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  1. man this is what i’ve been waiting for

  2. I can’t wait to see what Hickman’s marvel work is like.

  3. Easily one of the most anticipated comics ever for me.  I really want to take a look at the extra stuff Hickman put into this issue. 

  4. so is it officially Hickman’s book now?

  5. @mulletpeep  Bendis is contributing on the plot but hickman is writing it. Think of Bendis as an executive producer sort of

  6. I really want to read this.  Since they showed up in secret invasion. 

  7. Interested but is it just 22 pages for $4? Steep. Hopefully it’s a first issue only price. If word of mouth is good and the 2nd issue is $3 I’ll probably pick both up in about 4 weeks. 

  8. Nothing against Hickman cuz I’ve never read his stuff, but the real draw of this book is Caselli’s art.

    I think he is my favorite artist doing super hero stuff.

    I’m not interested in these characters so I won’t be picking it up . . . wish Caselli was on Mighty Avengers . . .

  9. yes im so down with this

  10. I’m so pumped for this!

  11. Eh…im excited, but for some reason i have a bad feeling about this. I hope i’m wrong.

  12. i have been waiting for this book, i seems like, for forever!!!!  even the art isnt as bad as i thought it would be!  God i cant wait for this!

  13. Once we get Civil Invasion, Civil Warriors, and New Civil Secret Invasion War(riors), then the circle will finally be complete.

  14. As much as I love J Hickman the preview didn’t turn my crank. I like the art though, especially the coloring. At 4$ it has to be awesome!

  15. Its $4 but has extra goodies.  It’s been a while since I checked out the solicits, but I’m pretty sure that the series is going to be $2.99.  If not…well this issue better hook me right quick.

  16. i dont think ill be picking this up, i dont care about the characters and marvels whole "oooo secrets of the marvel universe" tactic isnt going to make me, if they wanted me to buy this book they should have focused more on them during Secret invasion

  17. i’m picking this up simply for hickman.  i have to admit i’m loving Dark Reign so far, and this is being billed as an important book (even though there is no "required reading")

  18. Wasn’t really interested in this book until finally getting around to listening to the most recent Hickman  wordballon.  Caselli’s preview art has looked really nice.

  19. i hate to be a negative nellie but i have a bad feeling about this… 

  20. @edward-why?

  21. Eh. I’ll read my roommates issue.

  22. @edward me too. i rely would like to see a fury book, but fury with a bunch of no names. the first issue needs to hit it out of the park for me to pick up the series. when i mean out of the park i mean lobos causing some big bad villian to shit his pants or something in that extreme. i kind of wish this will be like the losers, where in every issue we are not sure one of the warrior will survie. that i would buy

  23. What’s the extra stuff supposed to be? Anyone know?

  24. Just checked, this does sollicit at $2.99. In that case, pulled.

  25. @drake. i get the feeling this is to Dark Reign what Avengers: the initiative was to Civic War… which wasn’t great.


    and there are similarities. The initiative used civic war to introduce new lame character by piggy backing off a big event. thats what’s happening here.


    and, i don’t know, two weeks ago the previews said Bendis was co-writing this; now it’s just Hickmen – that kind of behind the scenes stuffing around doesn’t normally mean good books

  26. civiL

  27. @JJ-12 pages of secret files that Hickman did a lot of.  Probably background info on the members and the rest of Fury’s catapillar files? 

  28. Thanks Drake. I’m in. J. Hickman’s proven to write things to my liking before so I’ll give him the benefit. Now I hope his editor lets him do some covers or a few spreads here and there. Please please PLEASE let him do that!  *drool*

  29. @JJ. no i was talking about the major marvel comic event that was about public planing. duh

  30. I just can’t bring myself to care about Fury’s team so I’m passing on this one.

  31. @Edward-I loved Avengers:Initiative, its a fantastic book.  And the reason Bendis’ name is sometimes missing is because he is essentially just overseeing Hickman.  He has stated that for months, as has Marvel.  Bendis even mentioned in a word balloon that his name was on it, but Hickman is the one that did all the leg work.

