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Get ready for a super-smackdown as Supergirl fights her cousin, The Man of Steel!

What could cause these two to come to blows? Can the teenage Supergirl hold her own against the adult Superman?

Well, let’s just say she’s got a trick or two up those fancy new sleeves of hers…


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  1. Last issue was pretty solid. Dialogue was very good, but I’m not totally sold on the story. The art was really good though. I’ll stick with this one for a little while to see where it goes.

  2. I thought this issue one was really good. Why is this not getting pulled more? Certainly it was better than Deadman!

  3. I like the new take on Supergirl and I’m on board for a long while. I love the character and as long as the art and writing stays good, I’m in. However, I will not keep it just on sentimentality alone. It gets bad and I’m out!

  4. The first issue needed more to happen. It just felt like Part 1 of a 6 part arc, or a 10 part arc or longer. What there was, was pretty good, it just needed more (a trend in most of the #1s from DC).

  5. Weird. I don’t see this on the new comics thread at the Benbo, either. Late change?

  6. Picked up issue 1 on a whim and enjoyed. I hope the same goes for issue 2.

  7. I can’t wait for them to really flesh out her character. I hope they make her as much of a bland cypher of a non-character as she has been for the last 60 years

  8. The art sold me in the first issue but I also liked seeing Supergirl being more of an alien and foreign to Earth.

  9. I miss Supergirl’s old costume. The skirt was cooler than this weird onesie, but whatever.

    The story is good and the art is great, so I’m onboard.

  10. man superman’s new outfit sucks and is ruining other book’s covers lol

  11. Dangit! Forgot to grab this. Looks like I need to make a second trip to the store this week…

  12. Wow I cant believe how much i’m loving this book. Big surprise for me never reading supergirl before (not even knowing who she was). I am in for the first arc!

  13. Is it my imagination, or is the art this month not as good as it was on #1? Maybe it’s just because Superman’s face never looks a) right or b) the same

    • My LCS did a really good interview with Asrar (shameless plug…visit Back To The Past in Redford, MI for an awesome pop culture warehouse experience) that talked about this very thing. Here’s Asrar on his art process…

      “DC wanted me to do this with my marker style, which I use on private illustrations and commissions. I was encouraged to use that style even though I was slightly anxious about it as I have not used that type of rendering for a page before. I started out with the covers and it worked. Then gave a shot to the pages and it turned out nicely. In fact I am so happy about it as I am almost in complete control of how the page looks like from start to finish. The process is much more enjoyable as it’s more like actual painting than just slaving on autopilot with pencils.

      However, the schedule on first issues was pretty tight so we opted to get Dan Green and Bill Reinhold on board for inks. The first few pages of the first issue are done in this style and I’ll be returning to it fully on issue 4.”

      Here’s a link for the whole interview, which is definitely worth reading.

      As for this issue, it’s another solid 4 star outing which pleases me to no end.

  14. Cool book! Needed maybe one more plot beat instead of a drawn out battle. But still. Good looking fun book!

    • I agree that just a bit more plot would’ve put this issue over the top. I still had a blast reading it. It’s familiar yet fresh. I also like the dynamic of reading Kara and Clark’s beginnings in Supergirl and Action Comics side by side but at different points in time.

  15. Not too taken with this book, sorry but just tried #2 and decided not to keep it on my pull list.

  16. This was surprisingly FANTASTIC!
    after all the crap fear itself i had to finnish this was a breath of fresh air. Fantastic!!
    my first 5 stars of the day!

  17. Great read! Really picked up from issue #1. Still loving the art!

  18. really fun issue. I don’t mind the pacing at all right now. Its kinda interesting seeing how the cousins meet and come to grips with who they have become.

    I’m really starting to like the new costumes. They do look more like formal uniforms and i buy the ceremonial aspects of it.

    looking forward to next issue.

  19. Gave it a 3; really enjoyed the fight seens which were a lot of fun, some of the art looked rushed and some parts were very cool. I really can’t say exactly why but it was kinda of a so/so kinda book; enjoyed reading it however; did not get me really excited for another issue. The ending almost seemed expected rather than; Oh sh*t red K now they are in trouble!! Can we all guess who got a hold of the Red K?? Lex is my guess and I really hope I am wrong because that would again make it so/so and nothing has really changed; you all know what I mean sorta?
    Maybe were not surprised with some things in the books from the reboot because somethings are still the same; like kryptonite and things? Do not get me wrong I have enjoyed watching things become new again and watching how they unfold it just be sometimes we or just I forget it is a new begining. Again 3 out of 5, not a bad book at all really.

    Just sayin’,


  20. Dropped. Loebs supergirl run followed by Gates run was so much better than this.

  21. Bit disappointed in this. I loved the art in the first issue. The art was still good. But I feel that the change in inking and coloring lost the special feeling I got in issue one.

  22. It was an interesting read. I do think these first two issues should’ve been compressed into one. (Okay, we get it, they had a fight!) But I liked the art, and the writer’s take on Kara’s pov was very natural. I’m mostly reading this title to learn about our new Superman, however; Supergirl’s a character I’d rather read about in a Teen Titans book, for reasons that include not wanting to spend money on an ongoing Supergirl title.

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