A secret foe has been revealed – or has he? Find out everything you need to know about the OTHER Nick Fury as Secret Avengers continues to explore the volatile landscape of Marvel’s new Heroic Age!

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: David Aja, Michael Lark & Stefano Gaudiano
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

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  1. OR HAS HE?!?!?

  2. A secret foe has been revealed … but has he really been revealed?


  3. 3 different people doing the pencils?  I wonder how well that will work…

  4. Unless it is set up so that each artist is doing a separate scene, or any similar attempt, it normally does not work well

  5. Lark and Aja have very similar styles – I wish either/or would be the full time artist on this book. I’d read it then.

  6. OMG this is gonna be gorgeous! Can those guys be the regular art team? I’d like this book so much more

  7. I have high hopes for the art at least Lark and Aja are awesome.

  8. Gaudiano will probably just be inking/finishing Lark’s pages

  9. Nick Fury is definitely under some kind of mind control.

    Because there is no way he would wear some silky woman’s spandex costume. No way

  10. That is actually the best reasoning for it to not be Fury in some way. 

    I would also extend that theory to cover Steve Rogers and Dum Dum Dugan as well.  If you see them in drag, there is something amiss

  11. Brubaker, Aja, and Lark are the best trio since the lawyer team of:

    Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.

    Super excited to read more of the best Avengers book with Avengers on the title.

  12. Ewww, Nick got some blonde hair caught in his gun. Always keep your firearm clean and ready to go Nick. First rule of superspying.

  13. I dropped this after the first issue, just can’t abide deodato jr’s pencils. His style for women is particularly irksome to me. Not only that, but i also was not a great fan of the writing, as far as you can be after 1 issue, so I just want to ask wtf is going on with Nick Fury? No one, and I mean NO ONE, should be fucking around with Nick Fury unless his name is Jonathan Hickman.

  14. Buying this solely for Aja and Lark. There hasn’t been much that’s been good about this series so far, but I think one of the biggest problems has been the art. So with Aja, whose worked I adored in Iron Fist, we’ll see how this goes.

  15. [Fingers crossed] Oh, I hope it is a clone! Clone stories are awesome.

  16. Had to drop this last iss just wasn’t going anywhere

  17. @har13quin  Well the thing is, it’s probably not nick fury

  18. @ROIVampire – I agree. I dont think it’s Nick.

  19. one of the books actually making me interested in marvel

  20. How many rogue LMDs are out there? Really?

  21. art didnt do it for me hope this is just a fill in


  22. This was a classic comic book exposition issue. I really enjoyed it but, really? Max Fury? How cliche is that?

  23. This was the definition of so-so. The art was pretty good, which was expected. I wasn’t expecting big bombastic panels, since this issue was pretty much a denouement for the first arc. Regardless, Aja and Lark certainly pulled their weight.


    The Blade Runner-esque story of Max Fury was OK, I guess. It was a typical issue of this series so far…technically, everything is alright, but even the zany story of the team going to Mars to rescue a possessed Nova was kind of a snooze fest. I’m buying the next issue, since there is promise of kung-fu, but this series is on a thin thread for being so damn lackluster. 

  24. Was it a malfunctioning LMD? I figured that’s what it would be.

  25. @Ottobott: It was an LMD turned into a living, breathing Fury clone by his brother…..I hope this is actual Marvel storyline because that sounds like a huge pipe dream.

    This was also close to being my POTW as well. Can’t really put my finger on why it got edged out to Fantastic Four; but it just sneaked by to steal it from this issue. This was a fantastic issue though. A little cliche that it was an LMD in some capacity; but the history of this clone was really intriguing. That and Brubaker is laying down groundwork from his other work (Marvels Project) makes me excited what else to expect. That and the art by Aja, Lark and (insert name here) was solid as well. I recently read the Gotham Central HC and Immortal Iron Fist and I grew to love Aja and Lark. Styles were so similar that each page flowed nicely.


  26. Fury has a brother? Is this common lore or a new reveal?

    I hope it’s not an older brother, as Nick is a WW2 vet. If he is the older brother, maybe he’s a survivor of The Big One…

  27. Haven’t they said that Fury took a version of the Super Soldier serum and that’s why he’s lived so long?

  28. I wish Lark and Aja could draw every issue.

  29. I really wonder how the art was divided up.  flashbacks by one, present day by another?  breakdowns by Aja, pencils and finishes by Lark/Gaudiano?  all three in a room working together?  this process junkie has to know!

    I got a feeling this is a plot thread that will last for a while in this series.

    and Fury took the Infinity Formula to stay so young.  not sure about his brother. 

  30. @ABirdseysView: I think Lark/Gaudiano did the present day stuff (Fury talking to Cap) and the beginning with Max being chased; while Aja did the flashbacks. You can definitely see some SLIGHT change in the flashbacks but it is a bit tricky to find out.

    Stefano Gaudiano, as far as I can tell, seems to do mostly inks and always seems to work with Lark on titles. So not sure why he was lumped together with the two main artists; but I guess his reputation is so high he deserves the artist credit. 

  31. Aja tweeted that he did layouts, Lark did finishes.

  32. …oh that art…puts the first storyline’s pencils to shame.  I had also thought this was a different Ed Brubaker writing the title til now, it’s as if these artists made him raise his game.

  33. Doesn’t Zodiac from that Dark Reign mini-series have the Zodiac Key now?  Kept picturing that creepyass guy when they were mentioning Zodiac. 

    If Max Fury kept fighting evil forces, like Hydra and AIM, whenever he escaped, why would he all of a sudden join the Shadow Council.  If he’s an artificial Fury through and through, would he really do that? Guess it was simply cus they tried to kill him, like Steve Rogers was saying.

    If Aja doing the layouts means he did the background of that Hyrda blimp panel, man, pretty incredible. 

  34. That answered some questions.  Looking forward to more!

  35. @Franktiger  Yeah Zodiac stole the key from the hellicarrier when Norman was in charge. I hope Brubaker has plans for that. Loved that mini.

  36. Wow, so exposition heavy. I like two Furys running around, but this wasn’t a good story. It was a good summary of a complicated story.

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