Everybody is Kung Fu fighting… as the Secret Avengers descend into the depths of Marvel’s darkest corners on a new case that brings them face to face with a Master of Kung Fu and many forces of evil. Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato bring you another twisted tale of Marvel’s most popular new Avengers team.


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  1. So the first arc of this was quite abysmal…a story that promised the stars but delivered dirt, with art to match. I’m going to cautiously jump back on here, because…well…we’re getting kung-fu here. And I simply cannot say no to kung-fu (my exhaustive Shaw Bros. collection is a testament to that).


    I’m a little worried that this series will do to kung-fu what it did with space adventures on Mars (make it dull and uninspired), but then again, Brubaker was one of the names on one of my all time favorite kung fu related titles (Immortal Iron Fist). So I’m holding out some hope.

  2. Kung Fu!!! Who doesn’t love Kung-Fu?!! Get Dale Eaglesham on this book right now …

  3. The first arc was fine but it was more about developing the villains than the team. Other than Ant-Man none of them really got a chance to show their personality.

  4. I hope this get’s a little more espionage-y, the first issue was pretty good but then they went off to Mars and it turned into just another superhero team book.

  5. I agree that the first arc was pretty weak.  I was really disappointed with Brubaker on this one, but I thought issue 5 was a much stronger story to go along with the subplot from 1-4, and the art was much better.  I think Dedato has really deteriorated since my introduction to him in the pages of the Thunderbolts in the initiative arc.  This series needs a stronger artist whose style fits with the type of stories that Brubaker is telling (David Aja or Michael Lark would be great!).  I find that this series has the same problem as The Rise and Fall of the Shiar Empire, the artist (In that case Billy Tan) doesn’t fit the writer.  But above all, this book needs a stronger direction to follow. AKA THE AVENGERS BOOKS NEED TO DECIDE WHERE THEY’RE GOING AND NOT BE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

  6. My favorite Avengers title, love Deodato’s art in this, and the random cast of characters works for me, if only Wovlerine and Spider-Man were in this though….:P

  7. So sad Aja and Lark aren’t the regular artists on this, they made this book feel like something REALLY special

  8. The problem might be that Brubaker isn’t the best sci-fi writer. I remember his "Rise And Fall Of The Shi’ar Empire" story to also be serverely dull, and I only gave it some brownie points since I’m a huge X-fan.


    I mean, I want this series to be great, since even though I love Bendis’ Avengers, I’m all for other creators telling their own Avengers stories. However, besides Avengers Academy, it’s not looking good for the non-Bendis Avengers, since this is probably the weakest of the books.

  9. @comicBOOKchris – give him a chance. I have a good feeling about this. The last issue was awesome.

  10. This book is horrible. the art is like a bad version of the 90s, the first arch was some asinine story about a ridiculous crown/macguffin which reeked of cliche.

    There doesn’t seem to be any thread or reason to the characters actions which means i can’t care about whatever they do.

    this thing where we’re meant to be excited by Moon Knight and Nova being on a team doesn’t actually apply because they have done nothing.  

    I’m totally unexcited and uninterested in the book. 

  11. Wow. There’a a lot of anger about this book. I don’t get it. I was a little underwhelmed but I wasn’t angry or anything like I have been about the main Avengers title.

    I thought it was a good comic book. It was a great jumping on point for new readers and it didn’t overwhelm the readers with continuity. I would gladly give it to my nephew and I’m sure he would love it. 

  12. Well unlike most people, I loved the first arc. Deodato wowed me with fantastic, almost Neal Adams, like art. Plus the story was pretty entertaining. I don’t think it was completely perfect (I’d rate it a 4.5/5 overall so far) but it’s a fun comic book. Which is what I want in an Avengers series.

    Although I gotta admit. Starting the solict with ‘Everyone was kung-fu fighting’ is a bit much… 

  13. I liked the first arc. Had some silver age randomness to it that klicked with me. And Deodato might not be my favourite artist, but he’s mor ethan solid and knows what hes doing. Favourite Avengers book, so far.

  14. I agree the first arc was bad, interesting to see others reactions.  The only problem with Brubaker is that his scripts are dull.  They’re well paced, etc.  Just dull.

  15. THeNextChampion has the right of it.

    This book is fun and great-looking.


  16. put me in the camp of enjoying this book too.  Deodato’s art is fun, reminiscent of the 90s in a good way.

    I’m not really worried about who is on the team and whether it is justified by the amount of panel time they get.  a character on the team does not have to mean getting the same amount of focus as other characters. 

  17. Ok so the last arc was….rough to say the least. But Kung Fu does have a tendancy to make things better! But if this doesnt blow me away I am seriously thinking about dropping this…maybe I’ll give Hulk a try.

  18. I think that Brubaker is way to concerned with writing for the trade, and has been for years.  He starts out each arc strong, but makes sure he wraps it up just in time for the 5th or 6th issue, no matter how rushed or lame.  Obviously a lot writers do this these days, but Brubaker seems to suck more than them with structuring his endings

  19. I liked the first arc. Not sure if I exactly loved the art though. If it coudl be like the Michael Lark issue, I think this would be a must read book. Too bad.

