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  1. I’ve enjoyed Aaron’s Marvel work and all, but this is still his best creation/writing.

  2. Since moving the focus of the story away from main character of the first 2-3 arcs, the book felt like it was a little muddled – as the cast expanded, the timeline slowed down.. better in trade, I think, but I’m still loving this title, and look forward to it.

  3. I can’t believe we’re at 33 issues.  This series has been a tremendous accomplishment

  4. Vertigo signed an agreement with Aaron through at least #48.  Despite weak issue sales it does very well in trades.

    The expansion of the cast has only strengthened this book I think.

    My guess is they sign on for 12 more and the title wraps at #60.

  5. This is my favorite book right now.  It’s disappointing that issue sales are lagging.  I would love to see this go on for years.  

  6. @MrWrong – Even though it only sells around 7000 issues a month, Scalped has a huge trade circulation.  Volume 5 High Lonesome ranked #7 out of all TPBs sold for October with 3716.  If you add in non-diamond sales that means that about 4100 trades of the new Scalped were sold in its first month available.  Add in new readers on older trades and Scalped is doing fine.  This tends to happen with Vertigo titles so keeping an eye on TPB sales is as important, if not more important than issue sales.  For example, Crossing Midnight was canceled because while it had similar issue sales to Scalped, not many people were picking up the trades.  So relax…Scalped’s immediate future is very secure.

  7. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


    Thanks for the straight dope. I never know what’s going on with sales. All I know is that this is an important series.

  8. @PymSlap

    No problem.

    Comic Book Resources and IGN usually post Diamond’s sales numbers for the top 300 issues and top 100 trades each month.  They also post the number for each of the top 300 series from the previous month for comparison. (So for example the top selling title for October was Blackest Night #4 which sold – via Diamond 137,054 copies.  Diamond sold 140,068 copies of #3 in September so Diamond’s sales of this title have declined by about 3,000 between September and October.  For comparison’s sake, Scalped has consistently sold between 6800 and 7000 issues so its readership while small, is pretty consistent.)  For a given title, Diamond’s numbers represent approximately 85% of all issues sold that month.  The percentage is probably lower for trades since they have a much wider distribution (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) so Scalped could be doing even better than the 4100 number I tossed out.

    My call on the series ending with #60 had more to do with my own feeling that this is a finite story and that we are past the halfway point than with low sales.

  9. I always forget about this book until I see it on the pull list then it makes me a happy man.

  10. Starting to get tired of talking about how damn good these covers are every week. This arc has been top notch.

  11. Ruo, are you saying you don’t like the covers or that this story has been so fantastic that the comments should focus it over the covers?

    The opening issue of this arch was one of my favorite issues of the series so far, maybe of the year.

  12. @Andrew- Was just saying that I comment on the greatness of Jock’s covers week in and week out. I can’t remember the last Scalped cover that wasn’t better than every other cover of that week.

    The covers are great, the story is great, the art is great; this series deserves all the praise it gets.

  13. It’s very good to hear that Scalped isn’t getting cancelled. Every now and then I hear someone say how it might get the axe and it blows my mind that it is even being considered. 

     Just wait till they put out a hardcover of this (if they ever put out a hardcover), I bet all the loyal readers would pony up for that. If I had a over-sized hardcover of this I would probably read it once a week.

  14. @kmob181 – Thanks for the info.  I am glad to hear that this book is going strong.  

  15. Thinking about trying out the whole comic binding thing after this arc wraps up!

  16. man a freind accidently reuined the ending of this book for me, so bummed

  17. This just beat the shit out of crime! Hardcore last page.

  18. Excellent issue. Seems pointless saying that at this stage, but this really was better than the usual high standard. Cannot wait for the last issue of this arc.

  19. I can’t wait to see what happens next issue! Red Crow better come out of this alive. 

  20. I am a big fan of this book but i do not keep up with the monthly sales of it or any thing. I simply read it in trades and am fascinated by the Romantic influences in it. Truly it is something amazing that Jason arron is doing by tying the likes of Wordsworth into it. The hunt for a better or ideal world in a setting such as the rez through a character like Catcher who is a drunkard is simply an amazing way to tell a story.

  21. So good. My bet: Red Crow has a plan…. you think?

  22. Conflicted. Do I pick this or Jonah Hex for POTW. They’re really even at his point in my head.

  23. This was my pick up the week.  I hope Red Crow has a plan, because the odds look stacked against him.  Dash has a plan for sure…can’t wait til next issue to find out what it is.  This arc is coming to a head nicely.

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