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  1. This is the last chance for this New Krypton. Seriously, with only the special issue that has been any good; the other issues have been medicore. Both of Robinson’s parts (to me) has been very sub-par and I cant believe that a Johns issue didnt hold my interest.

    It looks grim considering I’m leaving Supergirl to keep me interested.

  2. @Next that hardly seems fair. 🙂

  3. @Templar: Well your right it isnt fair, I said it’s pretty grim that my last chance is a Supergirl issue.

    But for all intent and purposes Robinson and Johns could’ve won me over in 3 issues…..and they didnt do it. To me this has been a pretty sub-par arc and I see no reason to pick the rest up if all three titles are consistantly good.

  4. we get it

  5. I think it’s been great so far… it just hasn’t warmed up to the point I expected it to, i.e. all out Kryptonian warfare.  The Kryptonian killing the whale in (I think) the New Krypton special is an example of the kind of thing this arc (event?) is made for, but so far that’s really the only "worlds collide" thing that’s happened… and that was kind of minor and comic relief.

    But yeah, I don’t think a Supergirl issue is going to improve upon that.  How many parts of the story are left?

  6. Anyone think this will be essential?  I’m hoping not, because I’m not planning on pulling it.

  7. @Templar The solicits from the next issue of superman say something like "following the dramatic events of Supergirl #35, blah blah blah". My guess is that events from this will carry over to superman, but if you’re dead set on not picking this up, you could probably figure things out easily enough without this.

     But, the first issue of supergirl was a lot fun.  There’s no reason to think that this won’t be just as good.

  8. To all who are haters, relax and read the story arc. 

  9. Hey I loved the Supergirl issue before this event started. But it’s one issue and not an arc to see if this creative team can do it. At least Robinson had four issues to see if he can writer Superman then they threw him into the ‘New Krypton’ arc….Gates has had only one issue to work with, good thing it was better then the previous 32 issues.

  10. @Templar-Yeah, I would say pick it up to get the full story.  It’s like skipping an episode of (insert name of favorite tv show here)  Sure you could probably figure out what happened in the next episode, but its better to find out for yourself.  Or you could wait until Thursday to see what other peeps thought of the book.

    I heard good stuff from the last issue, so I think this should deliver.  Wait and see I suppose

  11. I’m in agreement that this arc has been so-so thus far.  It looks like, according to the February solicits, that this is turning into an excuse to dump a bunch of new characters into the DCU but we’ll see.  I think I was spoiled with the Brainiac story, that was awesome.  I am liking the Luthor stuff in this arc though.

  12. they finally did it, they made me buy a Supergirl comic… 

  13. @edward: You maniacs! You blew it up!

  14. @TheNextChampion-Damn you Dan Didio!!!  It was Supergirl the whole time!!!

  15. And I’m not out of order! You’re out of order! The whole freaking system is out of order! You want the truth? You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! ‘Cause when you reach over and put your hand into a pile of goo that was your best friend’s face, you’ll know what to do!! Forget it Supergirl, it’s Chinatown!!!

  16. Nice to see so many oulls on a female character title. Too bad she doesn’t wear pants. I might buy it too.

  17. Wot??? Supergirl has currently 60 more pulls than Fantastic Four!?!?!?

  18. I can see where Champ is comin’ from — this arc isn’t off to the best start in the world, but with Geoff Johns involved, my money is on ending up being a pretty good overall story-arc.

  19. My world is upside down. I’m dropping Fantastic four this week and picking up Supergirl.

  20. Put some pants on this girl!!!  Or at least some fishnet stockings

  21. I think that New Krypton is a lot of set-up to the larger world of Superman. Stuff’s going to continue to play out past this story arc and into the future. New Krypton’s been pretty good. Not what I was expecting, but nothing ever is.

