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A young ambitious runaway encounters a travelling salesman with sharp teeth and a hunger for the innocent.

SCOTT SNYDER (American Vampire, Batman, Swamp Thing), SCOTT TUFT and ATTILA FUTAKI (Percy Jackson) are back with 2011’s most terrifying horror series. SEVERED.

art and cover ATTILA FUTAKI

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  1. Good stuff by the ‘good stuff’ maker Snyder and his creative pals Tuft and Futaki!

  2. Just read a preview of it, I’m shacking with anticipation and lots of coffee. This is ruling all right now.

  3. Scott Snyder’s How to Not Pick Up Hints and Make Bad Decisions for Kids

  4. Some of the best horror comics being published right now.

  5. How Image Comics is not the number two comic book company at this point is beyond me (behind DC, of course). Such fine titles right now!

  6. This one will be read last, just before bedtime.

  7. this kinda scares me….

  8. I got a bit upset at what happened to Samantha here. In a good way though because I cared about her because Snyder/Tuft did a great job making me care. Also, Futaki’s art is still pretty damn good even with some unevenness with the inking.


  9. This book pretty much ruined my week.

  10. I need to read this and Batman again to see which I will choose for pick of the week. Last night when I read them both, I thought Severed had a slight edge over Batman. Just the tension built when Sam is going deeper into the diner… Absolutely fantastic!

  11. This was the issue that got me… I’ve enjoyed all the previous episodes, but it was this issue (specifically the diner scene) that made me think “Well, there goes my hope of sleeping tonight.”

  12. I can truly say that I have never read anything like this in sequential art.
    This is award-winning stuff right here!

  13. This book is a perfect example of why I read comics. Top notch stuff.

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