  20. @cutty

    And thats why the first Secret Avengers arc and the last Cap arc had been 4 issues long. No..wait…

  21. Aja and Lark would get this off the critical list for me.

    I loved issue 1 and 5, but everything in between felt like filler.

    At the moment I’m thinking of giving this series one more arc out of respect for Brubaker.

  22. I really loved the art in the last issue. With Deodato back on board, I think that this will get the flip test in the store.

  23. You know, another bad thing about Brubaker comics are the plots.  Every plot of Daredevil was bad.  X-Men Deadly Genesis was convoluted.  This has the same feel, just a bad plot, even though the characterization may be good.

  24. I just haven’t enjoyed anything Brubaker in a very long time, even the latest Criminal arc wasn’t up to its usual greatness.  It sucks, because this is the man that wrote Gotham Central, the first 25 issues of Cap, Daredevil in prison, and Criminal – I know he’s one of the most talented writers that the industry has ever seen.  But let’s be honest, he’s been in a slump for a solid 2 years.  Sure some of the stuff has been good, but nothing has been great.

  25. I don’t know, Brubaker’s run on Daredevil was brilliant in my opinion, with the Return of the King and the Lady Bullseye storylines, pretty good stuff; and will always consider Brubaker the man who killed Captain America.  His run on that was pretty awesome too, with the Winter Soldier storyline, he made the Falcon cool again I think, and loved the way he wrote Cap enemies Crossbones & Sin, Dr. Faustus, and Arnim Zola as well. 

  26. Shitting on Brubaker invalidates your opinion from the getgo.

  27. I hardly shit on him, he’s been in a slump for years.  What has he written that’s been great in the past few years?  I loved the Bad Night arc in CRIMINAL, but that’s about it. 

    He’s Derek Jeter, one of the best writers of his generation who’s now just getting by on rep

  28. I’d agree to a certain extent. The last arc of Criminal wasn’t great, and I haven’t been wowed by anything he’s done since Incognito, honestly. He’s obviously a brilliant talent – none of his recent work sings for me though.

  29. This is another reason I like Brubaker: cause it’s actually good writing by him.

    Not sure if it’s his hectic schedule or something else; but his recent work has been pretty dismal to read. I recently read the ‘The Two Captain Americas’ HC and… that is such a huge downgrade from the stories I loved so much from Brubaker Cap series.

    But this has been solid writing by him and it’s been a lot of fun to read. 

  30. I thought this first arc started out great and was some impressive writing, but it just sputtered out and closed like a hyandai accent – just in time to end the trade.  It’s too typical of Brubaker for me, it’s a clear pattern.  I’m sure a lot of writers are like this these days, but he’s more sucky at it

  31. This was a lot of fun. Kung Fu action definitely was delivered here.

    Art was a bit shaky when the action stopped for a bit though. The anatomy for Sharon Carter really disturbed me in the opening pages. But when Shang-Chi was doing his thing; it was great to look at. Also, Brubaker continues the fun with the overall mystery and action involved here. Overall a good way to start the 2nd arc.


  32. Art was a bit off, but I thought it was a much better story than the first arc.  Love the guest appearance by Prince of Orphans and it looks like Pete Wisdom! will be in the next book.  Looks like this book might finally deliver on its black-ops promise.


  33. Figures that when I decide to bash Brubaker, he delivers a classic Brubaker-esque comic.  Really strong issue, I just hope he can follow through

  34. I am fine with bru’s writing and enjoyed this issue quite a bit. I’m not a huge fan of deadoto’s line work, buy I always enjoy his panel layouts

  35. Not in love with the art, but definately digging a Brubaker written Steve Rogers book.

  36. Just finishing this issue; think that’s enough of this book, time to drop.

  37. The only Avengers book I’ll be reading from now on, although it is on the chopping block. The last issue was great though, wish that creative team did the whole series.

  38. Not a bad start but I am still not sure if this arc will fall flat on its face

  39. This is exactly what I want from this book.

  40. Deodato’s art doesn’t appeal at all. First arc was very poor. I do agree that Brubaker’s output hasn’t been as good lately but I’m hopeful that it’s just a temporary slump.

  41. Is it just me, or is there zero characterization concerning the team?

  42. What happened to the Deodato from the end of the Dark Avengers series?

  43. I was actually hoping the guy they kept referring to "bringing back" was the Mandarin. Is he alive these days?

  44. I don’t know much about Shang Chi but this peaked my curiosity. Really enjoyed this issue.

  45. Deodato does bot fit this book at all. There are just some plain old bad panels in this. That little taste of Aja/ Lark showed me just how awesome this book can be and I want that all the time now. The story was really good though.

  46. Yeah, Shang Chi’s dad is Fu Manchu. Except they can’t call him that. Or make him look like that. So it’ll be interesting to see how they work around that.

    Overall, this is much more the kind of thing I was expecting from Secret Avengers. Sneaking into traps set by international crimelords, etc.

  47. Great issue, love Deodato’s work, and we finally get a legit Asian male superhero spotlighted, excited bout the next issue.

    Unfamiliar with this Prince of Orphans, and who is this Thorndrake?

  48. A good start to the arc, just like the last one.  Let’s hope Brubaker can sustain it this time.

  49. Did Steve rip open steel elevator doors? That seems above his strength pay grade. Maybe they brought a door opening device…

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