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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This could be greatness….


  2. Agreed. I just hope my LCS gets it. I didn’t pre-order this one. Fingers crossed.

  3. Ditto…I am hoping my LCS will have a copy of this too.

  4. I asked my LCS to get this, but that was two weeks ago, so I’ll find it tomorrow if I’m gonna have to track this down or not.


  5. Oh man, hadn’t heard of this until Josh’s mini. Definitely picking it up if I can.

  6. I’ve been excited about this for a long time and remember seeing a preview of it and it sounds like an awesome concept.

  7. According to Diamond, it’s not out this week…

  8. Ignore me… it’s in the list with "mature items" 😀

  9. Its a toss up between this and House of Mystery for my Most Anticipated Book O’ DA Week.

    I think this should be a new category on the site. Hey everybody….what is your MABODAW? 

  10. Looking at my pulls for this week I am calling this as Pick of the Week already for me.

  11. my LCS didn’t have this. that’s not happened to me before cos they usually get pretty much everything. they hadn’t even heard of it. meh.

  12. Was able to find a copy.

  13. Is that Obama on another cover?

  14. The Roberts #1 is the iFanboy Pick of the Week –

  15. I can’t find it anywhere in the UK. It’s not even on ebay 🙁

  16. I am suprised that this book has an average rating of 5 when Josh gave it a 3.  That would mean that approximately 91 of the other 93 people who rated it had to have given it a 5. 

    We nearly had a unanimous pick of the week.  Ron and Conor both picked this.  Have we ever had a unanimous pick? 

    Pretty impressive.  Didn’t get a chance to pick this up, but I am glad everyone else liked it so much.

  17. @stuclach: Then again josh had Fables as POTW….which is so rare! I mean it’s not like he doesnt talk about it enough. 😉 lol

    I’m seeing a trend though of either Diamond not shipping this issue or people not buying it cause of the price tag. Obviously this happens a lot but it makes me very worried for the future of comics if a company cant ship out issues to all LCS across the country.

  18. @TheNextChampion – Diamond has and causes many, many problems, but they are nothing a good anti-trust suit can’t fix.

  19. I agree with Ron with this as POTW. it was an intresting conception and i really enjoyed it. shame its only 2 issues though…

  20. SO….

    I was REALLY looking forward to this title, thought it was a fascinating premise for a comic.


    Is it just me…. after I read this (and I enjoyed it) I started thinking. It’s not cool to give these real-life monsters any kind of love. Even as not too sympathetic fictional interpretations in a comic book. These are (were) really BAD guys. And they did some real bad things. I still liked the book, but I don’t think I’ll buy number two. Maybe I’ll come around. Maybe I’m being too judgmental. 

  21. @BetStewie – Plenty of bad people are written about, have movies made about, etc.  Should we not examine evil and just ignore it in hopes it goes away?

  22. @stuclach – Josh actually gave this book a 4.

  23. @conor – I thought it said he gave it a 3 when I checked it.  Regardless, I was just impressed with the near unanimous positive response by the ifanbase and the how close we were to a unanimous pick from the Trinity.  Has that ever happened?

  24. I thought the concept was great – although i admit it was a slow read.  Hate to say it, but I was not that impressed with the art.  I probably should not have read X-men Origin Beast right before it.  Hopefully we’ll see some killing in the next issue.

  25. I thought this thing was great I think my only problem with it was the pages in my copy kinda smelled a little funny. Other than the funny smell it was great im looking forward to the next one.

  26. @BatStewie – I thought the same thing & was waiting for someone else to post it, lol. All these movies & books turning real people’s deaths into entertainment seems pretty fuckin’ morbid. I’m all for artistic freedom, but when it involves real people’s lives it just seems wrong in a way. I’m sure the families of these killer’s victims wouldn’t feel too awesome that someone is profiting off thier pain.

  27. @WadeWilson – Don’t kid yourself, no one is profiting off this book.

  28. This was great. Awesome premise and even my wife read it with me and enjoyed it. I know lots of people found it slow however that’s the point. They are in a nursing home. Both my wife and I found a lot of the dialogue quite funny between all the old people as she is a nurse and has with old people a lot as well as worked in nursing homes before. I think the writer captured the nursing home environment and growing old perfectly. I can’t wait until the next issue and I think I am going to seek out the other stuff that he has written as listed on the inside cover. Glad I picked this up and didn’t wait for the trade (unless they add extra material).

  29. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @Conor. LOL, god save the starving indie creators.

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