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  1. Tempting…

  2. Bill Hader is one funny son of a bitch! Gonna have to pick this up.

  3. Damn! I forgot this was coming out. Two SNL guys who are genuine funny (a rarity now a days) working with Keven Maguire….this has classic Spider-Man tale written all over it.

  4. Is this in the BND Spidey-verse or just a random one-shot?

  5. @JonCrites: I really wouldn’t worry about it.

  6. Everything is BND Spidey-verse, from Lee/Ditko to Todd McFarlane to Howard Mackie. All the same universe, but really, if this is a one shot, how would one know anyway?

  7. Is this only a one-shot?

  8. @Noto: Yes.

  9. That’s disappointing. I wouldn’t have minded if this were a 3-4 parter given the talent.

    Oh well. It’s nice to have an occassional done-in-one.

  10. too big of a week for me, perhaps next week

  11. Yes! Absolutely cannot wait for this!

  12. Damn this is shaping up to be a monster week for me, but I do not want to miss out on this one, if nothing else Kevin Maguire’s art will make the book worth while for me.

  13. This looks fun!  Count me in!

  14. This is one Marvel book thats worth 3.99

  15. I had no idea the snl guys were writting a spidey story I just knew they loved comics. This should be great!

  16. Should we be worried that Bill Hader is funny and Seth Meyers is…not?

  17. I




    And Seth Meyers is Funny. He’s the freaking head writer for the Show.

  18. @KickAss: What are ya talking about? Meyers is one of maybe….4-5 people who are actually funny on SNL.

  19. @TNC  agreed, although i’d say the whole cast has really brought it this season in some form or another. but comedy is subjective and meyers might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is the head writer for the show so if you liked this past season you have him to thank

  20. Kevin Maguire = me buying this

  21. Meyers brings the sarcasm and the snark, which is great for Spider-Man.  I’m glad this is only a one shot, because the chance for delays would be too great unless it was all in the bag before advertising it.  If it’s good, though, I’d love to see them do more, maybe an annual thing (small "a" annual, not big "A" annual).

  22. Actually, Seth has been writing for SNL as Head writer since Tina Fey left in the 2005-06 season, so if you’ve liked just about anything Not Digital Short from SNL chances are Seth Wrote it.

  23. If he incorporates a "Really" segment somehow, I will make this my book of the week hands down.

  24. The shot of Spidey no-selling the punches from the guys in Doc Ock & Goblin costumes was priceless.

  25. This was the most FUN i have had reading a comic book in YEARS. I loved this book. EASILY my pick of the week.

  26. @ Reform:  The only one worth 3.99?  You must not be reading Wolverine right now

  27. Would never have considered this pick-of-the-week worthy, even without the amazing issue of Wolverine this week– but it was pretty decent, especially for the art.

  28. really good, but POtW good? dunnno about that…

  29. 5/5, and a very high POW contender. Great book. I’d like to see something like this regularly, it was a great dose of old-school Spider-Man.

  30. never thought of reading spidey after bnd but wow this was old school spidey all the way i was all gidey while reading. i just had trouble following the story when it jumped around, and telling the difference between the two spideys.

  31. I honestly don’t remember the last time I laughed out loud like I did when I was reading the book… We all have been there with the drunken shenanigans (on both sides of it)


    got some odd looks on the train hehe

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