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One of comics’ most innovative and original voices, Brendan McCarthy, brings SPIDER-MAN: FEVER — a truly unique and surreal story evoking the classic Silver-Age psychedelia of Steve Ditko’s Dr Strange. In FEVER, Spider-Man is abducted by a depraved tribe of spider-demons to a bizarre dimension, where he is to be eaten alive. Dr. Strange goes on a perilous occult quest to rescue his friend — and tangles with some very peculiar characters along the way…

WRITER: Brendan McCarthy
PENCILS: Brendan McCarthy
COVER BY: Brendan McCarthy

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


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  1. Does anybody know if this’ll be worth my cash?

  2. I’m not sure if it will be or not, but I’m willing to give it a try.  Although I’m a sucker for a Dr. Strange story.

  3. Brendan McCarthy! Brendan McCarthy! Brendan McCarthy! Brendan McCarthy! Brendan McCarthy! Brendan McCarthy! Brendan McCarthy!

  4. who is fuck is Brendan McCarthy

  5. @edward: Really? Hes a big name in underground comics,especially in the uk, for the past 25/30 years. Hes done movie work as well. hes a truly great cartoonist.  

  6. yeah, i looked just he’s stuff up.


    i’ll pass. not my cup of tea. I much prefer David Finch

  7. This looks good.  I’ve been waiting for another Marvel Knights mini to get into.  The art is always top-notch.  Hopefully the story will be solid.  Marvel Knights always seems like such an investment though because of the 3.99.  And for what? a ‘fancy’, glossy, cardstock cover?…ah well.

  8. Dr. Strange is always a good addition to a Spider-Man story. One of the first I ever read was something called "Night of the Bend Sinister," which was pretty awesome…partly because Spidey smashes his arm through a fat freakin’ tree when Doc Strange doesn’t explain to him what the hell happened at the end. 🙂

    If it weren’t a $3.99 mini, I’d be buyin’ it.


  9. I read the preview and it sold me! It’s so psychedelic!

  10. Preview looks gorgeous. I’ll wait for trade though, story doesn’t sound too interesting.

  11. This looks tripp as fuck. I’m in.

  12. *trippy

  13. I was completely unaware of this until today.

    Now I feel I must pick it up. Spidey on hallucinogens, Doctor Strange, and a talking spider wearing a hat. Yes, please.

  14. well…it was colored.

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