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This is the comic experience of the year! The first creator owned series by one of the most successful teams in all of modern comics. Scarlet is the story of a woman pushed to the edge by all that is wrong with the world…A woman who decides to stand up and fight back…A woman who will not back down…A woman who discovers within herself the power to start a modern American revolution!!

In the vein of Alias, Powers, and Jinx, Scarlet debuts a fascinating new comics character that, with every issue, reveals new things about herself against a completely original backdrop of intrigue and drama. Get in on the ground floor of the first creator owned series by Bendis since Powers, and the first creator owned series by Maleev…ever. (and, yes, the trademark obnoxious Bendis letter column will be here too)

Writer: Brian Micahel Bendis
Artist: Alex Maleev

Price: $3.95
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.4%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Neat, I save .05 vs other Marvel titles; thanks so much Marvel!

  2. oh wait, i mean .04…. 

  3. I’m once bitten twice shy with this series.

    Once upon a time a Bendis/Maleev book would have me excited, unfortunatly Spider-woman left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It just wasn’t what I was looking for.

    Hopefully this will be a return to form, something a kin to their Daredevil run, rather than a someone just complaining about having a crappy life in multiple panels on every page. (Ok, so that could discribe Daredevil and Spider-woman, I just thought it worked better in Daredevil).

    I’ll give this a try though, llike jobob247 it’s 0.04 cheaper than some Marvel books. Is this the cheapest Bendis books on the stands.

  4. @jobob247- My thoughts exactly.

  5. How can they put so many words in the desciption and yet yet not really tell you what the book is about?

  6. Tic-Tac-Toe anyone? 😉

  7. @MikeFarley

    Also it’s YELLING at us alot.

  8. So it’s about a stripper? Cause I only know strippers to wear an outfit like that…

  9. I am pumped for this I hope bendis didn’t over sell it

  10. Hope this is good. Looks like Joan of Arc 2010. Ive yet to read any of Bendis’ non-mainstream stuff so Im looking forward to starting from a #1.

  11. "Scarlet is the story of a woman pushed to the edge by all that is wrong with the world…A woman who decides to stand up and fight back…A woman who will not back down…A woman who discovers within herself the power to start a modern American revolution!!"

    This could describe so many stories: Sarah Palin the Musical, Rosa Parks strikes back, Buffy, Mulan… what are they supposed to be describing here? Just seems like an incredibly generic pitch.

  12. @Ruo21

    Truth is, in his solicit said sexy red head with big…guns fights corruption, I’d have still bought it. But when has Bendis ever used 1 word, when 100 would do.

    (I suppose the last issue of Ultimate Spider-man was a silent issue, but that’s the exception to the rule)

  13. I fthe typography is good I’ll buy it.

  14. @Ruo21 Funny thing is, when I read the interview with Bendis on this I was intrigued, but that description actually turned me off a bit too. From what I remember it is about a modern American revolution with this chick being the one to set the whole thing off.

  15. @Ruo21 — I don’t know about you guys, but I’d read a Rosa Parks Strikes Back.

  16. @tnc She’s stylistically advanced.  Get it right;)

  17. So this stripper starts The American Revolution II: The Search of Curly’s Gold?

  18. possibly

  19. Want to read it, but I want it in trade.

  20. REALLY looking forward to this one…there’s so many great books coming out this week.

  21. Wow, a Bendis book I’m really excited for…. I’m sooooo glad he’s doing another creator owned book and not Mighty New Avengers: South East.  

  22. I bought BMB’s anthology called "Total Sellout."  It was my first experience with his work.  It was a compendium of quite banal and insipid stories that were more like Berkeley Gazette bottom of the barrel comic strip work. Then, more recently, I bought a Crime Noir type one shot book of his.  Much to my contempt, it was the same repackaged schlock from the formerly mentioned book, "Total Sellout." 

    At least Mad Magazine cheekily tells you up front to expect a bunch of "recycled trash." from past issues.  Perhaps BMB should do the same. 