    @Next Why don’t you ride out the miniseries, sir? What you saw was just the first three issues of the nine part story (I’m leaving out the Guardian Special because it doesn’t seem necessary… yet). That’s Act I. It’s like walking out after the first thirty minutes of a movie. Johns is not a bad writer. Robinson is not a bad writer. Gates hasn’t done anything to make me think he’s a bad writer. Why are you jumping away? There’s a lot of stories they’re setting up here. Stay on board and stop brash-talking like a negative person. Doesn’t help anything.

  22. @Gunda: I’ve considered sitting this out….but with the lack of fun I’ve had with the 4 previous issues and the now recent news of the direction of Superman titles….I’m getting really depressed and not feeling it’s worth the time.

  23. @Next So don’t spend time on it?

  24. @Gunga: If you and others are enjoying it then by all means do. I’m just saying that MY opinion is that this has been a very very sub-par event. I havent offically stated I’ve dropped these books yet. Again, Supergirl could be the best thing that has happenend for this event. We’ll see on Wednesday.

  25. @Next – Do you think this has been sub-par?

  26. @Drake: HA!

  27. @ Next Champion, dude, your first post is crazy. So far this story has been gold… I don’t know why you would want to drop it or quote planet of the ape


    I have a few thoughts:


    Last week in Action Comics, Doomsday was "killed" by a whole bunch of Kryptonians… If anyone remembers the Superman/Doomsday mini by Jurgens; it explains Doomsday’s origin and how he was created to evolve to overcome any threat. If that’s true Doomsday now will evolve to defeat multiple Kryptonians, he could come back later in the series and kill off the new kryptonians…


    In the Superman comic, Robinson is creating the Codename: Assassin character. I think he was especially created to kill Superman… Therefore he could take out a lot of Kryptonians too

  28. @everyone: Why is it so crazy that I think this event has been sub-par at best?

    Robinson’s issues for ME, not for everyone, but for ME has been very uneven and lacks the fun. Geoff Johns AC issue was just plain filler just to show us for the 10th time that these Kryptonians are different. I’m here to see Luthor, Lane, and maybe Brainiac fight these new people and make a grand epic event. So far these first four parts of the story, or ‘act I’, has been pretty piss poor in the storytelling and art department. Just like Secret Invasion, or Trinity, and now this: I THINK THIS IS A PRETTY SUB-PAR EVENT.

    For the last time as well: I’m fine with you guys loving this so far, if your being entertained by this then by all means keep reading it. It feels like everyone is shocked that someone else doesnt like the same thing you like. Your gonna have negative criticisms for anything then just 100% positive reviews. If this Supergirl issue doesnt get the job done then guess what? Half the event is done and I swear I am not wasting another 20 bucks to finish an event I could now care less about.

    It all boils down to Johns, Robinson, and Gates entertaining ALL readers…not a few, ALL readers.

  29. @edward-I don’t think they would bring back Doomsday and have him kill all the kryptonians, that would be kind of a cop out.  But interesting idea.  I think it might be likely that he will come back later on.

    @TheNextChampion-Honestly dude, a few problems that I see people have with your position on New Krypton…

    -You constantly reiterate that you don’t like the story so far.  The more you say things, the more its going to start annoying people.  Your wording, although you keep saying its your opinion, is still coming off as harsh and overtly negative.  "piss poor" "just plain filler"  Those sort of things are going to get people defensive, whether you mean to or not.  Obviously you can say what you want, and I don’t think its all that fair that people are ganging up on you, but I would suggest taking it down a notch.  Enhance your calm, express your dislike, but keep it non-confrontational.

    Don’t worry, I still love you >__<

  30. when it comes to talking about books being sub-par and all these other phrases, put your money where your mouth is and make a book yourself or post a rewritten take on a book you don’t like.  Or just continue complaining, that’s always an option too. 

  31. @Kimbo – One does not have to create a comic book to criticize one.  That’s idiotic.

