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There was no way this book could have lived up to the pedestal my mind had put it on.  I acknowledge that.  I’m an enormous Hickman fan.  It’s been over a year since we’ve been able to keep The Nightly News on the shelves of any store I’m working in, because I push it on anyone that I think loves comics.  And when Bendis is on his game, I love his work, too.

The first title these two teamed up on was Dark Reign: New Nation.  It was awful.  Awful.  It was not very good, and, in fact, quite bad.  I didn’t like it.

The best I can say about this title is, it wasn’t as bad.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much dialogue.  Which I suppose was necessary, as I wasn’t that familiar with many of the characters in this.  I think I remember some of them from Secret Invasion, but I’ve read a lot of comics in the last two years, and none of these characters were able to stay near the front of my brain.  the story seemed convoluted, and well, not interesting enough for me to care.  Some cool Fury tech, sure.  And I did like Fury in this, but that was about it.  For the story.

The back of this issue, however is a whole nother story.

Hickman explains the post-Secret Invasion SHIELD using his trademark (or, at least, it should be trademarked, it’s awesome) graphic layout.  Loved this.  It really kept this book from being a 2 star story for me.

The art in this was much better than the art has been in Marvel titles for a while now.  Yay.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Theres’ a J Hickman spread!? *orgasm*

  2. I kinda dug this book.  I don’t think we’re supposed to have gotten so into the team as much as we were supposed to be treated with the premise.  And the much-hyped reveal actually lived up to expectations for once.

  3. @Magnum240: I think you’re right that this book was about premise setup more than character.  I just don’t find premise set up necessary for this.  Also, the dialogue balloons were just all over this issue.  Most everyone had monologues instead of conversation.

    Yes, the reveal was cool.  But, compared to Bendis’s other post-Dark Reign titles, I found this hugely dissapointing.  I still gave it a 3 (ok, mostly for HIcman’s stuff).


    @JJ: I think it’s exactly what Hickman fans were hoping to see in his Marvel work.

  4. Re: too many balloons. That’s J. Hickman. Expect it from him. I personally didn’t find them intrusive for my tastes. And the monolgues seem to mesh well with the story. It males sense that Fury would have to take Daisy by the hand to explain this. She didn’t understand the full extent of the stakes. But yeah, I can how it would rub some people the wrong way. My only nitpick was the colors. I don’t like this washed-over, muddy style that seems to be the trend. It lacks contrast.

  5. I really dug this, but you’re right about some of the exposition.  I guess that’s Hickman for you, but sometimes it’s good to have something meaty to read.  Much like yourself I though the Hickman designed stuff at the back was worth the price of admission.  I gather he’s pretty much responsible for any aspect of the book that involves graphic design, including the cover layout/logo. The reveal was interesting, and I don’t feel cheated by it. For the first second I thought Fury meant he knew all along, but of course he had just found out himself.  Still great to see the man in action again.

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