, Perez will have everyone using bookmarks AND dictionaries.

    That said…issue#3 is a BUY.

  21. Better than issue 1 but with all the other great books out, I’m probably gonna drop this. Maybe I’ll jump back on when the new creative team take over.

  22. I think most of us will agree that Perez is overwriting this, but I was happy with the art — and the cover for issue #3 looks great. I can’t believe that anyone thinks Jurgen’s layouts are an improvement over Perez except in Bizarro World.

  23. This was better then the first, but….well I’ll give it a third but probably not any further than that. Still quite wordy, but…not nearly as much as #1.

  24. This might not be a bad superman story arc but it certainly is not suited for a newly launched book. I have never read a superman comic book prior to the new 52. I am keen, and eager to be entertained but this book is just too heavy with exposition.

    By all accounts everyone loves the de-aged Jim Gordon. Why age Louis so much so that her “reporting” career is behind her. That is a brutal decision.

  25. Hmm, I’m mixed on this one, but over all a little let down. While it was not one of my favorite books of the relaunch, I liked the first issue of this title, and the potential it set up. This month, though, I didn’t really feel myself being pulled into the story. I wasn’t bothered by the wordiness in the first issue, as there was alot of exposition to cover, but in the second it did annoy me. Actually, putting aside the verbosity of writing, it simply seemed clunky. Did we really need two separate moments in one issue where Lois tells Clark not to drift away?

  26. Glad to find this issue was indeed better than #1! It may not be great yet but at least we’re heading in the right direction, up versus down. I really liked the art here, and though the writing is still under-edited, I appreciated the simpler and more focused story-telling. I’m onboard next month 🙂

  27. I, personally, love this book. Issue 1 was a good read and I really felt like I got $2.99 worth of story. This issue was no different. In fact, I felt it was better. There was some great action and the idea of Superman being forced to use the digital news that his alter-ego is hesitant to accept was really fun. I love the compressed style and that Perez is building a larger arc while giving us fun individual issues. I just really love this book and can’t wait for the next issue!

  28. I also liked this book. It gave you a ton of information. It had a good long fight scene. They should have used thought bubbles more instead of narration boxes though. It’s a good one-and-done that ties it to the previous issue. It’s an interesting mystery to why they’re attacking him.

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