    More power to you if you aren’t into this premise, but I for one can’t wait to see where this book might take us.

  32. oh well, different strokes for different folks, brother

  33. I hope this is Nick Fury’s superteam he formed to fight the Iron Patriot and his Dark Avengers.

  34. No thanks. They haven’t done anything to make me interested in this team. Nick Fury on his own hasn’t been enough to sell comics, so why would that change now? Because he’s got a bunch of no-names alongside him? Oh wait, he’s always got a bunch of no-names alongside him. It’s starting to look like the New Avengers will be the primary team to go against the Dark Avengers(as it should be), so why should I care about this book at all?

  35. Nobody in it I care about. Not for sure what the hubub is about.

  36. I will check this out because of Hickman.

  37. This book is going 2 be awesome. just saw the solicits for #’s 3 or 4 & sum1 on the team either leaves or dies. I feel like hickman is going 2 come out swinging in this book. first marvel book, he’s got 2 make a huge impression. really looking forward 2 this one.

  38. @shogunt & s1lentslayer: Because of Jonathan Hickman.  Doesn’t really matter who the characetrs are (although the idea of Hickman writing Fury is very cool).

  39. I’ve already forgotten who his little team of heroes is, but I’ll be reading if for Fury and Hill. I’m hoping we’ll see more of the old-school SHIELD adventures.

  40. ummm I think i wiil pick this up, I do love Hickman and Dark reign is very entertaining so far. But why is Shia LeBouf on the cover?

  41. what has hickman done previous to this book. 

  42. Mostly what I’m excited about is to see Fury in action again. Thats what my hubub is.

  43. @Zak: Pax Romana, Transhuman, Nightly News and Red Mass for Mars has 2 issues left to be completed.

  44. I have to agree with many on here…. Why does this book have so many pulls?  I’m not getting it.  Am I wrong in thinking this Hickman guy hasn’t really sold a lot despite having critically acclaimed books? This leads me to believe he’s not the reason for this book being pulled so much, I just can’t see him generating 400 plus pulls based on him alone.

  45. @Hawkboy-I think you underestimate what it means to generate critical acclaim and gather a buzz around the comics community.  On top of that, both Joe Q and Bendis have hyped up the book; saying this is the book they are most excited about to come out of Secret Invasion.

  46. I am so friggin pumped for Hickman to do superheroes. And I have a secret crush on Caselli’s art. That makes no sense but I don’t care!

  47. i have heard of nightly news.  what are the other ones about?


  48. @hawkboy  personally i’m not pulling it for hickman, i’m pulling it because Fury has been undergorund for years and I want to see him and how he operates when he’s not in charge of SHIELD

  49. @Zak: Transhuman is a mockumentary about the corporate wars that ensued after the development of advanced genetic mainpulation.

    Red Mass For Mars is a cosmic superhero story about humanity having survived several apocalyptic level catastrophes and according to a man who can predict the future this latest catastrophe the world is about to undergo will not be survived.

    Pax Romana I haven’t read yet but it seems to me it’s about the Vatican officials time traveling to fix their mistakes.

    I wrote some reviews for red mass and transhuman. If you want I can email them to you. I never posted them on here.

    J Hickman also wrote a comic for the pilot season called the core. It is a sci fi story and he uses species tension as an allegory for the middle east.

    It’s all very strong stuff.

  50. 4 bucks?! oh hell naw!

  51. It’s a talented writer getting to play with the big boy toys. That’s enough for most people. Plus, this book is being billed as being a staple in the Dark Reign storyline.

     Also, it’s a #1.

  52. There’s a pretty good spoiler-free review of this issue at CBR for anyone on the fence.  It sold me.

  53. Jesus, is Alan Moore writing this or something?

    I mean I like Hickman as much as the next guy but…..not as much for 440+ pulls.