  23. Nice to see that a creator owned book is the fourth most pulled book this week. I’m really looking forward to it. If it’s like Powers then if nothing else, it should be great value for money. For $4 the last issue of Powers had 34 pages of story plus bonus material. It’s probably the most value for money comic that Marvel is currently publishing. And, from what I understand, Scarlet will be much the same.

  24. @skydog — Lol, i think I read that one too.

  25. @Did anyone else notice IFANBOY’s Josh is in this book.

  26. YOu stole my thunder Zeppo! I just got to that page and saw that and came on here and noone mentioned it til your post right at the end. Way to get a lil cameo Josh! Thats hard hitting journalism!

  27. What a great start to what looks to be another great story by Bendis.  He has been teasing on the Bendis Tapes about how he was using a new naritive for this book and I love it.  The Maleev art is spot on as always.

  28. This book was so good, I read it all twice before I even got home. Three cheers for Bendis and Maleev. This is a triumph.

  29. This was incredible. I know there are people who don’t like bendis’ work but you should check it out. The  main character is great and he made it meaningful in just a few pages.

  30. This was a little to close to Fumetti for me. Most of the panels lacked any motion. 

  31. This was a complete surprise. Probably my favourite Bendis comic in… a long, long time. I’m impressed and hooked.

  32. Art was nice, but I don’t really know what to make of it yet. How can he make this not just another vigilante story?

  33. The following are responses to your first posts.
    @Zeppo: lol, Spider-woman left you with a bad taste. I agree though. Don’t tell anyone but I’ll read it in shop then proceed to purchase if it peaks my fancy. I don’t want to suffer like I did with Batman Odyssey again.

    @Moodsmoothie: let me respond by saying "3 in a row. Bendis got shot by our Zeppo! XD. Just thought that was a hilarious scenario I thought up.

    In truth I feel that the approach to hustling this issue through the solicit was all wrong. They should have done it like the director of the anime set in New York 1933 "Baccano!"  where they just show you a quick 30 second clip of robbers saying "Don’t no one move. Give us your money and show us your tits!" You have to know the audience your trying to market to and find the right approach that’ll appeal to them. It’s a foolish thing to not talk about what actually happens in the book and still expect to sell well.

  34. I know I’m alone in this so far, but I hated it.

  35. @troy

    Sorry man, was suprised no one else had mentioned it to be honest.

  36. I loved this so much I tweeter Bendis just to let him know. And I never use my twitter account. Don’t even care if he doesn’t read it.

    This is so much better than his Avengers work.

  37. Holy shit what a book!

  38. I thought this was good… enjoyable… yeah, pretty good but not OMG This was AWWWESOME or anything like that and certainly not potw material. There’s a lot of good reviews, maybe some hype but I’m not feeling it. To me it was a good start to a series, nothing more 4/5.

  39. Those pages showing her defining moments in life was astounding. Too bad Batman and Robin was so good this week. 5/5

  40. I haven’t even chosen a POTW for quite some time, but that was– wow. That was amazing.

  41. This was a great issue with some really fun things going on, but I don’t feel that it’s presenting anything novel or innovative. I really loved the "defining moments" page and the ball back later, but it’s not that original a concept (other books have used similar devices before) but It was wonderfully executed. As well, I was really disappointed with Maleev’s art in this issue. It seemed over-processed to me, like there were a few too many photoshop filters over it, not nearly as good as it had appeared on Spider-Woman or Daredevil.  4/5 for me.  

  42. This is by far my favorite #1 issue of a brand new series I’ve read in years. Amazing.

  43. Has there been a #1 in this good since Alias?  Reading this issue reminded me of reading FIght Club.  Bendis has Scarlet’s narrative voice down, and the art is perfect.  The photo reference works, I think, because the books made to feel like you’re watching a movie.  

  44. This is a great start to the issue. Very excited about what is to come next.

  45. First read through kind of wary: this is a scenario I’ve seen and heard all too often, but reading it again, found it very good, liked the photoreal art, can’t wait for next issue

  46. She totally looks like Ellen Page in some panels

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