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  1. I’m excited for this book. I’m currently reading the book and I’m interested to see how the comic adaptation goes.

  2. Two Stephen King-based comics in one month? Good deal.

  3. 2 in one WEEK!

  4. Indeed. The wait is killing me 🙂

  5. What else can Marvel do for Stephen King? Are we going to see a ‘From a Buick 8’ 8 part series? Or how bout a ‘Cell’ four parter?

    Seriously though, if reading The first Dark Tower trade is any mention then this could be really good…I’m a little behind on the other Dark Tower stuff so I need to catch up.

  6. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    The Alex Maleev/Marc Guggenheim project "N" was suspenseful. It asks what if mental illness could spread person-to-person as a pandemic. It’s one of those "comics" for your iPhone.

  7. Anybody else have the feeling this might not be close to as good as Dark Tower?

  8. Well since the Stand is a way better book than The Dark Tower series I’m saying the comic should be better as well.

  9. hrm, this book ships next week…not on the 4th.

  10. @Tittom – that’s what my LCS is saying too…

  11. @Hawkboy

    The series will probably be just as good as the Dark Tower comics, the in my opinion Dark Tower as a series of novels was better than the Stand.

  12. @J4K3 Fair enough, I see the Stand as Kings best work.  The Dark tower books got boring for me and they just don’t hold up as well to repeated readings.  BUT, I’m a sucker for end of the world scenarios and the Stand is probably the ultimate one of those!  😉

  13. this book was good, but it was only an adaptation, there seemed to be little to no independent writing on Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s part. Mike Perkin’s art was spectacular though

  14. @Hawkboy

    I see where you’re coming from. The Stand is indeed the best end of the world story

  15. so this book did come out today then?

  16. This wasn’t at my LCS.. Odd.

  17. Looks like this book doesn’t officially come out until next week but Diamond had it coming out as this week.  It has been moved temporarily until next week.

  18. Yeah. My LCS dude laughed at me and told me I should follow THEIR listings…

  19. So, two Stephen King books in one week has become zero Stephen King books.

    Epic fail.

  20. I got mine!  =)

  21. did it come out or not,  My LCS said they were supposed to get 75 and got 0.  Their Invoice said they got 75 but they got 0 what the fizzle?

  22. This book is now officially out this week.

  23. I like The Stand. But I’m not sure I’m buying into this the way I would with The Dark Tower.

  24. Is this a pure adaptation? Or is it like the DT where they use the characters and tell a new story? I’d be sold if it were the later

  25. @Muady: I’m with you, I love Dark Tower and I like the original Stand….But I dont know if The Stand can translate the success Dark Tower did. I’m probably gonna read it at the LCS instead of buying. But if it’s good then I’ll definitely pick it up.

  26. I’m buying. Even though I own a copy of the book, I just can’t ignore the comic.

    @TheNextChampion – I don’t think Marvel is worried about this being as successful as DT. Very few books do that well, though I’m sure the Stand will do just fine 🙂

    I just hope no one compares the two. They’re too different for that.

  27. Your stores were lying to you! they had it last week they just weren’t allowed to sell it to you. i got one anyway 😉

  28. Yeah, because of the midnight release. I just can afford one book this week and its going to be this one. This is gonna be great.

  29. No!  No don’t pull it…. wait for the trade CAM….it’s not like an indie that needs your support.

  30. I’ve been about halfway through The Stand for a long time now (I’m very easily distracted) so maybe this comic series will give me the kick in the ass to get back into reading it. I wanna finish it before the end of the comic series.

    Everyone needs goals in life.

  31. @Wade: My goal is to eat the most crunchwrap supreme’s in a day….You might see me in the papers one day, in the obituaries 😉

    I’m still just curious if this will be better or at least as popular as Dark Tower. Dark Tower has a whole mytho’s around it since King likes to reference it in every single book he does. (I believe Duma Key and Cell had brief mentions of it). Problem is I think The Stand is just the stand alone book and the end result doesnt make it have more sequals….Then again this is a prequel so I dont think it’ll matter.

    Again, as long as it’s as good as the first Dark Tower comic then I’ll be okay with it….Has anyone read the other two Dark Tower series? Cause I need to get those in trades/issues too.

  32. @TheNextChampion  I read somewhere that the DT series that just finished (Long Road Home) was actually not from the actual books but sort of a mesh of stories that were produced in between. So instead of going from DT 1 straight to DT 2 they actually created a bridge in between the two books. Now I havent read any of the DT books but if they did do that with the last series couldnt they potentially do that with the stand? Kind of a read between the lines type of thing? 

  33. @Next Champion

    It mostly has to do with this being an adaptation of the novel. I didn’t care much for the first arc of the Dark Tower series cause thats all it was. . .I really lose interest in comic adaptations of other media. The Dark Tower, at least, had the promise of original material to look forward to. 

  34. @Champ – I read both the DT series, & I liked the first one A LOT. Seeing the characters that I loved in the novels was great, & seeing actual events that I’d previously only read with Jae Lee’s AWESOME art was a very good thing. The second series I wasn’t into so much, because it was obvious it wasn’t written by King. I won’t spoil anything, but to anyone who has read all the DT novels, some of the things that happened just seemed … like they didn’t fit. Great Jae Lee art in that series too, though. Worth picking up for that alone.

    So … is The Stand a strait up adaption of the novel, or a prequel? Reading the solicit above it sounds like an adaption like the first DT series.

  35. @Wade: After reading the issue this could be a semi-prequal and semi adaptation of the story. Hell nothing really big happens in this issue but it was still pretty good. Almost felt like King actually wrote it and not Sacasa. I’d say give it a shot at the LCS at least, could be a sleeper hit.

  36. I’m totally glad I picked this up. Fun, good art, remenicent of the book. Been ten years but I remember the gas station being in the fist few chapters. I don’t remember the first scene in this comic happening in the book though. Did it?

  37. I had high expectations for this book, maybe too high.  I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  I don’t think I will be picking up any more issues, I’ll wait for the trade.

  38. Hey I just got the purpose of this mini! From another comic site:

    ‘Captain Trips is the name of the virus that killed the world in The Stand. This mini shows the first days of the virus and how some of the characters from the book survived the outbreak. Then another 5 mini-series will adapt the original book and have new material. So in total this is a 6 mini series event with 30 issues.’

    Geez I didnt think Marvel was that committed to this…..So yeah this is a prequel for all five issues, then we get to the meat of the book afterwards. Still if this issue is any indication, then this will be a very entertaining read.

  39. I’m not entirely sure if that makes sense, but I’ll assume that I’m just tired and confused. Should be a load of fun either way 🙂

  40. Okay, so it sounds like a straight-forward adaptation. I can’t imagine what sort of "new material" they would use, though.

  41. Love the book. Even loved the miniseries. This will be fun.

  42. Just came back and was reading the comments here… this is NOT a prequel.  It’s straight from the book.

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