    I think people are hyping themselves up too much for such a bland title to begin with.

  54. There’s really no way of knowing if its going to be a bland title, specifically because its not out yet.  And seriously, its about time something not written by Bendis, Morrison or Johns (or had to do with the big characters) got the top pulls.  How can you complain about that?

  55. @drake: I’m just saying that the general consensis was that no one gave a rats ass about Fury’s team during SI.

    So is it really just Hickman that’s getting all these pulls? Or did a bomb go off and now everything nobody liked is now likable?

  56. consensUs.

  57. @TNC-If you really wanted to know why, you would just read peoples post.  Everyone gives an answer to why they are or are not looking forward to this. 

    I don’t know why I bother with you most the time.  You make me want to punch a puppy.

  58. *hides puppy* Not Mr. Sniffles!

  59. It will be interesting to see if the pulls here translate into big sales everywhere else.  I’m not completely buying into Hickman being the reason behind all the pulls.  It’s not like any of his other books got anywhere near this many… or did they?  I dunno either way really…

  60. I was curious so I posted about this on CBR and they didn’t seem to be all that hot on it.

  61. @TNC – I think no one cared about Fury’s team in SI because Nick Fury’s team barely appeared in SI.  Let’s not dredge up SI’s failings here again though.  It set the stage and now it’s time to see the players work through a new scene.  I for one  am interested.

  62. Yes, I’ll be picking this one up. Yes, it’s $3.99, which is a right royal pain in the arse, but seriously – this is Hickman writing an underground team, headed up by Nick Fury. On paper that’s a solid gold combination. It’s $2.99 next issue onwards, which is fine by me. But even at the higher price this has GOT to be worth a punt, surely.

    I find it kind of weird that so many folks are writing it off.

  63. @JJ (really far up the comments)   When the heck is the next Red Mass for Mars coming out anyway!?!

  64. @TNC  I’m pretty sure I’ve stated that Fury’s team is the only reason I’m pulling this title which means that I gave a rats ass about them during SI

  65. To echo what everyone is saying I am very suprised this book is drawing so much hype. I was gonna pull the book just to give it a shot but I’m suprised so many people are really excited and it has by far the most pulls on the list.

    I am just unfamiliar with Hickman as a writer to him writing it doesn’t draw me in.

  66. im @ work. sum1 post sumthing. Is it good or not??????????

  67. Just finished reading the story, but haven’t read the datafiles and stuff.  Cool espionage/action stuff going on here, and Fury is being a badass.  I liked it.

  68. I’ve flipped through Pax Romana and Transhuman at the LCS before because of the hype from iFanboy but they seemed like too much to read and too high concept. I don’t want to have to think too much in my comics.

  69. It was allright.  I guess I was hoping for more of Fury, and less of the team of people who I had no idea who they were and didn’t get emotionally invested in during this issue.

    If the next issue is $4, I’m out.  There wasn’t enough here to justify the price.

    It’s a shame, as I was really looking forward to reading a good Nick Fury book.

  70. Wow, so that ending is going to be hard to beat this week

  71. Yeah, crazy ending.  I was enjoying the book enough, but it was the ending that hooked me in.  Cool files too.

  72. Someone want to spoil this super duper ending?

  73. SPOILERS SPOILERS**********************************************************************************************Fury  actually has two eyes!*******************************************END SPOILERS

  74. @MosteXtremeBrian-NOOOOOO!!! Why did you tell him!?!?!?!!?  You bastard!

  75. Was I the only one who really liked this book? I really liked the art too, I thought the art had a nice pop to it, and the ending was also what hooked me in.

  76. yeah, no, but seriously what happened at the end?

  77. I’m not telling what happened in the end. It’s waaaay too cool to spoil! I thought it was very much worth the 4$ actually, with all the extra stuff. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. I personally like the new characters. I find it amusing to read about Fury leading a team of a basically, kids. He’s got to save the world but all he’s got is a bunch of kids who complain about the food and play xbox all day. I already have an affinity for Yo-yo Rodriguez and it should be fun to watch these characters grow into their own. This promises to be a fun conspiracy/spy adventure story.

