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Superboy is back in a brand-new ongoing series! Join Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH) and amazing up-and-coming artist Pier Gallo as they take Superboy on a journey to a side of Smallville not even Superman knows about! What mysteries lurk beneath the surface of this all-American town – and what are their direct ties to Superboy? The start of the next great DC Universe epic begins right here!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Variant cover by JOHN CASSADAY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Really interested in this. I love Sweet Tooth and want to see what Lemire can do with a DC character.

    Never had any interest before but this has my attention.

  2. Great cover by Albuquerque, wish he was on interiors as well.

  3. Have to get at least one issue of this series for the creator alone.

  4. I pre-ordered this because of Lemire, but the preview has me excited.  Should be good.

  5. I’m probably the only person who’d like to see Superboy go back to living in Hawaii for a bit, aren’t I?

    But hey, I loved Geoff Johns’ take on the character in TEEN TITANS and ADVENTURES COMICS, so I’m all for seeing what Lemire does with him here.

  6. Superboy is my homeboy. Plain and simple.

  7. Might get this since the week is a bit slow.

    The preview certainly caught my eye. 

  8. I love that Conner is being showcased so prominently lately. Not only is he in the excellent looking Krul & Scott Teen Titans book, but he finally gets his own series again!

  9. This is a great looking cover indeed.  Not a fan of Lemire (I know, I know), but i love the character.

  10. If this feels like the early Adventure Comics reboot Superboy, I’m totally in.  Jeff Lemire ensures that I’ll give it a shot.

  11. Oh, god. That Rafael Albuquerque cover is such a tease. The interiors could never hope to match it.

  12. Tried Lemire on The Atom and found it severely lame, but the Don’t Miss podcast combined with my unabiding affection for the character (and his little dog, too) ensured a pull. Looking forward tot his.

  13. @Casey: Just curious, but how much did you read of his Atom stuff? I thought the one shot was pretty boring, but the story has been steadily picking up the pace. His creator owned work is often like this as well.

  14. I’ll buy at least one issue of anything Lemire does. That being said, I know nothing about superboy (who is he anyway) but I have high hopes. Wonder if Ron plans on breaking his superman boycott to pick this up.

  15. I really liked the Superboy reboot from Johns and Manapul, and i’m really liking how this character is being handled around the DCU right now. Totally in.

    I can’t judge Lemire’s work from the Atom almost one shot (sorry but if the story continues in another line of books, its NOT a one shot) but based on his other work, i think we’re in good hands.  

  16. This is by Lemire, therefore it will be awesome.

  17. Whata catch! What a catch. (says in my best Richie Benaud voice)

  18. The Atom one shot was dull, mostly exposition stuff introduing the character and setting things up. I think they were concerned about people knowing who the Atom was, but it just turned me right off. If they had just told a good story, then mayne they could have hooked me into the Adventure comics second feature. Hopefully Lemire recognizes the error and jumps from the starter’s gate on this one.

  19. @Jim From what I read in interviews, the whole origin story was an editorial mandate. The only real freedom Lemire had was those last few pages. I agree, the one-shot wasn’t very interesting because it spent so much time on The Atom’s boring origin, but I don’t think that decision was his fault.

    I’m a huge Lemire fan, and I’m expecting big things. Can’t wait.

  20. @Rusty – Yeah, I just read the one-shot and the very first back-up. The Atom’s a character that I’ve always wanted to like, but this story he was weaving about a secret society tied in with his family just put me to sleep. It may well have been good, but it wasn’t what I wanted out of an Atom book, I guess. I wasn’t wild about the art either. It felt a bit too dull for a guy in primary colors with one of the coolest FX gimmicks in comics.

  21. This is how you do a #1 issue. Lemire did an amazing job making Connor an interesting character and also the fighting in this was perfectly scripted. Although to be honest, having this take place in Smallville is right up Lemire’s alley. Gallo is also pretty good on doing this series, although some of the faces (mainly Connor’s) look a bit wonky. Great issue all around and I will be wanting more of this next month.


