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  1. The art is done by the same man who drew/colored Silver Surfer Requiem. If the previews are any indication, this is gonna be good. 🙂

  2. Let’s see if they can actually make people interested in Namor. I’m not. But what the heck….

  3. I want to be interested in him…I hope this is good.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever picked up any of the sub-mariner books.  This may be interesting – I’m willing to give it a try.

  5. i love Namor so this may wind up in my stack. i’ve only got two books lined up. just wish it were in current continuity because i wanna know where he’s at now. that last mini-series was the SHIT, yo.

  6. I know were namor is, hes in hulk…but thats not in current continuityethier right?

  7. @Guard – I should know that considering i pointed it out in my review of #5. Course I also mention it’s very awkward in its respect to current continuity. Who the hell knows where Hulk plays into anything right now, but I hardly think that can represent Namor’s current whereabouts after the mini-series. You’re right though.

  8. I like Namor but out of the Big Two’s required underwater monarch character role, I kind of like Aquaman better.  Specifically the Peter David King Arthur with a hook for a hand version.  Come to think of it, besides Namor wearing chain-mail speedoes or a odd all black leather number with plunging neckline, he’s never really been interpreted with any other looks throughout his existence has he?  

  9. i’ve been lovin’ these Marvel knights mini-series

  10. Namor’s one of my favorite characters, but he hasn’t shown up in a lot recently other than Avengers/Invaders. I got on board too late to catch any of his previous previous mini’s, so I’ll pick this up in hopes of an interesting Namor book.

  11. @Kimbo – not that i know of, which might be what draws me to him. his defiant persona seems more natural after all these years, whereas the new Aquaman comes off as contrived. and while his plunging neckline may be odd, atleast he’s not sporting a mullet.

    so who wins in a fight? (my money’s on Namor) 

  12. @FACE- yeah the modern Aquaman makes no sense to whatsoever, and come to think of it, the King Arthur Aquaman was kind of a Namor imitation.  So I’d say Namor wins hands down BUT..remember when Namor had that ponytail to his mid-back?  Now THATS a mullet.  That was an Achy-Breaky Cyrus mullet.

  13. I love Namor, especially the old "mad" man Namor of yesteryear.

  14. @Kimbo – sure enough.  SUB-MARINER Atlantis Rising

  15. I like the outfit he has now, or at least that was in the Illuminati series. Sorry but the one FACE showed is a costume that looks too tarzan to me….and very gay (pardon the term)…Plus, I dont remember him having a long ponytail, anime like hair in the old comics…

  16. i have very high hopes for this and i hope marvel gives a ongoing series to namor maybe mixing action/politics/powerstruggles an invasions and whatnot? 😛

  17. @FACE- Ha!  Oh man..I, I have no words.

  18. Well this was a very good first issue, although I must say:




    Not having Namor in at all for a first issue is very gutsy, especially for a new mini-series…

  19. @TheNextChampion I kinda liked the fact that the only thing we see of Namor is his shadow in one panel. It helps build the suspense. But i agree it’s gutsy for a new mini.

    This was a great first issue.

  20. It’s so sad that (as of now) this book got less pulls than "Spiderman Loves MaryJane" and "Marvel Apes"!  I weep for the future.

  21. I can’t believe there is a discussion about who’s better Namor or Aquaman.  We all know Aquaman would kick Namor’s butt.  But I will conced Namor is cooler, except for those wings on his feet.

  22. How could Aquaman possibly beat Namor?

    1. Namor is the Earth’s Mightiest Mutant. Could Aquaman beat Magneto or Emma Frost?

    2. What would Aquaman do to win – use circles coming out of his head to summon swordfish?

    3. Aquaman fights Black Manta. Namor fights the Fantastic Four.

    4. Namor is angry, like the Muhammad Ali of superheroes.


    BTW, is it obvious that most of what I know about Aquaman is imprinted on me from the Superfriends of my youth?

  23. Well if you remember from Grant Morrison’s run on JLA he tried to make Aquaman a much better character. Didnt he have the power to cripple a person’s cerebellum or something like that? That was pretty kick ass….So if it’s that Aquaman then he’s got a chance. But it seems to me Namor has a much better military then Aqua so he might be screwed in a full blown war.

  24. @coltrane68-  calm down man, i did’nt mean to anger you.  no need to take it so personal. it was just a joke.  i guess it’s my fault because i did’nt put a 😉 sign at the end.

    btw- aquaman can do more than talk to fish.  don’t let the superfriends be your only impression of him.

  25. @zenman – Spiderman loves MJ is a really good little book. Check out the old McKeever trades. They got spirit.

    This was my POW. Close call between this and The Roberts.  I went with this because, although the Roberts was a GREAT idea for a book, I realized (after I read it) that giving any glory to real-life killers is kind of a gross thing.

  26. i hope this series is as good as it looks. namor is my favorite marvel character. let’s be honest, marvel doesn’t show sub-mariner a lot of respect. i hope this sells well and hopefully things will turn around for the character at marvel.

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