  32. Piss poor is a bit harsh, but I dont see how ‘just plain filler’ alienates the people. If I think it’s filler then it’s my opinion. I’m just a harsh critic I guess, I dont mean any ill will towards anyone….just on the books I feel are medicore or bad to read. Why does everyone think like I hate them? -_-;

  33. @Champ — I don’t think anything you said was harsh or confrontational, even if I didn’t agree with it all. Some people are more sensitive, I guess. *shrug*

    I’m not totally in love with New Krypton yet, either, but I thought the last issue of Action Comics was pretty sweet … even though it sucks that Gary Frank isn’t on the book no more.

  34. A wise, if perhaps blunt man once told me, and I paraphrase: "it’s redundant to ‘say in my opinion’ on an opinion website.

    What I’m trying to say, and failing miserably is that we have to come to iFanboy expecting criticism and take everything with a grain of salt. No a shovel full of salt. From what i can tell most of us are just here to shoot the shit about comics. It’s just opinions. At the end of the day… pfft.

    Am I making any sense over here? It’s quite likely I’m not.

  35. @jumpingjupiter – I have been throwing "in my opinion" into just about every post I make to avoid the hassle of having half the ifanbase screaming at me because I dared to disagree like they did in the Pick of the Week post from August when Ron picked SI.

    I agree that is redundant, but if most of the other commenters don’t understand that, then adding it to a post should save me some hassle.

  36. It’s a conceit we make to keep things hospitable.  You’re paying for the sins of countless fanboys who actually were being jerks, and by saying things like "most of the other commenters" sort of makes you sound like you’re both better and smarter than them.

  37. Supergirl…most pulled book of the week. Truly these are the end times

  38. @josh – I was not attempting to insult anyone I was simply saying that the majority of the responses I got without the "in my opinion" portion implied that the majority of those posters didn’t get that it was an opinion.  I also said "if", because I don’t think that is the situation generally.  Sorry if it came of as an insult.  I enjoy interacting with most of the commenters on the site and don’t wish to offend any of them (except TheNextChampion, because he gets riled up.)

    @AlexG – If you saw the cover of time magazine this week you know that there was another sign of the apocalypse.  It featured Obama’s head photoshopped (rather poorly) onto FDR’s body.  It was offensive to whites, blacks, democrats, republicans, and anyone who has ever used photoshop.

  39. @AlexG seriously what is going on in the ifanboy nation? Oh well i’m enjoying the ride

  40. LOL @ AlexG — I noticed that too, I thought maybe I had slipped through a dimensional rift & was surfing iFanboy on Earth 2 or something.

    @stuclach — I’m both offended & insulted by your comments. Pistols at dawn.

  41. @WadeWilson-I am offended by you being offended by stuclach.  Have at you!!

  42. @drake: Dont you dare hurt Wade! *Pulls guns out*… it got tense in here quick….

    @stuchlach: I guess I do get riled up sometimes when I hear about different opinions. But that’s what it is, opinions. It’s my opinion that New Krypton is boring, while anyone else’s opinion could be that it’s the best thing since slice bread. I dont want to sound like they are wrong and I am right, I’m just expressing my opinion. Dont mean to sound arrogant, I truely am not that shallow.

    But I do get riled up more then most, cause I’m angry with rage!!!!

  43. He loves you.

  44. @TheNextChampion – Don’t tell anybody, but I actually agree with you on New Krypton so far.  It is a really good idea with a relatively poor execution, in my opinion (yeah, I said it, want to fight about it, I will drop you like a sack of dirt, etc).

  45. humor heals all wounds.

  46. @ Josh: Just wondering what is the conceit you are refering too here -> "It’s a conceit we make to keep things hospitable."

    Pardon my blatant ignorance.

  47. I quite enjoyed the panty shot on page 9 🙂

    Pretty good issue.  Not great, but not boring.  Since I’m not really up to speed on Supergirl’s story or her origin, I really missed if we learned some great reveal about her past or if it just filled in some minor holes.  Either way, it was entertaining to read.  Also, I think the lengths that her parents will go to to protect her are going to either be extremly tested or result in huge ramifications for this story.