  22. Wow, this was much better than I expected.  I usually hate books starring Kryptonians but this one really struck a chord with me.  I’m very interested to see where this goes.

  23. I loved this issue. Before, I thought I was going to trade this series but the cover just looked so good so I picked it up. This is such a great continuation of the Johns stuff, and I loved the art almost as much as Manapul’s (which is hard, considering he’s my favorite artists). Can’t wait for the next issue.

  24. The character of Conner is well developed and interesting. The relationships around him and his reactions to them are well defined. The fact that it picks up after the Adventure Comics arc where he hunted for he was and what defined him makes it all that much better. In fact I dropped Adventure a few issues after he lost the spotlight in the series. Lemire does well with small articulated character driven pieces, which I hope he keeps this in the same vein, small and contained. Over all, 4 for art (weak facial renderings), and if it were possible, 4 1/2 for story (due to the “oh well you know” reaction to Simon).

  25. I can see Lemire adding his personal touch to this book, and if it’s anything like I’m imagining, I’m gonna I’m gonna love this book so much.

  26. Good start, I will be back next month! Nice to have a dc book back on my pull list

  27. This is great so far. I tried to keep up with Lemire’s Atom work but I really didn’t like the Legion main story. I’m glad I now have a chance to read an ongoing.

  28. I really don’t think I’d being enjoying the Superman family of books if he was in them. But do I love what they’re doing with Connor. This was a great setup that almost got my POTW.

  29. The best part of this issue, to me, was the preview page at the end. I love that DC has adopted this technique, as it always leads to speculation and excitement. Overall, a very nice start. Some of Conners high school buddies seem a bit one dimensional, but the twist right before the fight led to some really neat interations that I didn’t see coming. I’ll be back next month, for sure.

  30. Thought this was a really solid first issue. Loved the references to Lemire’s Essex County books and thought the story itself was very nicely done. Looking forward to more. Only gripe was that the faces were pretty odd looking at points.

  31. Think this book’s got a lot of potential, but that’s all I’m banking on right now- it’s potential. This issue was good, but I think it’s got a lot of room to grow. The art is downright awful, though. I’ll be buying more to see where Lemire takes it.

  32. The cover is misleadingly good.

  33. For everyone fawning over the cover of this issue, make sure you check out Albuquerque’s interior work on American Vampire as it’s truly stellar…and it could probably use an extra sale or two on a monthly basis.

    If Vampire’s aren’t your thing, check out his all but forgotten run on Blue Beetle.  That guy has managed to make me care about two projects that I had little or no interest to prior.  Good stuff.

    And this new Superboy comic is pretty darn good.  I wasn’t all that thrilled with the preview, but this issue really pulled it all together.  The are by Silva was a little wonky in places, so here’s hoping he grows into the characters in the next couple of issues.

  34. ^ That should read the "art by Gallo".

    And yet another post with the long ignored request for an edit button…

  35. I was really disappointed in this issue on my first reading. I had high hopes and the praise from here and elsewhere had me really excited, but I guess I didn’t get the feeling that others have gotten from it.

     I’m going to read it again tonight before I write a full review.

  36. I liked the story as a first issue, I would have like a few more character moments, but we did get a nice scene between Conner and his supporting cast.

    I liked the art, but the cover is definatly the hit.

  37. I like Lemire’s other stuff but his Atom didn’t grab me at all so I was skeptical about this but it was good.  Maybe The Atom is just naturally boring.

    Krypto was great.  I loved the little things like him sniffing The Phantom Stranger and catching Ma Kent’s hat.

  38. Superboy got a pretty rough break coming out the same week as Batman & Robin and Amazing Spidey, cuz I would’ve given it POTW on a shittier week for sure!!

  39. Loved this cover….so glad that this was the regular cover and not the variant. This was a fun time overall. 

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