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I’ve been a fan of Black Bolt and his Inhumans for as long as I can
remember reading comics. In fact, I’d put him as my second favorite
kingly character (which I’d consider something of merit considering you
know who will always be number one). It’s the reserve and patience that
a man of his position and power that I find admirable. However, we all
have our breaking points. The events of Secret Invasion: Inhumans –
which were so soon after what occurred in Silent War – finally made the
mute monarch snap. And a glorious snap it is.

Any reader of Marvel In Space books is no stranger to the work of
Abnett and Lanning (or “DnA” as they are referred to by fans). Their
resume of the two Annihilation events, as well as their current jobs on
Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, have already earned them a place in
Marvel history, as well as the go-to guys on how to write modern-day
space/sci-fi comics. Sure enough, this one-shot sets up yet another
awe-inspiring saga, with character-rich dialogue and and moments that
will leave you breathless. I counted at least three moments that made
me gasp or say “ohhhh…” out loud, which is what I better damn well get
out of an action-packed space story.

The art and colors of the book are also as awe-inspiring. Other than
one or two faces – there is one in particular where Blackagar looks
rather cranky; and it made me smile – there were no obvious, cringing
flaws. The action scenes grab you and force you to hold on tight as you
maneuver through  explosions and lazers and energy blasts and oh man
it’s like I’m watching Star Wars for the very first time!

If this is a sign of things to come, then I welcome the new epic
scribed by Marvel’s galactic grandmasters. I highly suggest that anyone
even vaguely interested in Space Marvel and/or the Inhumans pick this
up and get ready for a wild ride.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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