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Mitch Shelley’s past remains a mystery. So when he goes looking for answers, will he find them? Not likely, when he has to contend with the bounty hunter femme fatales known as The Body Doubles.


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Interesting concept, but the first issue wasn’t enough to totally grab me. I consider this series on probation with the hopes of issue #2 to ‘speak to me’. With that said…no pressure issue #2 😉

    • I think the only reason I bought the first issue was because of the girls – I’m a sucker for a pretty face, I guess. The rest of the book totally left me cold. I will only give this a second chance if it looks great.

  2. This one of my surprises of the 52, didn’t expect to grab me at all but it ended up pulling me in. I’m totally on board.

  3. First issue was my POTW. Can’t wait.

  4. I’m on board for the art and the pure fun of seeing what power he gets saddled with each issue. Kinda like the old Dial ‘H’ for Hero stories from the 80’s, SANS a whole lotta horror

  5. I said I was going to hang for one more and I am waiting! the first issue was some what intresting to me yet left me slightly confused.

    Just sayin’,


  6. I love the concept and the constant changing powers. I’m so down for the long haul for this one!

  7. Im on board for this title at least for the first arc

  8. Wow what a great issue!!

    Im so glad this one paid off after the first one which was good but didnt give me my complete fill on this title. After reading this though im glad ive commited to this one

  9. The body doubles are pretty cool. I think this title could really turn into something worthwhile. @hermgerm- I never read dial H for hero so maybe you’re completely on-point, but SANS is latin for without i.e. “I found the parts featuring The Body Doubles almost impossible to read SANS boner, I shouldn’t have read it SANS pants, cause now I have to clean off the ceiling fan.”

  10. What???? JesseG are you ahh.. ooo….ok? That was weird, even weirder than me! Boner? Pants? Ceiling Fan? Not sure; just hope you are ok? Don’t get any on yah.
    I gave it 3 out of 5 which is a big improvement for me over the first issue, I really rather enjoyed this except the ending which kinda of confued me. I am guessing he is in hell some where or is this another portal to another dimension?? There seems to be a lot of those showing up all over the DC Universe; or is it just me?? Have not seen the lady in red in any of these #2 issues, has one else seen her anywhere? STRANGE…..

    Just Sayin’,


  11. Ok so I’ve read some crazy unrealistic things in comics but this could be the cake topper. This issue gave us not only hot lesbians which are a rare commodity in itself but then took those hot lesbians and made them weapon carrying assassins but wait there’s more…our newly introduced hot lesbian weapon carrying assassins are also computer hackers! Maybe in issue 3 we’ll find out they also go to comic conventions and every nerd in the world can simultaneously spluge their pants in excitement. Other than that the book was decent but not good enough to keep on my pull list. Dropped but may revisit this one day.

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