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Do you hear that? Do you know what that falling sound is? That sound my friends is my interest of this ‘New Krypton’ story falling into the pit of despair.

I’m sorry folks but this is the end of the line for me on this, and I really hoped Supergirl would make me continue with this. The last Supergirl issue (or even reading the Supergirl parts in ‘New Krypton Special’) was very good. It wasnt the best, but it was a great start to finally see someone really care about this character. Sadly, now with this event in the way, Gates cant really make splashes with this title; only make it concour with the event. Let’s be quite honest here: This issue was filler. Conor will come barging in because I said the ‘F’ word negatively, but that’s what this was. Filler, Filler Filler Filler, nothing happenend in this issue!!!

Seriously, raise of  hands of people who really cared about the plot of Supergirl regaining her memories. Anyone? I know what I want is a damn epic story about humans fighting Kryptonians, and I anit getting that story. Everytime Gen. Lane is on a page I laugh, because he says ‘its a ticking time bomb waiting to happen’, yet nothing truely happens to these aliens living with humans. Where is the threat? Where is the motivation here? Why has it been five issues and so far nothing big or revelating has happen? Overall the story was soild, dont get me wrong. If this was somehow a seperate Supergirl issue and it didnt take place in this event, I might’ve scored it higher.

But the fact of the matter is, is that this was filler and I will be damned if I am going to be cheaped out on an event again. Secret Invasion fooled me once but damnit, ‘New Krypton’ isnt going to do this again. I dont care if I’m being harsh here, DC is a big boy now and it can handle criticism. I was here for an entertaining story and all I got was 2 medicore Robinson issues, 1 filler Doomsday fight by Johns, and 1 boring and pointless filler from Gates. Unless Metropolis gets blown up in this event, I’ll be happy knowning that this next move is the right one for me.

Despair is falling friends, and you know what’s another word for falling? Dropping. That’s what I’m doing right now: Action Comics, Superman, and Supergirl? Your dropped until further notice.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I completely disagree with this review.    

  2. Um, how many more issues until this current story arc ends? I’m kinda tempted to drop these too, what with the recent announcements about "Action" and Supes.

  3. Though I can’t count myself as a long-time reader of her series, my understanding is that Supergirl’s origin within her owns series has been overly-convoluted and/or stupid, and this issue was setting the record straight regarding the circumstances under which she was sent to Earth and why she acted like a crazy person off and on when she got here. 

     And, frankly, it sounds like you’re judging this whole New Krypton storyline based off what you want it to be, and not what it’s actually trying to be.  Be patient.  I’m sure you’ll get the all-out slug-fest in due time.  Personally, I’m glad this isn’t just a Kryptonian punch-a-thon in every book, because then it would be boring…like Secret Invasion.

  4. @Vogon: But they couldnt have done the ‘origin’ story before or after this? We got a big event here and every issue should count when you need to advance the story. I didnt feel any advancement in here and overall it was an unnessicary read.

  5. nice review Champ, i really dig reading your stuff and i agree with the criticism of the Supergirl’s memories plot


     but i don’t understand what you mean by filler, the doomsday issue was entertaining, the jimmy olsen story is building to something. I don’t think a comic needs constant explosions to be interesting.

     you right though this issue was the weakest 

  6. @edward: What I ment by filler is that as of right now, little of the plot has advanced in this story. Not so much the New Krypton special or Superman #681…but your telling me a Guardian issue with very little plot development isnt filler? A Johns issue where it was nothing but a glorfied Doomsday fight. Finally this issue focused on Supergirl’s 1,000,000th origin and it had very little plot development.

    What I want in the story is the stuff we’ve seen with Luthor and Lane segment in AC this week. Plot development, that’s what the scene was and somewhat the Zod people trying to free the man. That is plot development. Not a fight with Doomsday or a origin story for Supergirl.

  7. Me thinks the memory thing was a Geoff Johns retcon he mentioned in the New Krypton meetings that was put into this issue.

  8. Intense!

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