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The epic “Reign of Doomsday” crossover hits SUPERBOY!

How will the Kid of Steel defeat the monster that managed to kill the Man of Steel? And what is Doomsday’s ultimate goal in attacking all these members of the Super-family? The mysteries deepen as Act I of this story rockets towards its conclusion!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. this issue better be good cuz i’m just about ready to drop it, fortunately pier gallo is gone

  2. Doomsday looks like a bad mofo on that cover.

  3. Ok, I am going to pick this up because of the change in art.  Well, honestly, I was going to pick up anyway because of the Doomsday tie in.  But, now there’s a chance I will enjoy it.  Does anyone know if Gallo is gone for good?

  4. what does this tie in with? SO i have to buy something else to read this story? That just maybe the straw that breaks the camel’s back on this series for me. I’m interested in seeing the new art, but i think i’m at the point where we have to break up and move on. “Its not me its you…”

  5. I always almost miss when this series comes out because it is the only Super book I buy regularly.

  6. At least Gallo isn’t drawing this. That stuff is just atrocious.

    I know that this is a part of a crossover, but I don’t care. Likewise, I’m not getting the preceeding issues of this either. Don’t be a Continuity Wuss!

  7. Nice to see Rudy, cause I like his work. But I wish this could stay consistant with the good Gallo art.

    Also, I wonder if I should just not pick this up cause I just don’t care for this Doomsday story. 

  8. This has been good – just not Eisner nominated good.

  9. I’ve been kinda meh about it. Unfortunately, with this tie in, I think that’s my time to drop.  Supergirl is better.

  10. I like Gallo.

  11. I like the title so far its nothing spectacular however; it does not put me to sleep.


  12. My real problem with this book, more than anything else, has been the coloring.  There is preview of issue #6 up on the source blog, and Jamie Grant has colored Conner is this unnatural blue and peach hue.  Conner looks like a walking bruise!  Every book I have ever seen Jamie Grant color over uses orange and peach.

  13. @ctrosejr  –i agree on the coloring…i don’t think the Gallo art is that great especially German exchange student Conner with the tight clothes, but the fact that he’s colored to wear stage makeup with rosy cheeks isn’t helping. Basically the colors really amplifies the pencils in a bad way. I think its a bad matchup cause they just work against each other. 

  14. I’ve been enjoying this book okay but was VERY surprised about the Eisner nomination. Glad to see a switch up on the art though.

  15. @ctrosejr – No, unfortunately. The solicits just came out and it looks like he’ll be back on the book once the crossover is done. Rats. I really wish I could like this book.

  16. @CaseyJustice  — yeah same here, i wish i could love this book….just no room in the budget for something that’s just lacking..especially since i’m an art first kinda guy. 

  17. That art was terrible. Good story still, but I hated the art.

  18. i liked the art more than Gallo..but still couldn’t justify buying it. Its really sad that this series couldn’t get a break art wise. Coulda been great…

  19. This was so terrible. Please never let Lemire do a brawl issue ever again because he can’t make it interesting. Give me Pier Gallo, give me the relationship stories, and let’s never speak about this ever again.


  20. I agree that Lemire writes great side characters and stories (much like the man that gave him the book) but Gallo really needs to go.

  21. This cover was cool, the artwork inside was not very good at all (to be kind), and the story was just thrown together it seemed. Not good, not good gave it a 1 of 5 and probably should not have rated it at all. Better luck next month since for me if it is no good it will be its final month on my pull list!!


  22. The art in this book was absolutely terrible, especially when Connor is getting his face beaten in. Apparently half Kryptonian half humans turn grey when they’re getting abused in the rain. Incredibly disappointing. Connor Kent hasn’t been drawn right since Manapul made a run at him in Adventure Comics.

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