    Art was good stuff.  A few times it looked like Supergirl might be a closet elf, but other than that it was solid.  Actually, when stuff started going to hell in her flashback scenes it was a bit difficult to follow what was happening.  Blame it on the border choices I suppose.

  48. This issue brought some MUCH needed retconning to our "new" Kara.

    It didn’t have Geoff’s signature retconning-avec-elégance, but if Supergirl gets fixed, in the end that’s all that matters.

  49. I’m saying that we go the extra mile here to make sure people understand we’re respecting them, because it’s so easy to sound like an asshole on the internet, especially when comic book message board people have an automatic stigma attached to them, so when someone says something meant to be innocuous, it comes off sounding rude.  Therefore, to keep everyone happy (and I think it works most of the time) I think people here go out of their way to sound respectful to one another, and as a result, we don’t have nearly as many stupid arguments as other places I’ve been.  If that’s the cost of being a little more careful and courteous with your words and opinions, it’s worth it.

  50. "If that’s the cost of being a little more careful and courteous with your words and opinions, it’s worth it."

    See, that’s my point of view also but not everyone’s I suppose.

  51. Well it’s in my review but I’ll state it here:

    This was unessicary filler and I will be dropping all Superman titles til it’s over. No way do I care in the slightest about reconfiguring Supergirl’s origin for the 1,000,000th time. We need to get the ball rolling here and just like Secret Invasion, this thing could be rushed with so many little issues left to go. Sorry to disappoint you all but that’s how I feel.

  52. heh heh.

  53. So I am guess that I am like 90% of the people here and Supergirl #35 was my first Supergirl I had ever picked up.  Hats off the creative teams at DC for continuing the New Krypton story and at the same time cleaning up Kara’s past and laying out the ground work for her characters arc.  I’m sold…

  54. No! I must not give in! I will not stop boycotting pantsless characters!

  55. @Josh-Oh THATS what you meant!  I just thought you were a Skrull 😛

  56. I didn’t think this issue was very good. Lot’s of teen soap opera style drama, hardly no plot development (for the New Krypton story I mean) all topped off with average, bland looking art with dull colours. This issue probably was good for big Supergirl fans (all 7 of them) with all the origin stuff, but I would guess most people picked this up for New Krypton (I know I did) & it felt like less the half of the book was related to that.

  57. I think I may be dropping New Krypton too.  Its too many books and I just don’t have enough patience.  I think there’s been some good ideas and some good plotpoints so far, but there’s too many good comics out there to spend my money on instead of 3 that aren’t holding my attention

  58. If the quality will be this inconsistent, maybe reading Action Comics alone is the way to go with New Krypton. At least you’re semi-guaranteed a good a good read from Mr Johns. You might miss some story, but judging by this issue of Supergirl — not much.

  59. @Wade: What story? Other then the last page reveal….which honestly after reading advance solicts, it’s pointless until this arc is over….what huge story point happen here that advanced NK?

  60. yep, that pretty much sucked ass

    if you want to drop some titles but stay on new krypton, just read superman and action comics… kick supergirl to the friggin curb
  61. @Champ – Like I said, mate — not much story/plot develpment in this issue. Unless Supergirl being grounded to Kandow will somehow affect things …

  62. Kandor**

  63. I really enjoyed the issue, but I thought the art was a little subpar. And it felt more so in this issue than in the last, so I hope that trend really doesn’t continue because the previous book artist had a better look to the book.  Too many character faces looked rushed/wonky. Only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars.

  64. I agree with TheNextChampion that this arc has been pretty boring so far.  Not as boring as, say, posting the same post regarding how you think something is sub-par and lame 14 times on the same thread.


    …in my opinion.

  65. "Not as boring as, say, posting the same post regarding how you think something is sub-par and lame 14 times on the same thread.


    …in my opinion."


  66. Very clever.

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