    Art reminds me of Guillem March a bit. I like it fine.

    I gave it the issue a 4. I’d recommend it with confidence. Might be a bit wordy for some but the dialog is good  "Check it Sebastian… I’ve got a guy’s tooth stuck on my stick." says Yo-yo after beating the snot out of some bad guys. I loled in delight. I didn’t lol in delight as much as when I read Invincible Iron Man so it’s not my POW but it was a really good issue.

  78. Oh and @Aquaman way up there: Yeah, when IS the next Red Mass coming out?!

  79. I just noticed the cover says: "Nick Fury: Aget of Nothing" heh heh.

  80. this book rocked. like crazy rocked. completely unpredictable ending. unlike ASM which we all knew was coming

  81. Well that was a typical Marvel "Big Reveal" at the end rewriting history for the sake of a cheap pop, logic and reason be damned

  82. The ending made total sense to me. I don’t see what history they’re rewriting. It certainly explains how there is always a Hydra base handy for someone to bust into, and no matter how much damage SHIELD seemed to do to them, there was always more of them. It also helps explain the old mysterious 12-member council that Nick always had to report to, and why SHIELD’s jurisdiction and purposes always seemed to shift and be generally inconsistent over the years.

  83. Also, this reveal is probably not what it appears to be. He did come about that info rather easily. Fury could be playing everyone or someone might be playing him. I think it’s gonna be that kind of book.

  84. This book was fairly average… and considering I paid $4 dollars I was quite dissapointed.

  85. I thought this book was spectacular. The pages were gorgeous and I liked being introduced to new characters.

  86. I’m wondering, is Bendis working on this at all? Could it be they attached his name to this just to sell copies? Sort of like he’s vouching for J Hickman…?

  87. @JumpingJupiter:  You hit the nail on the head.  Bendis confirmed this on one of the recent Bendis Tapes sessions on the Wordballoon podcast.

  88. I read it again, and liked it a lot more on the second reading than the first.  I totally misread the ending the first time around as Fury realizing that he was working for "you know who" the whole time.

    I now see the original intent and it reads better.

    Also, I checked the solicits for March and April and it looks like the price goes back to 3 bucks.  I’ll stick around for the first arc.

  89. @TomO wait, whats the original intent? i read as SHIELD has always been attatched to "you know who." Is that wrong

  90. @RoiVampire-I first read it and thought that Fury had always been working for "you know who" and was a double agent.  But upon the second read, I saw that it meant he had just discovered that "you know who" was in charge and he wants to stop it.  Is that what everyone else got?

  91. @drakedangerz ok i think i read tomo’s post wrong, i got the meaning right the first time but his post confused me and made me think i was mistaken

  92. I understood that Fury didn’t realize that the whole time he was an unknowing agent of ykw.

  93. so who was the africian americia dude in that oval-ish shaped office than?

  94. A Barrack stand in.

  95. barrack?

  96. No, his stand in…Brock

  97. i liked it but i think it will get a lot better. 


  98. Wow, I see my comment was as ambiguous as the ending was initially to me.  Sorry for the confusion.

    Drakedangerz said it better than I could.

  99. I wish we’d gotten more Hickman art than his going crazy on the organizational charts as he’s wont to do. If there’s anyone who could pull off a stylized, post-Steranko Nick Fury…

  100. " If there’s anyone who could pull off a stylized, post-Steranko Nick Fury…"

    I like that thought!

  101. Wow 100 comments for this book.

  102. @Roi: That’s either really good or really bad.

  103. Am I correct in thinking that he realized at the end that he worked for YKW…or did he know this entire time and shoving a big metal pipe up Marvel’s history a$$?

  104. Wow. I took it as he knew the entire time, but after reading these comments I think I may have gotten it wrong…Gona have to go back and check it out again. 

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