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S.H.I.E.L.D. #5

“The Forgotten Machines of XXXXXX XXXXX.”

The story that has taken the comic book world by storm marches on with an issue so secretive that Marvel can’t even reveal the full title! Who is the Night Machine? Find your answer here.

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Dustin Weaver
Covers by Gerald Parel and Weaver

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Yay! More Hickman goodness! I’m still quite alright with the bi-monthly schedule, I just wish Hickman’s pace could be a bit more quicker.

  2. I just read Pax Romana over the holiday and was surprised how well the script segments (like in S.H.I.E. L.D. #2) worked to fill you in with all the details that don’t need to be, literally, drawn out. I’d be ok with more of that in the future to flesh out the story since the wait for each issue is so long.

  3. The wait between issues is killing me but geez this series is freaking awesome. Cant wait!

  4. With every new issue I appreciate the previous ones more and more.

    Hickman can tell this story however he wants to and I’m there.

    I’ll probably reread 1-4 in anticipation of this. It’s amazing how he’s slowly tying everything together. The pacing is awesome and different little bits reverberate through the issues, with the overall meaning slowly coming into greater coherence.

  5. I’ve honestly loved every preview I’ve read of this. Tradewaiting.

  6. Very much enjoying this

  7. can’t wait until May.  apparently that’s when the trade will come out!?, but it will be completely worth the wait!

  8. Sweet! My favorite!


  10. @Cinderelephant  Ha! Good one!

  11. I’m going to have to re-read this once it’s complete.

  12. @djd: It does remind me of Morrison’s Batman, particularly the arcs right before RIP. Morrison would give you little snatches of meaning and do weird scene transitions, and that’s what Hickman’s been doing here as well. Like you, I might double-dip on a hardcover for this as well, and I’ve only done that with Morrison’s Batman stuff.

    I heard a rumor that #6 concludes this story, which would make sense if the collection’s coming out in May. I don’t know if it’s being put on hiatus, if it will continue with a new #1 or what. I’m pretty sure the sales on this have been quite good, so I’m not worried about it being “canceled”.

  13. This is a great book that I will buy in trade when it comes out, eventhough I own the issues. The story and the art have been fantastic and worth the wait, though I do have to do a refresher read befoe #6.

  14. I must be dense as I have a lot of trouble following the story! It might help if I went back and re-read them all from the start.

    What I need us a “Hickman Shield guide for dummies” 🙂

  15. This is easily my favorite book from the Big 2.  The wait between issues can be unbearable at times though.

  16. Thought this would be the pick of the week cause this issue was easily my favorite with the all the history between stark and richards.  But yeah definitely can’t wait for the next issue.

  17. @Toadmeister  You’re definitely going to want to reread this. I had forgotten what was going on when I read #4, then I read the whole thing again before this and I go SO much more out of it. Definitely worth the litle extra effort.

  18. @froggulper  After reading #5, I’m not sure how #6 could complete the story so far. We’ve got multiple stories going – Stark and Richards, Night Machine and his son, Newton vs. da Vinci… so many stories intertwined, but not much has happened in any of them. The majority of each issue has been exposition and history – very little has actually “happened” so far. I like it, I find it fascinating, but something needs to happen to advance the story. I think there is too much in play to wrap it in a satisfactory fashion in a single issue.

  19. I’m happy waiting. The artwork rocks and this book wouldn’t be nearly as good without it.

  20. This series was by far my favorite Marvel book of 2011. So good. And so unexpected.

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