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Arcadia Alvarado, the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States, says she was “abducted by aliens.”As the Mexican-American Governor of New Mexico, she’s dealing with immigration, budget cuts and an alcoholic ex. She’s about to toss her hat into the ring as a candidate for President in the most volatile political climate ever.

But then…a lonely road and a nightmarish encounter have left her with terrible, half-glimpsed memories. And now she has to become President. To expose the truth – and maybe, to save the world.

Arcadia’s quest is at the heart of this new monthly series from writer Paul Cornell (DEMON KNIGHTS, ACTION COMICS, Doctor Who) and artist Ryan Kelly (NEW YORK FIVE, NORTHLANDERS).

With the help of her quirky staff, Arcadia will pursue the truth of her abduction into danger, mystery and awe. SAUCER COUNTRY is a dark thriller that blends UFO lore and alien abduction with political intrigue, all set in the hauntingly beautiful Southwest.

Written by Paul Cornell
Pencilled by Ryan Kelly
Inked by Ryan Kelly
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Giulia Brusco
Cover by Ryan Kelly
Cover Color by Dave Stewart

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I’ve never loved Paul Cornell, but I <3 Ryan Kelly's art with a passion

  2. I have been waiting a long time for this one!

  3. I’m really torn between my love for aliens and my dislike for politics but I’m still going to try this out

    • I’m really torn between my love for politics and my dislike for aliens but I’m still going to try this out 😉

    • I’m with Neeks. For me it really depends on the tone Cornell pulls off. Politics can be intriguing to watch but can also be a quick turn off. I’ve enjoyed almost all of Cornell’s comic work but he hasn’t done anything like this yet. So either way it’ll be interesting and I’ll probably come away enjoying it.

  4. I really don’t need to add a new book to my stack, but the premise of this is too intriguing to pass up.

  5. This seems way to interesting not to read.

  6. I’m all for new Vertigo books! I’m totally all in for Fairest and New Deadwardians, but I’m not sold on this book from the preview. I may pick it up.

    The other voodoo book I have no interest in, though.

  7. I’m definitely sold on this for the first arc at least. Vertigo needs some new titles to fill the gap left by DMZ and, soon, Northlanders.

    I’ll be reviewing this title over at

    I know it’s a plug, but I’m a big Cornell fan.

  8. I’ve read an advance of issue #1 of Saucer Country and its awesome. I was bummed that DMZ and Scalped were ending but now I’m excited to see where this book heads. If you crossed Ex Machina with the X-Files this is exactly what you would get!

  9. I was on the fence for this book, but I’ll give this first issue a try. I’ve never been blown away by Paul Cornell, although I’m excited to see what he can do with a creator-owned book. I was mainly on the fence because I am also reading Xenoholics, and I don’t really need two alien abduction books at once.

    • I’m in the same boat as you, but it appears that Xenoholics is on (hopefully temporary) hiatus after that last issue. This first issue was pretty good, and I definitely get the “Ex Machina meets X-Files” vibe. I think it’ll be worth at least the first arc, and should sufficiently fill the void that Xenoholics has left.

  10. I’m totally pumped for this. Love the concept, love the creative team and loved the preview.
    Can’t wait.

  11. I’m really intrigued for this….but somehow I am a bit nervous for it. I have no idea why because Cornell is a great writer. While I don’t know of Kelly’s work the previews looked good. I’m sure this is going to be good but I still have doubts…

  12. With Cornell off Stormwatch this will fit right in next to Demon Knights.

  13. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve liked some of Cornell’s stuff before and the premise is cool and the cover is beautiful. Plus, it’s a new Vertigo ongoing! Hoping it’s good and hope it’s a hit.

  14. I’m looking forward to this….sounds like tons of fun. I have ties to New Mexico, so it will be really interesting to see how Cornell interprets the culture…especially the Roswell side of things.

  15. KELLY!

  16. Another unique vision coming from Vertigo. Don’t mess this up, and you could have the next Books of Magic, Preacher, Y the Last Man, or Northlanders on your hands, Vertigo!

  17. If any of you are on the fence, my decision was helped by the Don’t Miss podcast featuring our Paul and Paul Cornell. My two favorite Paul’s got to the heart of what this book will be about.

  18. Jeez, Vertigo really wants my money lately.

  19. I liked this. There was a decent amount of character introductions, and the cast all seem interesting. I really enjoyed the artwork, I thought it did a good job of conveying the changing mood from scene to scene. I was happy to snag the Sean Murphy variant too. Can’t wait for #2.

  20. This was good stuff. Smart, intriguing and great looking. Almost a POTW for me but Saga edged it out for the sheer scale of world-building fun. But Saucer Country #1 is an outstanding beginning. Cornell established a set of relationships that were surprisingly complex given the confines of a single issue. Characters and relationships were built this week in Saga but you knew it was happening when it was happening. With Saucer Country it was effortless and unforced in a way I haven’t seen since David Liss’s “Mystery Men” last summer. And there’s irony to spare in the multiple meanings of the word “alien” for a Hispanic governor. This points to a possible humorous, multi-layered observation on the nature of American society and questions about who is an “alien” and who is not. But don’t be put off by the political elements inherent in this book. Cornell brings out the non-fevered, tactical “horse race” aspects of the game as its played by adults in real life as opposed to the binary world view of cable squawk shows. Kelly’s art and Cornell’s vision appear to be working seamlessly here while Giulio Brusco would win a Colorist Of The Week award if we had one. Really looking forward to more of this story.

  21. Thought the first issue was pretty weak, especially that last page “cliffhanger”… But still totally on board for this. I love all things Vertigo, so i will give this a lot of rope and My gut tells me this is going to be pretty good when it’s all said and done.

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