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The smash hit ongoing series from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples continues, as Prince Robot IV’s hunt for Hazel and her parents takes a deadly turn.

Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 56.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. I feel like a junkie in detox waiting for the new issue of saga every month. I need my fix!

  2. Best covers out there!

  3. This title is GOOD. I find myself wishing the entire run was already completed, so I could go purchase the trade.

  4. Saga is the only title that I’ve bought in print and digital.

    • Why both? The digital as a reading copy?

    • Can’t speak for undertak1983, but that’s the reason I am doing it. I can totally see re-reading Saga if I am ever on a long flight or just need something to pass the time.

    • That’s actually a good idea, have them all in one place for travel.

    • I like to sit down and read the print version first. I buy the digital version so I can read the comic on the go or whenever I feel like rereading it. Also, my girlfriend can log onto my comixology account and read it as well.

    • filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

      A coupon code to redeem a digital copy for 0.99 would actually be a good idea.

      While I hate Marvel’s 3.99 price tag I have to admit that I find myself using the “free” digital copies on the go quite a lot.

      2.99 for the paper book + 0.99 for an optional digital copy would be a great compromise.

  5. Five-peat. I can feel it.

  6. Letter column has been my favorite part of this book, so far. Story is good but very decompressed at this point.

    • The letter column is great, yeah. Especially (was it last weeks?) the issue with the answers to the questionnaire.

  7. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  8. I love this story, but find that I’m so distracted by everything else each week. So, it’s an awesome surprise to check out my list and see it there. That blank screen just staring at me all crazy.

  9. Agree this has been very good so far! The pace is good and the intrigue while revealing itself slowly, also piqued my curiosity enough, all the while introducing new threads so I’m hooked on this title… Truly a masterpiece in the making! 😀

  10. It seemed like issue #1 was a sellout, at least here, and wondered why it didn’t reprint, perhaps it did–I guess that’s another reason to go digital, but I don’t own any reading devices, and I enjoy owning the actual paper comics. Plus you can’t let someone borrow a digital d/l. The debate continues, news at 11.

    • They are currently on a 3rd printing (at least….maybe even a 4th) for #1. I only know that because I purchased it today for a friend who’ve I’ve been talking it up to.

  11. Its the art that pushes the book to Elite. Staples art is top tier. I know I am not the first person to say that and odds are not the last but to me thats why this book so number one.

  12. Just wanted to say thank-you to the iFanboys who recommended I pick up Y: The Last Man. I did. And it rocked.

    Looking forward to this issue. Should be an easy POTW for me.

  13. This book is good, but does anyone else think its moving pretty slowly? I think I’ll switch to trade waiting.

    • I don’t disagree entirely that the pace is kind of slow, but with a name like “Saga”…well, I’m not sure a brisk pace is a valid expectation.

    • Slow? Wow, it’s only issue five and there hasn’t been anything slow about them. a birth, lost in the woods the stalk, ghosts, porn palace, bounty hunters, tons of things have happened in five issues

    • What do you read that this is “slow”? I’ve been greatly impressed with the amount of action that has taken place in the just one week of “Saga-time”.

    • @JokersNuts @JonQ:

      First, issue 5 was great. Definitely the best book I read this week. I have a couple thoughts in response to your posts:

      1. I think there’s a difference between “slow” and “too slow”. There are lots of great stories that have a slow pace (Apocalypse Now is the first and only example in my mind at the moment). So calling Saga “too slow” (while being a matter of taste) doesn’t make sense to me. Like you both mention, we’ve had lots of great character introductions, and many things have happened.

      But I think it’s definitely fair to say that Saga is taking a slower pace (without making a value judgment). We know BKV intends for this to be a series that runs for several years, and as a result he has room to stretch and explore this massive world he’s dreamed up for Fiona to draw. It can’t be boring, but it doesn’t have to get to the point right away.

      For example, I’m pretty sure Hazel has a much larger role to play in this story. Had BKV wanted a faster pace for her story, she’d probably have been narrating everything up to this point, or we would have flashed forward to a time when she’s a little more grown up.

      2. To Skypants’ original point: It’s the whole Satisfying Chunk idea that one of the staff writers did a column on a few months ago. Saga has these amazing characters in this super-interesting world. We all want to know more about everything. Some folks just want to know more in one burst than others, hence the single issues might feel “too slow” because BKV is using a light touch when it comes to exposition. Taken as a trade, the pacing might be more to those folks liking.

  14. I love Saga! I do believe, starting with the Fourth issue, that the pace did slow done. I agree, also, that Staples’ art is top notch. I will continue to read the series by issue, as I am determined to figure out what’s happening with Hazel and her family. I felt less intrigue after finishing issue 4, but once I saw the cover for 5, I was so excited! This is my favorite cover yet, also. I love the TV Prince!

  15. Hoping my eyes don’t roll all the way to the back of my head when this becomes the podcast pick of the week

  16. no bar code on the front. no banner telling me about a Spawn movie.
    Prince Robot IV’s elegant attire draped in his royal robes touching the globe and dreaming of conquest makes for an majestic IMAGE.
    yeah, Image covers are certainly the most beautiful. they respect the aesthetics of the art and it shows.

  17. I’m just not feeling this. Maybe I have Runaways and Y: The Last Man on the brain. I can’t put those down. Saga though, just isn’t impressing me like those did.

    • I am actually liking it more than I did Y: The Last Man five issues in, believe it or not. And in a lot of ways Saga reminds me of Runaways character-wise and I feel like they have a similar sort of humour that I don’t remember Y having. Maybe it’s just that Saga and Runaways have more, but the same kind of, BKV humour than Y.

      In any case… if it’s BKV it’s amazing! Lol.

  18. Awesome issue, but as for the end I really hope we see more from that character, because they were my favorite in the book so far.

  19. I loved this issue…..every time something was about to happen my “DC-mind” predicted one thing, and I was wrong!! How delightful!! Did not see the ending coming at all, or what happened with The Will & the girl. Congrats Prince IV on the announcement!

  20. guess im missing out. should i just wait for tpb?

  21. I’m done trying to come up with new things to say.

    WONDERFUL, simply and completely, WONDERFUL.

  22. Does anyone else think people are just giving this PotW without really even weighing other books that come out? I don’t think this issue was overly strong, but then again, so far nothing I’ve read yet this week really is. Maybe my head’s not in the right space.

    • I only read two books. This and AVX #8.

      I agree this wasn’t the strongest issue, I gave it 4 stars rather than a 5, but it still got my POTW over AVX, which I only gave a 3.

    • Same. This was my only book this week, so it got POTW de facto.

  23. Great, but I really missed the narration in this issue. It took the book to another level.

  24. this is good

  25. Another good issue. Every time I get to the end of an issue, I want more. Not because it’s slow, but because it’s wonderful.

    Also, letter columns should be mandatory. You wanna mandate something, various editorial departments? Mandate that.

  26. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I have a confession to make: I have all 5 issues in my bedside drawer but I haven’t read any yet.

    My expectations bar was raised so high that I am afraid to be disappointed.

    I shall give in, sooner or later.

  27. Well this one seems like a no brainer. I am without a doubt sold on this comic.

  28. Not sold on Staples, great story though.

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