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  1. I really really want to get this!!  But I don’t read Nova, or Guardians, or have read any of the last two Annihilation events.  Hopefully the War of Kings Saga will explain enough to me, cuz it really looks impressive and like it will be a ton of fun

  2. @drakedangerz – I think I’ve mentioned that Nova and Guardians are awesome, but I’ll say it again just in case.

    I read the preview of this on Newsrama and yeah, I want.

  3. Nova And Guardians are two of my favorite comics right now and they are the few I look forward to the most every time. War of the Kings looks extremely promising and with Abnett and Lanning writing it there is already a guarantee of awesomeness.

  4. Oh I know they are awesome.  I’ve heard about them both for a while.  Its just that I never really took notice until I saw the War of Kings promo with Blackbolt and Vulcan.  I guess I was a sucker for the prospect of the Inhumans kicking major ass.  Like I said, I hope the Saga issue will fill me in, then I plan on eventually picking up the previous Nova and Guardian trades

  5. Man… I wasn’t planning on picking this up but after reading that Newsarama preview I think I might bite on this.  Abnett and Lanning’s Nova is phenomenal so I think this one-shot will be on par with that book.

  6. The Inhumans story out of Secret Invasion was pretty good.  But if this is the set up for War of Kings, I’m on board.  War of Kings looks to be pretty good

  7. Have any of you ever heard of these artists?

  8. paul pelletier did a few arcs on fantastic four before hitch took over

  9. What the hell I thought this kicked ass

  10. My comic store, for whatever reason, didn’t get any of it even though he ordered a bunch…hopefully I’ll have it by next week.

  11. I looked into this because i liked the Nova books that started in 2007 and hes suppose to be in it. I got the free War Of Kings Saga book at my comic store and picked this up to. After reading the free summary of what was  going on and then this 1-shot im totally on board for this.

  12. not sure if this sold me

  13. This totally sold me.  I got it, along with the saga issue, today and loved it!  I get the feeling I don’t have to read the Annihilation books beforehand, although I plan on tracking them down.  I can’t wait for this to start

  14. I’m on board with "War Kings".  This was really good.  Can’t wait.

  15. Goddamn it! My store sold out of this comic and I didn’t have it on my pull list. *grumble*


  16. Oh man, there is shit en route to the fan in the Cosmic Marvel Universe.

  17. Pelletier has been around for a great while–check out his awesome Green Lanterns and crossgen stuff

    now for the story…DAMN! Medusa and Black Bolt are PISSED!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The guys that run the comic store I shop at are really excited that Darkhawk is making a come back. I’m excited for it as well. Is it going to be a new ongoing series of just a two part miniseries? Hope its a new ongoing.

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