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A new beginning for the SILVER SURFER!

The sentinel of the spaceways walks the Earth once more, a stranger feared by many. Only the HIGH EVOLUTIONARY understands his true potential, but the Evolutionary’s mysterious grand design may cost the Surfer everything and change the cosmic balance forever! He’s traded blows with Thor and matched wits with Mephisto, but can the herald of Galactus survive the judgment of NORRIN RAND, the man within the Silver Surfer? It’s a character-defining epic showing the Silver Surfer as you’ve never seen him before, brought to you by “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak and “Dark Wolverine” artist Stephen Segovia.

Story by Greg Pak
Art by Stephen Segovia & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Wil Quintana
Cover by Carlo Pagulayan

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I will be giving this a chance and hoping that it can restart the Cosmic Marvel universe, but Silver Surfer has never been a favorite of mine.

  2. I love the Surfer, & how can you not love the looming Big G & High E on the cover?

  3. I’ll have to flip through it first but will probably give this a shot.  It’s a comic I wouldn’t have considered at 3.99 so hooray it is part of the random price drop!

  4. I may trade-wait on this.  I love Silver Surfer and the creative seems great…just SO many monthly books I’m reading.  This will probably be great collected.

  5. I loved Planet Hulk, hopefully this lives up to that quality. I would love a good Silver Surfer book. 

  6. Man, I loved the Surfer book back in the 90’s. When Garney was on it? Good times. Been waiting for a great Surfer run ever since. As such, I’m in for this.

  7. I’m burnin’ for this book. I need me a good Surfer story.

  8. @SteenAR  I’m with you. Some of the stuff Pak has done in the last few years has been great. Hoping this is good too.

  9. I’m in for this. Haven’t read much cosmic stuff but have always been intrigued by him as a character.

  10. Ahem.

    It’s Radd. Norrin Radd.

    I know.

  11. When Ayn Rand is imbued with the Power Cosmic, she becomes the incredible Objectivist Surfer!

    Seriously Marvel, has it been so long since the last Surfer series that you forgot his name?

  12. Notice how all SS covers look the same. 

  13. @skydog  you mean with a silver character seemingly surfing on nothing? Yea, weird…

  14. Silver Surfer and The Immortal Iron Fist are related? Ohh! Plot twist Retcon!

  15. I really liked this issue. I’m not really sure what happened when the last SS ongoing ended, so i’m not sure why he seems so apathetic towards everything at first. But i love the characters, love the power, and lastly i love the ending vulnerability.

  16. Wow… this was disappointing. Nothing about this struck me as the character that I’ve read. But I shouldn’t be surprised. The Surfer has always seemed a burden to the modern Marvel Cosmic writers. Too powerful so he constantly has to be outdone, or he’s just ignored. The voice of Norrin was off, and his actions this issue seemed… woefully out of character. There was a slight glimmer of interesting things at the end, which let me give it a 3/5. But it’s a generous 3.

  17. SWEET! Finally a Silver Surfer book that doesn’t stand with an event (not that I minded those) and a GREAT read to boot!
    Nice to see him on his own again doing what he does, more back to basics herer really. Sorry, Prax but he wasn’t out of character at all here.

  18. @PraxJarvin Can you suggest a good “collected” silver surfer story for someone interested in the character?

  19. I thought this was a good issue and was, at least, something I haven’t seen before. Good shit.

  20. @MrWrong  Try Rebirth of Thanos. Starlin and Lim

  21. @MrWrong the original 18 Stan Lee issues, Infinity Guantlet, the second Essential Silver Surfer collection, Silver Surfer: Requiem. Rebirth of Thanos as Nathan suggested.

    @Zarathos The Surfer I’m familiar with would never just lash out at someone with the power cosmic before figuring out what the fight was about. He seemed overly violent to begin with.

  22. Very fun. Its not Abnett and Lanning’s Silver Surfer, but that’s not a bad thing. The Surfer was not one of the characters they made awesome. … So Galactus can feed off of a sun? Why doesn’t he just eat suns from uninhabited systems?

  23. @NathanNicdao @praxjarvin – thanks!

  24. @Minion  because it wouldn’t be fun.

  25. I really enjoyed this book. I have never really been into the Marvel cosmic stuff much but lately I have been expanding my horizons, so I picked this up. Good book. The High Evolutionary intrigues me but I don’t know a lot about him. What would be some back issues I should pick up to see more with him?

  26. well that was not very fresh…

  27. @Minion Yeah, I was unsure about that honestly. Part of the reason Galactus feeds on worlds is the life force of the people who live there.

  28. @PraxJarvin That’s what I assume is the reason. But even if he was eating parts of suns from Inhabited systems he could spare a lot of lives.

    @NathanNicdao I guess.

  29. The Art in this book is geshmack (tasty)

  30. Not as good as I had hoped.

  31. A familiar premise (Loftier than Mortals), I’ll give it time to develop …

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